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I almost forgot, but!! Some nsfw HC's about how Seb would return the affection that his S/O ravished on him? ^^ 💕💕

Better buckle up! You’re in for a hell of a ride. ;)

- Our darling Sebastian would almost definitely already be in your room as you’re going to bed, You don’t notice him yet, not until he wants you to, but by then it’s far too late for you. 

- Your first clue is the flash of red out of the corner of your eye. He announces himself to you slowly. First a flash of red. Then his scent s l o w l y begins to permeate the room, just a whiff at first, and then all at once.

- Then the shadows within your room, particularly those near the door, begin to move. The shadows are like water, pooling at the feet of our demon, like he’s walking on them. He reaches you easily and then only reveals himself to you when he’s already on you.

- A gentle pressure on your lips, your body, that quickly settles as he lays fully on you. He ravishes your lips, tastes them completely, and he kisses you so hard and fast that it’s only a mere whisper of what’s to come.

- Sebastian whispers reassurances of love against your skin, he whispers so softly that your weak human ears have to strain to hear him. He knows this, and so he uses the very slight wind in the room because of the open window to carry his words straight into your ears. You’ll be straining tonight - but not to hear him. No… He has something else in mind.

- Your clothes are quickly shed, ripped by those gorgeous black talons. He leaves your underclothes on - it’s up to you if they come off or not. It’s of no real consequence either way - he’s going to worship you like you have him so many times.

- He pays masses of attention to every inch of your body. Your shape, your size, your smell… He loves it all and he makes sure that you know. He’s never cared about what you look like, you’re his s/o and he loves you for the soul underneath rather than focus on the superficial like humans tend to. 

- His touch is hot and heavy, graceful and gentle… It’s pleasure and pain blurred into everything and nothing all at once. His teenth, those fangs, nip your skin, bring bruises to the surface that his tongue heals in the same moment.

- He will take you again and again, pulling you to the edge and over, testing you to your very limits and then pushing you even further to surpass them. Everything you like, he does. That which you dislike, he stays far away from. This night is for you and for you alone. So rarely does he get the time to devote to you so freely and so he takes full advantage of it, like the demon he is.

- Time blurs and ceases to pass, it’s you and him, trapped in this moment forever. The hours fly by and the sun comes up too soon and yet not soon enough. He cares after you, wiping you clean, bathing you as you lay in a fog, he chuckles darkly to himself as you give him lazy smiles. 

- It’s definitely not a night you’re soon to forget.

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Vol XX. Sieglinde’s mother explains that she was working on the mustard gas project 13 years ago. There was an accident that took the life of Sieglinde’s father. Her mother was badly injured/scarred, but she found out she was pregnant before she had recovered. That makes Sieglinde about 12.

Vol XXI. Sebastian *sucks up the mustard gas* that was spilled to attack him. Then he releases it in a sealed room with Sieglinde’s mother inside. He tells her it’s payback for exposing his Young Master to the effects of mustard gas. The shadows on the wall almost look like a romantic embrace. Then he drops her body and breaks the gas leak alarm, so no one will come to look there.

For the Sieglinde anon: yeah, Sieglinde is now an orphan.

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Just, Oh wow. So Sebastian killed Sieglinde's mom? Was she not as innocent as Sieglinde? I don't know if the release of the mustard gas was an accident, or if she intended to do it for unpleasant reasons. So is this cute 12 year old girl, Sieglinde, being looked after by her butler, Wolfram?

Sebastian killed her and made it personal.

Sieglinde’s mother is anything but innocent. She used Sieglinde as a tool for the military and had her feet bound. She fed her all these lies that Sieglinde was a witch.

Yeah, Sieglinde’s practically been raised by Wolfram for quite some time, even before Sieglinde’s mother died….