It doesn’t always have to be fun, you just have to be willing to put in the work if you want to accomplish your goals!

Training for me is fun, I love it! Lifting weights is my therapy from the office/finance world and I love pushing myself to my limits.

But do you think I love cardio? Hell no! After 2 minutes on the stair stepper I’m bored as shit but do I quit? Absolutely not! I know that my competition is busting their butts in the gym so I better do it twice as hard if I want to win!

So what’s my point with this rant?

Find things that you love to do in life and enjoy them but DO NOT shy away from the hard things! The easy route often leads to failure whereas the hard route requires you to buckle down and not quit, but it leads to accomplishments and the amazing feeling that you didn’t quit!

Let’s go out and tackle this week, this month, heck this life because we all have things to accomplish and we don’t want to look back and try and find excuses for the things we should have done 💪👍

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losing my lakers folder with ALL my homework and work and credits

kind of disspointing and i really wanted to start fresh by studying everything especially for chem. There are all the answers for the worksheets , but second time aroundm i really tried to study and write the answers fro myself. now its like 11:35 PM and its just so difficult. kinda sad cuz i broke, i didnt accomplish something i set out to do ):