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Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….


At the Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Cafe at THE BLACK BAR on THE CAMPANIA at Omotesando, Shibuya. I got Snake and Grell print coasters, ordered alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling wine (the one with raspberries is alcoholic and the blueberry one is non), a Scotch egg and wagyu burger, fish and chips with dill hollandaise sauce, the rest are merch and artwork plus some free fliers! It was a lavish experience but surprisingly inexpensive (less than ¥10000 for the meal and merchandise all together). I had to cancel my next reservation because of upcoming Utapri and DWD events but if I had the chance I’d go a million more times!

Butler cafe au where Phichit, Yuuri, Leo and Guang Hong work at a butler cafe together to help pay for college. Chris is hopelessly gay as usual and visits all the time. One day, he brings his bff Viktor, who just moved to Japan, along with him.

Needless to say Viktor meets Yuuri and falls hopelessly in love and visits the cafe so often he pretty much spends all his money there. But Yuuri is afraid because his suave butler persona is not anything like how he usually acts and he’s afraid Viktor will be disappointed with the real him.

Phichit plays matchmaker as usual, and Yurio is Viktor’s half-brother or something idk. He just watches all the gay shit go down (Viktor and Yuuri, plus Leo and Guang Hong flirting at every possible opprotunity).



i can explain

see we were talking about what would be the next story arc after the provisional license exam, and i’m like, it’s about time for a cultural festival right? so i think maid cafe arc would be funny, and somebody said it’s not fair because there are more guys, so it should be a butler cafe, and i’m like why not both?

Edit: i made a part 2

*When mc closes her eyes when she’s in danger*

Me: …………………..

Voltage guy comes and rescues mc and ready to lecture me

Me: *Shhh* Yes. I know…..I know how u feel.
I also want to scream


OMG! this is the Butler cafe which is shown in How to Date an Otaku girl

asdfghjkl!! I want to go!! 

They call girls “Ojou sama”



Swallowtail! The butler cafe in ikebukuro.

For this place you need to make a reservation via their website.

Once you arrive a butler will motion you to a waiting area and once ready will ask you to go to a door. it opens just before you reach it and a butler welcomes you with welcome home my lady. Its a nice old butler who I wanted to take home and speaks good English.

He explained who our butler would be and took the bags we did not want and out them in a locker. poor guy I had some seriously heavy bags thanks to k books. Then our butler took our bags with purses in etc and took us through to our table. When you go in all the butlers stop as you pass and say welcome home and do a little bow.

You are seated where the butler brings a menu and explains the rules. 80 mins time limit, 20 mins before they bring the bill and no photos at all. (I added random photos of inside from online so you could at least see what it was like)

As its their 7th anniversary the menu had a special and you could order only that - it was called madama butterfly. It contained;

    • Roasted Beef and Tongue of horse meat
    • Duck meat and bamboo shoots
    • Salmon and Sea-bass Carpaccio
    • Soft French bread

    • Sea bream and seafood rice

    • Bamboo charcoal Madeleine
    • Plum wine Tart
    • Cinnamon and Hazelnuts Mousse with Pine nuts
    • Banana and Rum Chocolate truffle
    • nmitsu ( Bean marmalade flavored cherry-blossoms )

  • Seafood miso soup

After some difficulty we ordered a Catherine rose tea, and the madama butterfly. It was all soo good ^-^

The butler would always have our tea cup and water glass filled -  you cant do it yourself - its awesome how attentive they are. My sister dropped her napkin off her lap and didn't realize, a butler came and replaced it for her (which they place for you)

Our butler didn't speak English so I think to be nice the older butler guy came out twice to have a chat with us ^-^ Definitely would have been better if we spoke Japanese - its made me determined to learn for my next trip. When the butler came over with the bill I was so shocked that an hour had passed already and I had to really wolf down the food as I was only on the second box!

We was ushered out when our time was up. They help you put on your coat or put your scarf on you! Hand you your bags and as it was a specially anniversary we were given a notebook for free its very nice ^-^


~Maid Butler Cafe Review~

Royal Servant

Store visited: Ikebukuro

Shop Presentation: 6/10

Food: 7.5/10

Butler presentation: 6/10

Butler service: 7/10

Price: 6.5/10

Price Spent: 3,500yen ish

Cover charge: 1,000yen, Includes 1 chekki + Layer card of chosen butler

Items bought: Imperial Servant (2 dishes off menu + 1 drink order min, 80min seating time)

Royal Servant insist they are not a normal Butler cafe, like the likes of Swallowtail. Instead they employ cosplayers/layers for the majority of their staff, and they have unnatural coloured hair (which is unusual for maid/butler cafes in Japan) and/or slightly more nontraditional styles. Also I am told their speaking manor is slightly less formal (though I cannot confirm this as I didn’t get to go to Swallowtail, which is a serious business butler cafe.)

We had prebooked for opening time, and they were 10mins late to open without even an apology >_>;; (I am a time keeping nazi. Sorry.) And there seemed to be a bit of chaos with the menu as my friend tried to order two things than our butler didn’t know were out of stock that day……but anyway XD

We were served by a (real) pink haired butler who I still don’t know the name of….XD They take your bags for you, draw out your seat for you, and announce the daily tea which was Darjeeling 2nd flush that day, all very well. The place could have been a bit nicer decor wise, but I guess they don’t have the budget of the more “mainstream” chain places like some maid cafes or Swallowtail.

There was one butler who was very tall and had a sexy voice like he was a seme from some BL series with a face to match, who asked me for permission to dim the lights a little then disappeared for the rest of the time I was there. I kinna wanted a chekki with him but oh well XD

There was another guy called Osake, who seemed to do the talking with customers as he talked to all the tables including ours. Very friendly, I think our male friend who was with us was totally in love with him because he got complimented by him alot =P XD

I don’t know if they do it on purpose or the pink haired guy was quiet, but he seemed to do the food decorating while Osake talked to customers…..hmmm…. well it worked either way XD

The food itself was pretty decent, though it took a while to get to us…. Pinky was very good at drawing, and drew my mola mola correctly! <3

I would recommend this cafe for those who want to talk to the staff at a cafe, specially if you are a layer yourself or an anime fan they know their stuff as they are, layers themselves. Just be prepared to wait a little for stuff and….apparently they open late XD