butch delight

2 gay 2 function

alright, so one morning I go to my campus’s main library to study, no one is really there & there is no line so I go to get a coffee. It’s a good coffee place and I’ve been going there since freshman year.

There’s also this delightful butch girl that has this short brown curly mohawk and tattoos and she’s really cute and laughs a lot with her coworkers. But again, I’ve been going there since freshman year, so you’d think I’d get used to her and the radiance of her coffee scent. Wrong. Wrong, wrong.

Anyway, that morning I go to get my coffee thermos filled up and they had a new system: a credit card thing that lets you tip. So I’m paying and the ‘you can tip’ thing lights up and I get a bit flustered, it was only a coffee refill…and yet.

‘this is a really cool thermos.’ She says to my $25 thermos because it is and she smiles, smiles. I was customizing the tip at the time and obvs wasn’t looking at my goddamn hands. I hit an extra zero.

Anyway, instead of tippng .50 cents for a coffee refill I tipped 5 dollars, hit send and became so embarrassed I ran away. Five dollars, that’s like a 150%.

The punchline is that coffee shop AUs are a LIE and being gay is a lot of TROUBLE lmao.