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Misha Vladimirskiy

The Photographer Who Introduces Celebrities to Themselves

The San Francisco-based photographer Misha Vladimirskiy, who regularly shoots for GoPro and is a member of the graphic design team Butchershop Creative, travels a great deal for his career; as a result, he spends a healthy amount of time on his own.

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Borgore & Miley Cyrus - “Decisions”


Clinton Jay Miller is an amazing architect who stripped his real professional life of the proverbial corporate fat to compliment his minimal furniture designs in his mind. The redundancy of work days are over. At his wood shop he meditatively creates stripped down, minimal, reclaimed wood furniture pieces. He calls the work in progress - HOLLOW.  We call it refreshing. We caught up with him in his woodshop and he shared the ideas of his movement with us. If you are interested in talking to him about his pieces, send him an email and get in touch. He’s a pretty cool guy too.


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