buti fitness

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namasté - let’s start the day with some buti yoga!

This is super cheesy but I’ve found that I have the worst luck in the love life department HOWEVER I’m quite proud of myself for going to two buti yoga classes, jogging, a kickboxing class, student teaching, working and my night class all in one week! Needless to say I am a tired girl but I’m trying to love mahseelllf💕👊🏼✨🎨🌸🌴🐱


So i tried to put together all my gemsonas in a height chart buti could only fit 27/36 so its the majority of them and some ihavent actually standing up so i might modify it with all 36 later but this is good enough for now.

Small: lilac, cranberry tahiti, coral and grey pearl. padparascha,spessartite, garnet,kornerupine and lotus jasper.

Medium: Hummite, Lauxite, emerald, sunstone,prousite,mother pearl/nacre Amertine.

Large: Galaxy quartz, Rutilated quartz, Opal jasper, virgin rainbow opal, and sodalite.

Extra large: Purple, Champange, and Brown diamond + JetLignight/Black Diamond