some people smoke cigarettes. some go for a jog while others just prefer to lay in bed and not think for awhile.

but me? when i got that feeling you wouldn’t see me cigarette in hand. i’d just be craving to hear the sound of your voice again.

—  an excerpt from a book ill never write

Shhhhh Blue Margarita Do Not Tell The Other Ritas I Am Slurping You.
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this right here is the reason I really couldn’t ship Clara and Danny. It’s because they are so different. They are different and that’s OK for a lot of couples, I know, but I just couldn’t really see them, living togheter in the long run. I do think they loved each other, obviously, but I really can’t picture Clara’s life with Danny in 20 or whatever years. Cannot see it happen.

Because Clara is adventurous, she wants to travel. She’s a free spirit, she wants to do whatever she can do (until she has some kind of control over it lol); Danny is not like that. He’s grounded, down to earth. He’s lovely, caring and everything… but they don’t click. Not to me.

And of course, it is part of the reason why I ship Whouffaldi. Twelve and Clara (or the Doctor and Clara in general) do click. They are curious, they GET each other (Danny and Clara misinterpret each other very often), they seriously won’t stop seeing thing all the time if they could.

Danny existed to give a reason for Clara to stay on Earth and not travel with the Doctor all the time, imr. He represented humaity, Earth, and what Clara leaves behind when she goes off with the Doctor. Clara was torn with this decision in all of Season 8… and I’m sorry to say that Danny did not win the competition. frankly, there wasn’t even a chance


i drowned myself
in bottles of wine, i
floated on the stars
of minty mid july

i brought metaphors
to knife fights and i
threw away immortal
glowing nights

i grated away the
concrete beneath my
cheeks with tears and
i grated away my friend’s
backs with tears after
too few beers

i got stuck somewhere,
shredded in half but
still held together by
hopes and dreams
and water-colored light

i inhaled the magic
of shining dark air,
i bathed in the sunshine
of a woman’s hair

have you heard of heaven?
i’ve been there
i’ve been