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Just  A  Rather  Very  Intelligent  System

J.A.R.V.I.S. is a very intelligent A.I. who can respond according to the user’s thoughts. He was based on Edwin Jarvis who was the Stark family’s butler. He acts like Tony’s best friend when it comes to his personal life and other secret matters, that are enclosed only with Tony and him.”

Performing one’s gender wrong initiates a set of punishments both obvious and indirect, and performing it well provides the reassurance that there is an essentialism of gender identity after all. That this reassurance is so easily displaced by anxiety, that culture so readily punishes or marginalizes those who fail to perform the illusion of gender essentialism should be sign enough that on some level there is social knowledge that the truth or falsity of gender is only socially compelled and in no sense ontologically necessitated.
—  Judith Butler, “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution” (528)
  • Batman: I work alone.
  • Me: Bruce....You literally have Alfred who acts as a second father to you, 4 adopted sons (Dick, Jason, Tim, and Duke and YES I INCLUDE HIM), 1 illegitimate but still beautiful son (Damian), 3 daughters (Cassandra, Stephanie, and Harper), Barbra who's basically a daughter to you, Helena who's relation to you is still confusing to me, David Zavimbe let's not forget your unofficial adoption, your cousins Katie and Bette, and Selena who let's be honest you're totally gunning for. Work alone my ass!

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Hello. In my novel I have a character that's a butler and is absoulutley in love with his lady and I was wondering if there was anything in butler etiquette that would reffer to how a butler should act in a situation like that. I tried finding it on the internet but with no luck so I was wondering if you could help

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One thing that’s going to make a huge difference here is time period. If this is a more current situation it’s going to be handled differently than if this was happening farther in the past. I was able to find some resources about butlers currently as well as bits about being a butler through history.

Also where does this butler work? I’m asking so you can take into account how highly ranked the employer of this butler is. The higher the ranking the more coveted the job is and therefore the more there is to lose. This can help with conflict as far as inner conflict, scheming from outside parties, and what sort of credentials the butler has in order to have the job. It might be a deep struggle for the butler to confront their feelings if they’ve sacrificed and worked for the position for a really long time and have a lot at risk.

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Junkers HeadCanons

•Roadhog likes to brush Junkrat’s hair after he makes him shower

•Junkrat tends to buy Boba Tea after heists for him and Roadhog

•Junkrat gets little phantom pains where his arm and leg use to be, and Roadhog sometimes has to calm him down

•Roadhog stole over 1,000 Pachimari plushies

•Junkrat hired Roadhog as his bodyguard, but then watched Black Butler with D.Va and now acts like Roadhog is his butler

•Roadhog only goes along with the butler act because usually it leads to sex with his favorite rat

•Junkrat likes to braid Roadhog’s hair

•Junkrat gave Roadhog all his buttons on his outfit

•Roadhog was forced to go see Fifty Shades with Junkrat, and how that hook is used a lot more often… (hehehe)