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Living the Weaboo Dream [Japan Tour 2015]

The next stage in our Japan trip! This time we weabed out in Akihabara, JoJo posed at @Home Maid Cafe, became confused at the Robot Restaurant, got escorted to the bathroom at Swallowtail Butler Cafe, and caught them all at the Mega Pokemon Centre. Watch the video here!

Introducing our new Free! Iwatobi Swim Club that we’ll be debuting at Nan Desu Kan! Check us out on FB for upcoming photos and our countdown to the con! Kirei Cosplay Cafe


Maid & Butler Cafe in Chicago

I’ll be a butler (my butler name will be Masato) at Delightful Kiss Cafe next week Friday and Saturday! If you are around Chicago please come join us with many other awesome maids and butlers! There will be dance performances, food / drinks, and interactive games during each session!

Advanced tickets are sold on: delightfulkisscafe3.eventbrite.com/
More information is posted on their Facebook page

ps. tips are highly encouraged ;)


Swallowtail! The butler cafe in ikebukuro.

For this place you need to make a reservation via their website.

Once you arrive a butler will motion you to a waiting area and once ready will ask you to go to a door. it opens just before you reach it and a butler welcomes you with welcome home my lady. Its a nice old butler who I wanted to take home and speaks good English.

He explained who our butler would be and took the bags we did not want and out them in a locker. poor guy I had some seriously heavy bags thanks to k books. Then our butler took our bags with purses in etc and took us through to our table. When you go in all the butlers stop as you pass and say welcome home and do a little bow.

You are seated where the butler brings a menu and explains the rules. 80 mins time limit, 20 mins before they bring the bill and no photos at all. (I added random photos of inside from online so you could at least see what it was like)

As its their 7th anniversary the menu had a special and you could order only that - it was called madama butterfly. It contained;

    • Roasted Beef and Tongue of horse meat
    • Duck meat and bamboo shoots
    • Salmon and Sea-bass Carpaccio
    • Soft French bread

    • Sea bream and seafood rice

    • Bamboo charcoal Madeleine
    • Plum wine Tart
    • Cinnamon and Hazelnuts Mousse with Pine nuts
    • Banana and Rum Chocolate truffle
    • nmitsu ( Bean marmalade flavored cherry-blossoms )

  • Seafood miso soup

After some difficulty we ordered a Catherine rose tea, and the madama butterfly. It was all soo good ^-^

The butler would always have our tea cup and water glass filled -  you cant do it yourself - its awesome how attentive they are. My sister dropped her napkin off her lap and didn't realize, a butler came and replaced it for her (which they place for you)

Our butler didn't speak English so I think to be nice the older butler guy came out twice to have a chat with us ^-^ Definitely would have been better if we spoke Japanese - its made me determined to learn for my next trip. When the butler came over with the bill I was so shocked that an hour had passed already and I had to really wolf down the food as I was only on the second box!

We was ushered out when our time was up. They help you put on your coat or put your scarf on you! Hand you your bags and as it was a specially anniversary we were given a notebook for free its very nice ^-^


ONE OK ROCK in Butlers Cafe Interview B-Pass 2007.10 

“Ladies first”. Words that are said at all times and places, as for Japanese boys, will our own ONE OK ROCK assimilate these manners and establish contact with women with ease? In order to search for the essence of charisma, they infiltrate the store where the popular and good-looking men work.

Butler apprentice certification test:

Procedure: Very basic stage of the butler job. Guiding the guests who came to the cafe to their seats, setting the table, putting the tiara; those consecutive tasks. First, a butler showed an example and after, the 5 of them did the real thing. Who has the best butler qualities!?

“Welcome!”. While there was a somewhat izakaya*-like tension, it also made a good impression.

* Japanese-style pub

When the guest sits, pull the chair with perfect timing. It’s unexpected and difficult.

The server carries with one hand and places the other hand behind his back. It’s a very suitable look.

Set the fork, knife and spoon from center to outside. In desperation, he used both hands (laugh).

Open the packaging of the wet towel and present it to the guest. He was too stiff and had a strange posture.

“When you want to order use this” and give the bell. Never stop smiling.

Ladies are princesses. When you put the tiara on, profusely compliment her (laugh).

In order to practice, the 5 members timidly entered the cafe. “Welcome to Butlers Cafe!” the foreign butlers greeted with a smiling face. Then they were overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the fairy-tale store (by the way, the Japanese for “butler” is “shitsuji”, a domestic). When taken to your seat, menu and water are brought. Actually, about this water, it’s the same German made rose water that the Kano sisters** drink everyday. As soon as he took one sip of this much appreciated water, Alex frowned and said “It tastes like lotion…” Actually, it’s not easy to get a hold of, Ms. Kano.

