My boys in suits!!

(Jerico probably helps dress them, these kids are otherwise terrible with fashion)

Butcher fandoms, I have a question I need answered please-

I’ve started reading the first Codex Alera book and I love how the curse in this world is “Crows and Furies!“  It’s works totally in the world.

And we know that Dresden’s curses are going to be important “Hells Bells” “Stars and Stones” and “Empty Night” being the title of three of the final books.

But it’s been a bit since I read the Aeronaut’s Windlass.  Can someone remind me of what the curse was in that one?  Anyone have ideas how it’s important?

CYaRon! » Shukashuu’s Ad-libbing Punishment Game

(Context: There’s a heart button you can tap to send “heart marks” on the LINE LIVE streaming platform. So… a spammier version of a like button. Shukashuu had to do an ad-lib for every 100,000 hearts that CYaRon! received on LINE.)

I consider the vegetarian movement to be the most important movement of our age. I believe this because I see in it the beginning of true civilisation. My opinion is that up to the present moment we do not know what civilisation means. When we look at the dead bodies of animals, whether entire or cut up, which with sauces and condiments are served at our table, we do not reflect on the horrible deed that has preceded these dishes; and yet it is something terrible to know that every meal to which we sit down has cost a life. I hold that we owe it to civilisation to elevate the whole of that deeply demoralised and barbarized class of people – butchers, cattle-drovers, and all others who are connected with the deplorable business. Thousands of persons are degraded by the slaughter-house in their neighbourhood, which condemns whole classes to a debasing and inhuman occupation. I await the time when the consummation of the vegetarian movement shall have created perfect men [and women], for I see in this movement the foundations of perfection. When I perceive the possibilities of vegetarianism and the heights to which it can raise us, I feel convinced that it will prove the redeemer of the world.
—  Anna Kingsford (1846 - 1888)