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Where was that hand?

A lot of fans wanted to know about that bathing scene in Sebastian’s cinematic record…. The manga shows this rather obscured version:

You can’t tell where Sebastian’s left hand is. We assume he’s steadying the earl from falling, but… where is he grabbing? The earl’s right hand? Some other… appendage?? Well, the anime team must have had to figure out where to place his other hand. This is what they decided to do:

We will probably never know where his hand was supposed to be in the manga…. Perhaps they even just forgot to draw it in? Who knows; Yana-san and K-san might never explain it….


niles the butler + one scene per episode [78/145]:

The Bird’s Nest

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This is an old topic, but I never understood why the ex-Shinigami just quit acting as a reaper, left the Shinigami realm and never to return, gave his glasses and his original name and insist that everyone call him Undertaker, and work as a funeral director for humans for a time, then start making BDs and go further into hiding? Is he just so very tired of everything around himself? Will Yana shed some light on what his reasons were? Or was his mind broken all along?

He, at one point, says curiosity led him to experiment with cinematic records. However, he must be leaving out certain other, more personal motives. I think there is a political element to it, since he makes it quite clear he doesn’t like the queen or how she operates/delegates. There might also be a romantic element to it, since he could really turn out to be Cedric K. Ros–. If he was romantically involved with one watchdog, became the father of the next watchdog, and then saw that one get replaced by yet another generation? This would definitely fuel his anger towards the queen he probably *already* disliked.

I also hope we learn more about him, and I seriously *expect that we will*. Something made him abandon his post as a reaper and get heavily involved in the affairs of humans. There’s no way it’s *just* curiosity about life and death.

The twin is back

This theory relates to the latest kuroshitsuji manga chapter. The infamous 129th chapter. Upon real!ciel’s return we can notice various things concerning the characters facial expressions: 1) the mixture of shock, fear and disbelief on our!ciel’s face, and 2) the smug look on real!ciel’s face. Of course our!ciel would be shocked to see that the one he saw being sacrificed in front of him is now alive and standing on the stairway to his entrance hall. But there is something off about the other Ciel, the real one. He emmits this fearsome aura and gives away the feeling that ‘he came back to claim what is his’. As if he hated our!ciel and is trying to take revenge on him by doing such awful things as killing the ones he cares the most about. I don’t get that! Back in the time when they were abducted, real!ciel was the one who swore to protect our!ciel. It was his desision. So why is he trying to attack our!ciel? It doesn’t make sense. If he ever came back he would at least be happy to see his brother, and see that he had went on with his life. To see that his sacrifice was not in vain. My theory suggests that if real!ciel is a bizarre doll (he probably is) Undertaker must have implanted some misleading memories in his cinematic record and gave him a goal: to destroy his brother. The doubt remains as to Undertaker’s intentions, and the reasoning behind his behaviour, but I’ll try to dig up some more information…

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Hmmmm do you think that if RC's cinematic records were tampered with, they would have been altered so RC has incorrect information/preconceived notions?

This is entirely possible, particularly since Ash/Angela in s1 tried to rewrite “Ciel’s” cinematic records with false memories.

(Drocell voice) I am thinking to myself, if one can *add film to the end* of cinematic records, then what’s to stop one from *inserting film anywhere* they like? ;)