butch hartman style

list of feelings when ya make DP fanart and try to mimic/work with Butch Hartman’s style
  • not knowing how in the hell danny’s hair works in real life 
  • being kind of unsure what danny’s ghost form color palette is really like because the lighting is all weird and if you tamper that lighting then ghost danny looks too weird ????????
  • you only see half of the character’s long hair on one side (ex: paulina, jazz)
  • making the shoulders and elbows real angular
  • sam’s floaty ponytail
  • those thick straight eyebrows
  • crazy neon blue back lighting 
  • girls usually with pointy tits and colored lips. probably with open midriffs. and those hips
  • all the girls have pointy fingers and all the boys have rectangle fingers ??
  • the knuckles have this weird zig zaggy line:
  • the neck is always on shifted all the way on one side of the head and connected to the ear ??
  • when you wonder why the characters’ mouths are always on one side of the face and are probably in this shape 80% of the time:

kapuchino357  asked:

6, 8 & 30 CosWan <3

6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s? 

Wanda loves Cosmo’s fluffy hair and his smile. Cosmo loves Wanda’s swirly hair and how soft she is uwu

8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

I mean these are already canon but “Pudding” and “Lambchop” bc they’re so cute??? And Cosmo really likes pudding in canon so all I can think about is that he came up with that nickname for Wanda bc he loves her like he loves pudding and she retaliated by coming up with Lambchop bc she also loves lambchops and long story short they love each other and also food…..a lot

30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

I know they both have the same body shape in Butch Hartman’s style but I always loved the idea of tall, lanky beanpole Cosmo and tiny, chubby, strong Wanda like…..

Wanda standing on her tippy-toes and Cosmo leaning down just so they can kiss (even though they can just float to be in the same level)

Wanda lifting Cosmo in her arms like it’s nothing (and he loves it ofc)

When they shapeshft, their body types carry over even if they turn into the same thing (if they turn into dogs he turns into a greyhound or a borzoi and she into a pomeranian, if they turn into cats he turns into a lanky Abyssinian and she into a tiny Persian or Scottish Fold, if they turn into birds he turns into something like a crane and her into something tiny and chubby like a passerine and so on)

Height difference CosWan, dude……think about it

Drawing Timmy Phantomhive

Desde hace algún tiempo se me ocurrió esta idea y no había tenido nada de tiempo para sacarla de mi mente, pero ahora de vacaciones se me ocurrió: ¿Porque no? después de todo tanto Timmy Turner como Ciel Phantomhive tienen a alguien que cumple sus deseos ;.)

Por ahora aun lo estoy coloreando, con suerte tal vez lo suba mañana

I’ve been thinking a lot about cartooning trends through history today and here’s an interesting thing I realized: The Genndy Tartakovsky/Craig McCracken art style, which was really popular from the mid-90s to the early 2000s, can be observed metamorphosing into the Butch Hartman art style in the mid-00s

One could probably make the argument that the current popular trend in cartooning, which emphasizes smooth, friendly shapes and thin line widths, is an explicit rejection of the thick lines and harsh angles of Hartman-style cartoons

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what do you think about like, the "Butch Hartman style" shows in general. like do you think they would be better without that kind of element to them

hard to say overall. i never really watched tuff puppy so i cant give my opinion on that, but imo the earlier seasons of fairly odd parents could actually be really, really funny. his particular style works way better for a show like that because it exists without consequences or a solid, developing storyline, whereas it clashes with something like danny phantom because dp does actually try to have a Plot and Character Development and Seriously Bad Shit Happening To Children. because of that, the end result feels like two completely different styles of cartoons helplessly fighting against each other, like if you tried to assign young justice to the director of camp lazlo or something.

but, yeah there are certain butch hartman-y tropes that i dont like in any context, of course. like “unrequited crush by loser main character on shallow ice queen with no personality who he only likes because shes pretty and popular” and “borderline abusive/negligent parents played for comedy”, to name a couple.