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pls ramble on apocalypse!!

Ok so! when i am around friends i have 2 modes.  1) Fight literally everything and 2) violence is not the answer why dont we try to compromise.  Now if I’m in mode 1 when the apocalypse hits you can bet your sweet lil anon icon that i have an internal list of people with weapons and transport ready to go in this kind of situation.  i have several tactical ideas of where to go based on what kind of apocalypse we’re dealing with and how the zombies work.

BUT if i am in mode 2 i will probably die on day 0 like a dumbass trying to help a zombie seek medical attention

My sister and I used to play a game as kids called “Murray’s Meat Shop” where I would lie down on the floor and pretend to be an animal and my sister would come in with a pillow and start hitting me and occasionally throw in a punch and I’d just lie there making dying animal noises. Sometimes we did exotic meats such as emu or horse, and she could use her butcher funds to buy tools such as scalding oil tanks. Then she would have a BBQ for the public and they all loved it so then she’d kill even more animals. The reason I’m sharing this is because kids are a lot darker and less pure than people think.


It’s been almost two years since I made the stylized Otachi mask for my 3D Art class my senior year in high school, and it is still my biggest pride and joy.
I’ve posted the final pictures before, but I’ve never posted any of the progress shots on this blog, and never have they been together in one post until now.

When I made this I’d never done anything like this before. It makes me kind of wish I took prop commissions because this was a lot of fun to build.

Time spent: Five weeks (one to two hours a day)
Tools used: Butcher paper (template), pencil, eraser, sharpie, ruler/yardstick, x-acto knife, box cutter, scissors, hot glue gun, balloon, bowl, paintbrushes.
Supplies used: Cardboard, masking tape, hot glue, golf balls, glass pebbles, paper mache, ribbon, velvet, paint, patients.
Weight: 6 lbs