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Because the internet is cats…

New York is the latest city to embrace the cat cafe, following Vienna, San Francisco, London, Seoul, and Singapore. Just doesn’t seem fair that we don’t have one in Dallas yet, but I guess we’ll just have to be patient. In the meantime, denizens of the Big Apple can enjoy this purr-fect treat for a limited time–it’s only around for four days!

The Purina One pop-up Cat Cafe can be found at 168 Bowery and features cat’achinos, pastries, and adorable kitties that you can adopt on the spot from the North Shore Animal League. The best part is that the food and drinks are free! Ok, well maybe the best part is the cats, but free food and drink is a very, very close second. They’ll even put kitty latte/foam art on your drinks!

We know a few anime characters who would go crazy for a cat cafe. Like Al from Fullmetal Alchemist and Sebastian from Black Butler. How would you like a cat cafe where Sebastian served you drinks?

If you’d like to read more about the Purina One pop up Cat Cafe in New York, click this link.

If you’d like to see more cat loving antics from anime characters click here for Sebastian and click here for Al.


Living the Weaboo Dream [Japan Tour 2015]

The next stage in our Japan trip! This time we weabed out in Akihabara, JoJo posed at @Home Maid Cafe, became confused at the Robot Restaurant, got escorted to the bathroom at Swallowtail Butler Cafe, and caught them all at the Mega Pokemon Centre. Watch the video here!

Introducing our new Free! Iwatobi Swim Club that we’ll be debuting at Nan Desu Kan! Check us out on FB for upcoming photos and our countdown to the con! Kirei Cosplay Cafe


Maid & Butler Cafe in Chicago

I’ll be a butler (my butler name will be Masato) at Delightful Kiss Cafe next week Friday and Saturday! If you are around Chicago please come join us with many other awesome maids and butlers! There will be dance performances, food / drinks, and interactive games during each session!

Advanced tickets are sold on: delightfulkisscafe3.eventbrite.com/
More information is posted on their Facebook page

ps. tips are highly encouraged ;)


Swallowtail! The butler cafe in ikebukuro.

For this place you need to make a reservation via their website.

Once you arrive a butler will motion you to a waiting area and once ready will ask you to go to a door. it opens just before you reach it and a butler welcomes you with welcome home my lady. Its a nice old butler who I wanted to take home and speaks good English.

He explained who our butler would be and took the bags we did not want and out them in a locker. poor guy I had some seriously heavy bags thanks to k books. Then our butler took our bags with purses in etc and took us through to our table. When you go in all the butlers stop as you pass and say welcome home and do a little bow.

You are seated where the butler brings a menu and explains the rules. 80 mins time limit, 20 mins before they bring the bill and no photos at all. (I added random photos of inside from online so you could at least see what it was like)

As its their 7th anniversary the menu had a special and you could order only that - it was called madama butterfly. It contained;

    • Roasted Beef and Tongue of horse meat
    • Duck meat and bamboo shoots
    • Salmon and Sea-bass Carpaccio
    • Soft French bread

    • Sea bream and seafood rice

    • Bamboo charcoal Madeleine
    • Plum wine Tart
    • Cinnamon and Hazelnuts Mousse with Pine nuts
    • Banana and Rum Chocolate truffle
    • nmitsu ( Bean marmalade flavored cherry-blossoms )

  • Seafood miso soup

After some difficulty we ordered a Catherine rose tea, and the madama butterfly. It was all soo good ^-^

The butler would always have our tea cup and water glass filled -  you cant do it yourself - its awesome how attentive they are. My sister dropped her napkin off her lap and didn't realize, a butler came and replaced it for her (which they place for you)

Our butler didn't speak English so I think to be nice the older butler guy came out twice to have a chat with us ^-^ Definitely would have been better if we spoke Japanese - its made me determined to learn for my next trip. When the butler came over with the bill I was so shocked that an hour had passed already and I had to really wolf down the food as I was only on the second box!

We was ushered out when our time was up. They help you put on your coat or put your scarf on you! Hand you your bags and as it was a specially anniversary we were given a notebook for free its very nice ^-^

Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….