The butlers typically communicate in English. With the people he brought the menu to, Tomoya actively tried to make conversation in English. He referred to the provided conversation list: “What’s your name?”, “Where do you come from?” and so on. The other members say it’s because he’s the one who has the best English. Tomoya ordered a large hamburg steak (he was able to eat it all), Taka ordered meat spaghetti and the other members all ordered drinks and waited a little bit.

Also, while they were waiting, there were only female customers around. The 5 members were quite bored and a young butler from the cafe called out to them (of course, in English). Apparently, he had heard of them before. “I play the guitar too, so if it’s fine with you please listen to this” he said and gave them a CD and flyers. “What genre?” “Where do you perform?” They questionned him with growing interest. Even if they spoke different languages, the conversation between fellow musicians was lively. That’s cross-cutural communication.

Shortly after, their food came. On the plate, their names had been drawn in hearts. What a mutual love feeling (laugh). While they were eating their food, Taka said laughing “It looks like food that a girlfriend would make”. It’s full of love, isn’t it?

Well then. Now that you finished eating, let’s start today’s main event: the butler apprentice certification test. You will pass if your performance shows a basic knowledge of the butler duties. Let’s start immediately. Because of excessive tension, Ryota, who was going first, forgot to open the door and set the table informally (laugh). This natural demeanor makes people around him smile. After him, Taka’s back was too low and his butt was sticking out. It gave him a funny posture (laugh). Tomoya’s business smile became a second nature and while he was putting the tiara on guests, he remembered the advanced level lip service*** “for you beautiful person”. And then, Alex’s courteous behaviour, it was like he’s a real butler. Finally Toru was just as one would expect from one from the Kansai region! From the moment he opened the door, he had facial expressions like someone acting in a skit. Well then, the announcement of test results is to the right.****

** Kyoko and Mika Kano are Japanese celebrities

*** Giving approval/support insincerely

**** Referring to the page to the right in the magazine

*Announcement of test results*

Brendan, popular butler, and Yuki, chef-owner, became the examiners and judged the performance of the 5 members.

B indicates Brendan, Y indicates Yuki.

First place: Alex (Guitar)

B: Without needing to say anything to him, he held the tray with one hand. This earned him a lot of points. His movements were also smooth and he called the ladies “princess” which was good. The other 4 forgot about this, but it’s a very important attention.

Y: I thought that “ladies first” is something that comes naturally to him.

Second place: Tomoya (Drums)

B: His unrefined demeanor was suitable for an izakaya (laugh). Before handing over the wet towel, he dropped it on the table. He pulled the chair perfectly, when it came time to sit he carefully pushed the chair and his placing of the table set was good. He was also very friendly which makes a good impression.

Y: His basic skills were good. I wonder if it’s due to having experience being around girls.

Third place: Taka (Vocal)

B: The way he handed the wet towel was awful (laugh). However, when he put on the tiara, he invited the women to look at themselves in the mirror, I thought that attention was very good.

Y: Because he served the guests in an energetic and cheerful way, I thought it was perfect for an izakaya, but it was not very appropriate in a princess atmosphere.

Fourth place: Ryota (Bass)

B: I could tell he worked hard, but it totally didn’t suit him (laugh). He lost points for setting the cutlery with both hands.

Y: Since he was the first one, I think he had pressure, but overall he did good and manage to not make mistakes. However, it’s clearly not his strong point (laugh).

Fifth place: Toru (Vocal & Guitar)

B: He is No. 1… comedian (laugh). The interaction with customers during service was speedy. This might be a good thing if a lady was very hungry. However, he didn’t pull the chair for the guest and his voice was too loud. If the customer wanted to relax, it might be difficult for her. The way he waited the tables was fine, though.

Y: If it were a beach hut, it would be appropriate (laugh). Time, place and opportunity are important.

Credit to one-ok-rock.livejournal.com (Sansandama : translator, Shinigamitabris : scans)


Hi friends! 
We are trying to host a Haikyuu Pop-Up Cafe in the Bay Area. Please check out our video for more information.

Also check out our facebook event page HERE.
If you are INTERESTED in partaking or attending click that you are “GOING”. This does not mean you are making any commitment to the event. It just gives us a good idea of how many people would like to participate. 

Be sure to invite any friends who might be interested to the event!

Thank you!!!


Swallowtail is one of the various butler cafes in Japan and the most famous of the lot. Going to Japan’s butler cafes is a great experience if you want to be treated like a princess! A handsome gentleman is assigned to you for the time you spend there and he waits on you hand and foot (you’re not allowed to do anything, he will do EVERYTHING for you–god forbid you touch the teapot yourself).

Today I visited Swallowtail for the second time, which entailed me to an official member’s card. Every visit lets you accumulate points which you can use for special offers or merchandise. The first time we had a darling butler named Kujo (a name I remembered because of instantly associating it with Jotaro) and this time we had an absolute puppy called Yurino.

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