Final previews and WIPs for @strucktocinderszine Leo part zine~!
(+doodles from my sessions with Kai xDD)

I drew Butler Leo & Troubadour Lil’ Leo~ Nee-san’s precious moonlight and sunshine 💖💖💖 I kept Foleo/Forrest in mind when I was designing little Leo. I imagined he’d look somewhat similar to his son.

I’m so excited for this zine and I hope people will consider and enjoy it!

Can someone write me a One Shot with Joe, Marcus and Alfie meeting online, because they are all looking for a new roommate. And then they move in together and become great friends. And the one day Alfie is like ‘hey, my friend Caspar needs to stay here for a bit, because something is wrong with his flat’ so caspar moves in for around a month

And Joe doesn’t think about it, till Caspar is actually there and then when Caspar moved in he slowly starts to fall for him, and it’s just really cute and all….

Can someone please write this?