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Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….


Great experience~

I went to Beijing’s Animate cafe this morning with my friends~i’m quite lucy to get all the cup mats that I adored.

well i have to say they don’t taste too good, but it doesn’t matter😂

it surprise me that there aren’t many people and they still got all the merchants.

the bag in the last pic belong’s to my friend haha. love her soo much!!

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could you possibly please rec a couple of your fave fics? ♥️

Ok, so I’m assuming: klance fics? Alright, here we go:

texting fics (I love those kind of fics. They almost always seem to nail characters’ personalities and texting style and are so funny to read. The ones I’ll mention now are my absolute fav from this category):

left on read ✓ by hinatashoyo

Ongoing, funny and although sometimes hits a serious area it’s mostly in a light tone. Pining!Keith.

(For me it’s a big plus, because as you know if you follow me, it’s one of my favourite tropes in Voltron fandom)

little numbers by ashtxns

(I guess you have to be logged in user of AO3 to read that one)

Anyway, ongoing and I suspect it won’t be finished but because of it’s form you don’t get a feeling like you’re left hanging. Super funny. Established klance.

and here comes the blushing groom by hiriki

Completed. Keith and Lance are stucked on a planet which citizens believe they are heroes destined to save them. The thing is they have to get married. Aka: Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Shiro are texting while Keith.exe stopped working. I don’t remember it very well, but I know I had fun while reading. Also, @xxxkaseixxx recommended it to me, so I already knew it’s a good one before starting.

Legendary Station by BleuSarcelle

Ok, so it’s not really texting fic but it’s a first part of a series where second part is texting fic. You don’t have to read that one to enjoy it’s continuation but I’m strongly reccomending it, because it’s a joy, I remember that one quote (about Keith’s mullet) made me laugh histerically at 3 a.m.

The story is: Voltron is a Radio Station beloging to Allura and her family and: Black, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue are it’s hosts. The station menagers decide that if all radio hosts specialize in certian topics and have already established base of listeners then Station can be even more popular if hosts would be paired with each other. Turns out they were right. Completed.

dance au fics:

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru

One of the first fics I’ve read in this fandom. I don’t remember it very well but the general impression is that it was quite enjoyable. Except that…pining!lance was…very extremaley thirsty and I’m not very fond of Keith being pictured as some sex object. The fic is well written, it’s not like Keith is dumb but pretty. It’s just when you see him through Lance’s eyes it may be uncomfortable for some people.

Lance, Hunk and Pidge are dancers who strongly admire dancing duo Keith and Shiro. Some stuff happens, Lance goes on dancing camp and guess who’s an instructor? Completed.

Shut Up And Dance With Me by wittyy_name

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this one so I’ll just say it’s pretty great and if you haven’t before you should read this one and also every other fic wrtitten by this author. Ongoing.

I’m Going To Sweep You Off Your Feet   by Adventures_in_Writing

Ongoing. Shiro and Allura are getting married and Keith - as Shiro’s best man - needs to take some dance lesson because it’s important part of a wedding. So he takes them from Allura’s maid of honor - Lance. There is some actual knowledge about dances so it’s cool. Also, Keith’s a florist.

fanatsy kind of fics:

Gate Keeper by MoonlitPaladin (MoonlitStardust)

Scottish folklore, faes, mystery. Lance has a destiny. Really good writing.

Flirting With Death by drippingpen

Now this one is maybe my favourite. It’s hard to decide but there is something about this story that reminds me of a type of books I used to read before discovering fanfiction.

Ongoing. Keith is Grim Reaper. Lance is his first…client?

Of Lions and House Cats  by Ms_Towa

People with super powers are real and known in public because they all belong to Voltron Alliance. Unless they are Galra.

Keith is a superhero. Lance is vigilante that he has to stop. Lance is also a cute boy he has a crush on. Secret identyties. Pining!Keith. Ongoing

coffe shop au (well not exactly but)

Better than coffee by peralta

Also one of the first fics I started reading in this fandom and only recently completed.

Lance is a college student who tries to cut of his addiction to coffee and maybe switch for tea… Keith conviniently is a hot as hell barista in a bubble tea shop. And also college student, double majoring because he’s awesome and perfect and dead inside.

Voltron cafe by PinkHitman

If you know this blog but didn’t read a fic that goes with it, go read it immediately.

It’s kind of like maid/butler cafe where Lance is a butler and his rival from high school his most frequent client. Very very like v e r y pining!Keith. Ongoing.

kind of nsfw/kinky stuff:

Please Drink Resposibly by enjayas

It’s completed and has lots of additional to this au separate fics. All of them great.

Let’s play a game „How much drunk Lance can remember”? Pining!Keith.

Keith is sure that his feelings will forever stay one-sided since Lance is so obviously straight.

Hot singles in your area by rire

Lance calls a girl who gave him her number execpt that she gave him a Sex Line number. Quite cruel, right? But the person on the phone is actually more interesting than that girl anyway, so.

