An Open Letter to Autism Speaks

It is 2016 and my best friend abandons me because I’m strange.

It is 2016 and my best friend says that ableism is gone.

It is 2016 and my best friend still supports Autism Speaks.

It is 2016 and my best friend sees me as a pet project.

As a disease.

As something to fix.

It is 2016 and my best friend believes Autism Speaks.

I don’t mean to attack you but

It’s 2016 and you people are still trying to find a cure

When we- autistics- beg you to stop.

We don’t need to be cured.

We don’t want to be cured.

Just because MY nonverbal moments

And meltdowns

And shutdowns

Inconvenience YOU

Doesn’t mean that people like ME

Need to be eliminated.

This is eugenics. 

This is ableism.

It’s 2016 and you are still funneling most of your money towards advertisement and research

It’s 2016 and I flinch at blue puzzle pieces

Because all I can associate with it is with silencing and hate

You are afraid of us.

We are terrified of you.

YOU are why so many of us go through torture

ABA is pain and tears and struggling to accept ourselves

Not knowing that its okay to say no

Because you want us to look ‘neurotypical normal’.

We’re not.

We’re neurodivergent 

And forcing us to look neurotypical is the opposite of helping us

It’s hiding us.

It’s forcing a caterpillar out of its cocoon

And making it never transform into a butterfly.

My stimming hands are not a challenge.

My lack of eye contact isn’t an insult.

They are integral parts of me

As much as echolalia is an integral part of my speech.

It’s 2016 and you haven’t changed.

It’s 2016 and I’m still not human to you.

It’s 2016 and Autism Speaks still

Don’t Speak For Me.


깜짝 생일파티 너무 고마워요 형!
숙소앞에서 대체 얼마나 기다린거에요😳
사람이 사람의 맘을 얻는 일이라는게
가장 어렵다고 그렇다고 하는데
형한테는 가장 쉬운 일일수도! ^^

Thank you so much for the surprise birthday party!
How long did you wait in front of the dorm😳
They say that winning a person’s heart
is the hardest thing to do but
it’s seems to be the easiest thing for you! ^^

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

I wish I didn’t have to post this, but there are people who need to get this into their heads.

I’ts okay to dislike a ship

It’s okay to not ship something.


It is not okay to hate a ship

It is not okay to rub that hate into everyone’s faces

it is not okay to insult someone just because they ship something

If someone ships something you don’t like, shut up and walk away

There are no good reasons for yelling at someone for shipping something

[FANCAFE] 160911 Ravi “Final Broadcast!!!”

스탈라잇 여러분
어느새 판타지 막방까지 마무리했네요.
시간은 참 화살같죠..!

판타지를 준비하면서와 활동하면서
여러가지 일들이 있었는데
그래도 여러분과 끝까지 이렇게 활동 잘 마무리하게 되어서 다행입니다.

당연한 자세이겠지만 정말 무대하나하나 소중히 생각하며 멤버들 모두 최선을 다했어요. 그 어떤 활동때보다도 멤버들과 무대의 완성도에 심혈을 기울이고 끝까지 긴장을 놓치지 않고 고민하고 준비했습니다. 여러분들에게
정말 자랑스럽고 멋진 모습이고 싶었거든요ㅎㅎ

많은 사랑과 응원 활동하는 내내 잘 전달받았습니다.
즐거운 추억도 많이 쌓였구요. 더 가까워질게 있나 싶던 멤버들과도 더 잘 뭉치고 끈끈해졌어요.

스탈라잇도 빅스도 당연히 아쉬움도 있고 속상한 부분도 있겠지만 우리가 무대에서고 여러분과 함께했다는 것에 감사하고 그래도 행복했으면 좋겠습니다.
쭉쭉 나아가자구요 건강히^^

다들 빅스 응원해주시느라 고생많으셨구요.
즐겁게 건강히 지내면서 또 여러분 앞에 멋지게
돌아올 빅스를 기대하고 기다려주세요^^

고맙고 또 고마워요 스탈라잇!!!
막방 기념 사진선물!

we finished Fantasy’s final broadcast before we knew it.
Time sure seems like an arrow..!

There were lots of things that happened while
preparing for Fantasy and during promotions but
it’s a relief that we were able to end promotions well together with all of you.

This might go without saying but when carefully thinking about each and every stage, all our members did their best. More than any other promotion period, the members’ threw their heart and soul into perfecting our stages, thinking about it and preparing until the end without taking it easy. We really wanted to
look awesome and make you all proudㅎㅎ

Your love and support throughout the promotion period was received well.
And lots of happy memories were made as well. And I’ve become even more united with my members who I felt I couldn’t be closer with.

Of course there are things Starlights and VIXX might be unsatisfied but I’m grateful for standing on stage and being with you all and I would like if you were all still happy.
Let’s keep healthily moving up^^

You all worked hard supporting VIXX.
Have fun and be healthy and please
anticipate and wait for VIXX’s awesome return^^

I’m so so thankful Starlights!!!
Picture present to commemorate the final broadcast!

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


The geometry of DNA: a structural revision

This proposed structure for DNA is wholly founded upon mathematical
principles. Although the geometrical modification to the base pairings is
relatively minor, the resulting double helix manifests a clarity altogether
distinct from that offered by Crick and Watson and it would appear to
shed light upon a number of areas of continuing uncertainty.

