Had our Engagement party yesterday.....

…and it was a blast! We got more people which was a good thing, I got to see a lot of family, plus a couple of my friends whom I haven’t seen in almost 2 years….yikes….and had a drunken bonfire afterwards where we talked politics and burnt wood & stuff. It was awesome!

Now I know our home can host 50+ people comfortably…in the backyard. By the time we crawled into bed at 2:30am, we were exhausted and content. I’m now looking around at the mess in our house thinking…Holy crap, I have to clean up all of this!

On the bright side, when we do get married in a year, we will go with a reception site that will do most (if not all) of this for us. All I want to do is show up. And pick the right dress….the right meals…the right venues…the right…oh boy!

Wedding planning will resume next week. Right now, I’m too tired to care


Grabe, ilang araw din akong d nakapagblog dito. Natiis ko namang d magblog. Bakit kaya? Dati naman, araw araw kung ano yung shinishare ko tungkol sa life ko. Araw-araw akong masayang nagboblog pero bakit ba ganun? Ngayon, kahit d ako magblog okay lang. 

Nagsimula ito nung sobrang depressed ang puso ko. Yung tipong sobra ang iyak nito. Alam ko naman eh, darating din yung araw na masasaktan ulit ako. Pero okay lang. Nasanay na din naman. Ngayon? Ginagawa ko? Wala. Spending the most valuable time with my friends. Movie dito. Gala doon. Chika there. Play here. Wala eh. Walang lovelife eh. Kasi nandun palang ako sa stage na regaining the pieces of my broken heart. Choss!! Hahaha. Making myself happy. Sarili ko muna ngayon. 

Alam ko na kung bakit nakakaya kong hindi magblog. Siguro di na talaga ako ganun kainspired. Siguro kasi, d na ako sobrang saya, sobrang lungkot,  sobra kung magmahal dati. Dumadating din talaga sa point na to eh. :)

Oracle: I know, God has better plan for me. Halos lahat naman ata ganito mag-isip pagkatapos masaktan dba? Ahmm. Sa may mga pareho ng nararamdaman ko, ayan matuto na ah. Maglaan ng pagmamahal sa sarili dahil sa pagmamahal sa sarili nagmumula ang kagandahan ng isang tao. Susi rin ito upang mahalin din tayo ng iba. Magpray lang at laging tandaan na MAY BUKAS PA! :D


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this girl brought tons of laughed to me today,she made my day busy and distracted even my cooking skills was affected also,ive burned the rice and fried egg because of her lol…..she maybe tell me tom (your putting all your blaim on me again!)i will just laugh to her…shes bullying me first then at the later part of our conversation im the one who end up bullying her,,lol,she doesnt want to post this pic and telling me that post another pics of her but i insisted that i want to post this picture because for me this was the cuttiest,simplest,beautiful picture ive ever had right now,:),you had no choice haha,maybe i would ready for myself tomorrow because of this,haha again maybe were arguing,ive just met you today but i want to tell you you made my day happy,lookin forward for more good friendship that we started :)and more day kulitan :)