butch hartmen

Who needs Phantom Freddy when we’ve got FREDDY PHANTOM (Fazbear)

Dooda doo doo da doo da da doo doo dooda da doo da doo HE’S A FAZBEAR

Yo Freddy Fazbear he was just 13
When he was taken backstage, behind the scenes
He was excited to meet the bear of his dreams

He’s gonna jump scare em’ all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear

He walked up to to the bear and suddenly he got bit!
Then the kid was stuffed inside of it!
There was a great big flash and everything just changed
His body parts got crushed and strained

Fazbear Fazbear!

When he first woke up he realized he had brown fake hair
And glowing green eyes!
He could bust through doors, and make you die
He was much more unique than the Slender guy!

The puppet came in and told him what to do
“You have to find the guy who did this too you”

He’s here to jump scare me and you!

He’s gonna jump scare em all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear
Jump scare em all cause he’s Freddy Fazbear
Jump scare em all cause- SCREEEEEEEE Freddy Fazbear

This is the result of random Skype calls with my friends ;w;
Freddy Fazber© Scott Cawthon
Danny Phantom©Butch Hartmen