Keith is Sex Line worker, but he’s soo into this that he talks his clients through while solving a sudoku. At least most of them, because one is special. Ongoing, possibly on hiatus.

Crowd Pleaser by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Keith gets a job as a bertender and is immediately strongly atrracted to one of club’s dancers: Blue Rider. Too bad Keith’s taken.

This one may be triggering for some people because Keith is in a realtionship with a male OC character who’s manipulative, controlling and once used a violence to make a point.

I put this fic in „kinky” category but it’s actually a very thought out psychological study, excellent writing, some funny scenes too. Ongoing.

College au:

Not That Bad by varelsen

Actually realistic settings. I remember it very fondly. Mutual pining. Completed.

Keith moves in by averagebear

Slow burn torture. Like, really. Agony, but don’t we love it?

Anyway, title kinda tells what it’s about. Hunk decided that Lance as a roommate is too distracing so he moves out but finds Lance a new roommate so he can pay his rent. New roommate turns out to be Keith, Lance’s highschool rival and bisexual awakening. Another one of those where Keith thinks Lance is straight.

Mutual pining. Ongoing.

and for those I don’t really have a category for:

On Thin Ice by Minadora

Keith is a hockey player that needs to practise some grace so he takes ice dancing lessons in Arena where his brother Shiro is an instructor. Keith thinks that Shiro will be his teacher. ha ha. Ha.

Anayway, it’s lovely. Sadly updates are very rare. But the chapters are long so it evens. Ongoing.

Kismet, Kill me by Jessadilla

*sigh* Probably will never be completed and, unfortunetly, it WILL leave you hanging. So keep it in mind if you’ll decide to give it a try.

But I had to put it on a list becacuse it’s one of the first etc etc and there is a sentence that will probably stay with me forever: „Lance is a person of many acqaintances, but very few friends”. And I get it, I so get it. When you’re charismatic you attract people easily. But only some of them will stay with you after knowing you better.

Keith falls in love at first sight but will he still like that charming stranger who’s actually rude, obnoxious and tactless when he’ll spend more time in his company?

….Ongoing. In theory, but it’s been a year so…

Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay

(Actually check out all of this author’s fics!)

This one is about how on every planet that Paladins visit citizens mistake Keith and Lance as a couple. It happens so often that Pidge decides to collect data and analize it from scientfic point of view. Completed.

I hope it was a helpful list~

Edit: I don’t know how could it happen but I forgot to add one more of my most favourite fanfics:

A Commutual Contract by SKayLanphear

Keith witness Lance’s “death” and that experience traumatize him. Later when Lance is A-okay he still needs to check on him and can’t get any sleep due to terrible nightmares. Turns out sleeping near Lance helps him get some rest at night, when he can always make sure his friend’s alive.

Great writing. Interesting study in depression (Lance) and feeling alienated in group (Keith). Ongoing- and I’m personally dying to know what happens next, because resent events sort of left us hanging.

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i can explain

see we were talking about what would be the next story arc after the provisional license exam, and i’m like, it’s about time for a cultural festival right? so i think maid cafe arc would be funny, and somebody said it’s not fair because there are more guys, so it should be a butler cafe, and i’m like why not both?

Edit: i made a part 2

anonymous asked:

how would you rate keith's service skills as a whole? is he a good pick for people not really hear for much more then the food or someone who's just on the shyer side?can we hear what kind of costumers everyone works best with?

Lance: As Keith’s number one customer…

Keith: Who decided tha-

Lance: Keith is fairly good on a whole. He’s not the best with explaining some of the things, like specials or how to request stuff or whatever, he tends to forget sometimes. But veterans prefer him and he is great at handling both shy and bubbly personalities for both boys and girls. His cool demeanor tends to mask any of his awkwardness towards the job and I think he is great at getting into character. That being said I think Keith is popular with our more frequent visitors because he has such a unique charm that he brings to the table is something different they are not used to seeing.

Everyone: …

Lance: What?

Allura: I’m surprised, Lance. That was a very good answer for Keith.  I would have to agree. If you are new, Keith isn’t a great place to start. That would be Shiro or Coran. Both have an open and friendly demeanor and are very good at explaining the menu and events we have going on.  More outgoing people tend to pick Coran, while the quieter tend to pick Shiro.

Pidge: I get a lot of girls or guys who play up that whole sibling thing. The girls love it the most but some guys I think just want a bratty younger brother. it’s off book sometimes for the whole butler cafe but whatever makes them happy. So if you wanna have fun and gossip, I’m your butler.

Shiro: Hey Keith… Why don’t you talk about Lance? After all, he talked about you, and you did request him for a long time before working here.

Lance: Yeah Keith! Do your worst.

Keith: …

Keith: Lance is… refreshing.

Lance: … is that good?

Keith: You’re just… you don’t feel like you’re forced to be here. You always seem to really enjoy your job. you’re creative and funny and happy and that helps brighten everyone’s day. And you do it in a way that is genuine and not super forced or fake. Not that everyone’s else is. You’re just…. really good at it.

Lance: o///o