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“Yes…I’m looking for a place where I could buy first-aid stuff. If it doesn’t trouble you, would you know if there is any place like that around here?” Once more, the boy asked him with the same tone of politeness.

“I see…” Ethan eyed at the unknown boy carefully. First-aid, huh?

“Are you.. alright?” he asked while thinking about an answer. “Let’s see…
I think that you could find some from a Pokemart!”

butlerkanon started following you

butlerkanon started following you

“Well, well! If it isn’t the loser of the duel~! But you are still here, so your love must burn brightly! How has your little seed of the heart doing?”

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"Good evening, sir." The boy bowed politely.

“Hm..?” Ethan turned to look at the other one in slight surprise, raising one eyebrown. ‘Sir’? That was something that he hasn’t been called before.

“Well- Good evening! Can I help you or something?” he greeted back curiously.