So a friend and I were watching wall-e one time, and we made it to the part where wall-e just made it to space on the outside of the spaceship, and my friend said to me “dude, space is like… the biggest thing.” and in a tired stupor I just said back “no. the biggest thing, is what’s in your heart.” and a solid 5 minutes passed before he whispered

“my dick is in my heart”

butchpleaseimfabulous  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I unfollowed you because of your opinion that apparantly it is fine to hate people based on their gender.

i literally do not care but

have you ever actually read my faq because lmao 

do you actually hate all cis/het people?

not necessarily. but i do feel very weary around them. after so many times of having mean things being said about me by them, being told that my gender isn’t real, and being scoffed at after saying my sexuality, i feel really nervous around them for good reason!

obviously i can’t always tell if someone is cis/het but tbh there is a pretty general aura that’s like “haha i’m gonna upset you just wait for it it’ll happen” so i think it’s just that other queer people make me feel a lot more comfortable in the sense that they generally know what is/is not okay to say and do 

not only that, but assuming that cis/het people are bad is hugely a defense mechanism. for all i know, the next person to find out that i’m not a straight girl could be the one to kill me”