butler window


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

Day One Hundred and Fifty Two

Butler Window

Zilker Botanical Garden, ATX

Swami Beyondananda says:

The Bad News:

There is no key to the universe

The Good News:

It was never locked

My friend Angel

sent that to me

handwritten on a card

through the mail

She sends me stuff all the time

so trips to the post office

are really fun

not all just

bullshit from the IRS

Even though there is

no key to the universe

turns out there is 


Keyhole to the Universe

and lucky us

who live in Austin

it’s here! 

When I insert myself

into the

Keyhole to the Universe

the most incredible thing happens

an image of 

Chrissie Hynde


and she is floating in front of me

and she is singing

Message of Love

which is fine by me 



I am striving to 

time travel back to the ‘80s

where I felt most comfortable

(well if you don’t count

the hangovers)



that is just such a badass song


the message in

Message of Love

never gets old

and even though

a variation of the theme

is the sort of thing

that makes

Hallmark cards cheesy

tough girl Chrissie

just nails it

all love

hold the cheese

and she shows that

even tough rock bitches


the key to 

enjoying the now

sing it with me people

Now the reason we’re here

As man and woman

is to love each other

take care of each other

When love walks in the room

everybody stand up

Oh it’s good, good, good

Like Brigitte Bardot

Ever since my heart


and swung wide open

this past summer

I can belt out that song

even on my crappy days

it is so cool

Thank you Angel

Thank  you Swami Beyondananda

Thank you Chrissie

Thank you universe

Y'all may feel free to

lose your keys now

you don’t need them here

just put yourself in


Keyhole to the Universe


start singing

oh and also

one other thing

please remember


Breathe In


Breathe Out

that helps

with the singing


with the loving