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The Butchers Of Beacon Hills (1/1 | 5,451 | Rated E)

Dubbed “The Beacon Hills Ripper” and “The Slasher of Beacon Hills” respectively two serial killers are stalking and killing members of the Beacon Hills community. Both Killers are fascinated with each other and begin to leave “gifts” for each other after each of their kills. They are both formidable in their own rights but together they are damn near unstoppable.


“I was hoping we’d get a chance to meet,” Derek told him.
“You’re The Slasher,” the young man said, surprised.
“And you’re The Ripper.”
“Stiles,” The other man said moving his blade away from Derek. “My name is Stiles.”

sweet serial killer (love you just a little too much) (1/1 | 9,345 | Rated M)

“He’s only killing the people who killed his family,” Stiles mutters, but even to his ears it sounds like an excuse. Scott clearly agrees, because he’s not just frowning anymore, he looks furious.

“That’s like the plot of a bad 80s horror flick, Stiles! You of all people should know how badly those end!”

“I know!” Stiles wails. “I know, I know, but you know what I’m like, dude. I get attached way too easy and I have terrible judgement, but I like him. I had sex with him when he had Deputy Donovan’s blood all over him, and I don’t fucking regret it. How fucked up is that? I fucked him after he killed somebody and I don’t even care!”

For Neither Ever, Nor Never (1/1 | 20,989 | Rated E)

a dark fic (AU) about Derek Hale’s sociopathic tendencies and the child he’s been matched with in a Big Brother, Big Sister program.

Big Bad and Little Red (2/? | 2,142 | Rated M)

Beacon Hills has its own resident serial killers. This is their story.

Carve My Name into Your Arm (1/1 | 14,891 | Rated E)

Stiles cannot love, because it isn’t something he can touch. The closest he’s ever felt, by his recollection, has been when he held someone else’s life in his hands. With one last gasping breath, their blood covering his hands, Stiles believed that what he felt deep within him was, in fact, love. It was adoration, in a way. A connection that could not be undone, could never be severed. Ending a life brought a rush unlike anything Stiles had ever felt, or would feel, of that he was certain.

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Location: E. Pratt near S. Patterson Park Ave
Rating: 2.4/5

Description: This one came pre-rated from the submitter, and to my surprise it was actually rated lower by him than my score… 

2.1/5? Upper Fells prefers the “genteel lean."  Yeah, I checked that he was breathing.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. This "lean” is actually hilarious and the angle you took it from makes it look like the guy is in a stone recliner straight out of The Flintstones