• Geometric equations predict the dimensions of DNA’s structure. Not
only does the pentagonal geometry predict the helical dimensions but
it would also demonstrate ‘principle causation’.
• The pentagonal geometry provides the dynamics required to build a
consistent, stable and uniform helical structure and also establishes
why there should be consistently ten bases contained within a single
turn of the helix. Incidentally, when converted to the molecular
dimension I would certainly predict degrees of variation, certainly
between 9.5 and 10.5 bases per turn, but perhaps even more.
• Both the hollow centre and side-by-side structural formation ensure
instant access at any point within the helix. This would permit the
DNA (even circular) to open and close during its replication functions
without entangling itself.
• The modification to the base pairing would appear to be able to exist
in either the enol or keto formations.
• While the sugar-phosphate backbones will undoubtedly prove integral
to the stability of the helical structure, it is the geometry of the basepair
molecules themselves

© Mark E. Curtis

okay i know the internet is like the land of the introverts and so there are a lot of “it’s hard being an introvert” posts and i feel that and appreciate that and respect your alone time and need to recharge from within but


i’m not saying this to be like, “my life is harder than yours.” it’s just hard in a different way. right now i’m at an energy low and i am completely alone in my room and i desperately wish i had a friend here. i went to chipotle alone earlier and the lady who made my burrito smiled at me and i almost cried. i’m so deprived of human contact. i’m meeting up with a friend in an hour and i’m just sitting alone staring at my screen desperately wishing time would speed up. i’ve been alone all day. the longer i’ve been alone, the sadder and more tired i’ve gotten. i need external stimulation! i need people! but sometimes people are busy. sometimes they just don’t respond to your texts. sometimes they’re strangers, and strangers are much more exhausting to be around than being alone. 

all i’m saying is, i’m miserable and alone. it’s a feeling that has nothing to do with loneliness at all. it’s more like starvation. i am starved for human interaction. this is what it feels like to be an extrovert on a quiet day. 

N (@achahakyeon):

그날의 기록_with 원근
함께 여행을 가자고 한게 올해 첫날이었는데
우린 6월이 되기도전에 약속을 이루었다.
원근이가 좋아하는 꽃을 파는 곳💐
내가 새벽에 종종 놀러갔던 곳🌵
원근이의 탄생화를 사주지 못한게 아쉬웠지만
오랜만에 찾은 꽃시장은 반가웠다
동생이지만 친구처럼 편한 원근이와의 하루!
아찔하고 무섭기도 했지만 즐거웠다😂
#차학연 #이원근 #꽃브로 #여행

That Day’s Record_with Wongeun
It was the first day of the new year when we said we should go on a trip together
and we fulfilled that promise before June.
The place that sells the flowers Wongeun likes💐
The place I visit from time to time at dawn🌵
I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t buy Wongeun his birth flower but
it was nice seeing the flower market again
A day with Wongeun who is younger than me but comfortable to be around like a friend!
It was dizzying and scary but still fun😂
#ChaHakyeon #LeeWongeun #CelebrityBromance #Trip

Trans.cr: fyeah-vixx

The Laughing Heart

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.

― Charles Bukowski

Look at that, we got a new teaser on Scott’s website

so naturally, I brightened it up (a PURPLE hat, nice)

and it’s revealing nightmare!animatronic teeth!!

but wait, there’s more!

you see that text?? It says ‘PROPERTY OF FR……………ER

Because of the ‘FR’, I assumed it might be Freddy Fazbear, but

it’s doesn’t quite fit, unless Freddy’s name is now FAZBER

what could this mean?

(REQUESTED) Sleeping in one bed with Jimin would include:

Originally posted by suga-com


  • he’s totally the type of boy to make jokes when you are trying to fall asleep
  • they don’t always have to be jokes he will probs just compliment you a lot
  • “Jagi you look so beautiful right now”
  • “Jimin stfu it’s so dark in here you can’t even see me”
  • if you dating expect a lot of cuddling (spooning, your head on his chest, etc.)
  • I actually have an example pic I would like to put out there

this picture makes me cry every time okay

  • anyways
  • if you are best friends and you have to sleep in the same bed nefujd
  • i’d die personally but
  • It would be cute because obvi he likes to hold people in his sleep
  • and so you would be sleeping but wake up because someone is hugging you tightly
  • but then you just realize it’s only jimin 
  • “aish jimin”
  • but you wouldn’t move him
  • like you would have to have no heart if you were gonna move that smol ball of sunshine
  • If you guys weren’t sleepy, you’d probs  just sit there and stare at each other
  • like imagine the moon shining in so you can see his face and he is just smiling at you rejnfrbvauhvjc
  • i would imagine you guys would have serious late night talks
  • about anything really
  • things that were bothering you, how you have been feeling, etc.
  • there would be deep questions that would come out sometimes too
  • like ‘are you happy with your life and the person you have become?’
  • and you guys would probably start crying lol
  • but other than that he doesn’t strike me as someone who would snore
  • i think it would calm you down if your head was on his chest and you were listening to his heartbeat
  • and you could feel his chest moving up and down
  • like how can that not calm you down
  • it’d probs be horny some nights but it would depend on if you were in the mood or not tbh
  • like i think he would want it to revolve around how you were feeling unless he was really desperate at the time
  • then he would beg a lot
  • and touch you all over
  • anyways enough of that
  • he seems like he would say ‘i love you every night before he falls asleep’ 
  • even if he was on tour he would text you/call you just to say ‘i love you’
  • sleeping with him would just be heaven okay that’s all I’ve got to say lmao

Thanks for requesting love! 

I’m gonna do the J-hope one tomorrow after school!!