happy birthday to koujack the biggest gayest dork on gay murder island

I wanted so bad to do a comic but im all out of funny juices and all my best jokes kinda fell flat :U Also there isnt enough art of these two smooching I mean we get the CGs of koujack stickin his tongue down poor aobob’s throat but that ain’t romantic so…. :V

Okay, I’m not sure I’m on time (different timezone lol). It has been some time since I colored traditionally, and I forgot how much time it actually consumes. Strike Tanaka-sensei uses a lot of different shades for colors, so I had to mix a lot of ‘em XD I don’t even know if they’re visible in your screen after scanning, but

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nikkilaurinaitis!!

I was on my seat in the airplane reading Servamp, and saw Jeje. Out of the blue, I remembered the horse face mask they have in Japan (a friend of mine had it and wore it once to invite people to join the orchestra lol), and thought, “Huh, Jeje can cover his face with that”. And then it suddenly came to me that Mikuni is a cowboy and all cowboys should have their own horse.

…And then this happened.

Hope you like it!! XD