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SBJ More Than Human Headcanon

Buttercup and Butch would wear similar clothing all the time and it would be completely by accident. They’d see each other at school and just think “not again” because they’re both wearing black bomber jackets and green shirts and black jeans AND “NO WE DIDNT PLAN THIS !!!” and one day they’re both wearing green hoodies and the second Buttercup sees Butch she’s ripping off her sweater and he’s just dying because “it’s not even that bad c’mon so what we’re matching”. 

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what are their sexual orientations also pls tell bubbles that she's v pretty and i like her a lot aaaa

Butch actually doesn’t like to give it a label
Blossom just doesn’t want to talk about it
but drawing that requires effort

She caught Butch’s eye. As was customary now, he was seated with her old friends, all of whom were furtively watching as she passed. She didn’t know if Butch was telling anybody they were kind of… not wanting to kill each other anymore, but whatever, it wasn’t like there was any need to publicize that—

“Hey, Buttercup,” Butch said, raising his hand, and she stalled, looking at him.

All the boys at the table were shell-shocked, their attention torn between Buttercup and Butch. She stared at him, trying to read his expression.

After a long moment where he merely stared back, Buttercup said warily, “Hey.”

Another long silence passed between the group. Butch inclined his head politely. “How’s it going?”

“It’s going,” she said, cracking a smile against her better judgment and secretly enjoying the stunned looks everyone was giving them.

If Buttercup smiling was a shocker, Butch blew that out of the water when he nodded at the empty seat next to him and offered, “You want to sit?”

About five guys were suddenly preoccupied with picking their jaws up off the floor, and a bewildered Buttercup darted a brief glance at Mitch, seated on Butch’s other side. He blinked away his shocked expression, averted his eyes, and stared at the table.

Butch waited, expectant. She’d been standing there awhile now, and several other folks were turning to stare.

It was hard to tell who smirked first. In any case, both of them were by the time Buttercup cast a final glance around the cafeteria, shrugged, and accepted.


—  Sbj more than a human

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How did the boys discover they had felling for there current gfs?

basically what happened, except this is only like the tip of the iceberg of their feelings tho

Boomer is attracted to Buttercup because all he sees is someone who can defend herself and he isn’t looking too deeply into her attacks. He likes the bright colors and the loud sounds since he’s not the type to analyze a fight. 

Brick paid more attention to Bubbles because he thought that Bubbles was a sissy. Her normally cutesy and nice attitude made him underestimate just how powerful Bubbles actually. He can’t say that Bubbles is just too nice and frail because now he knows that she can beat his ass any day.

Butch was watching Blossom fight because he used to see her as a stuck up nerd that is graceful and tidy. Seeing her get rough and dirty makes Blossom seem less intimidating and out of his league. In my headcanon, Butch is closest with Brick and admires his leadership. But as he watches her, she takes leadership to a whole other level. In other words, he really admires her

but again this is just the tip of the iceberg

“I get it. All that shit you said yesterday, about fighting, and the pain, and spilling blood, the rush, the god-like superiority over everything when you’re winning and the push to be… to be something more than human when you’re beat to shit and your body’s feeling weaker than one…” She wet her lips, pressed them together, and took a deep breath before nodding. “Yeah. I get that.”

He stood still for a long moment, then finally leaned at the edge of his desk.

“I didn’t really say all that shit about being ‘more than human—’”

“I know,” Buttercup said, louder than she intended to, and looked up. “But that’s what you meant.”

—  Sbj More than a Human