butch dalisay

I’m not on Facebook—one of the country’s last holdouts—for one stubborn reason: I can’t accept the Facebook definition of “friend.” To be my friend, we should have broken bread and maybe a few precious other things together; we should have rejoiced and despaired together; we should have found each other’s weakest spots, but let them be; we should have disagreed on many things, but agreed on more. On Facebook, “friendship” is a convenience, just as easily disposed of with a mouse click to “unfriend.”
—  Butch Dalisay, Filipino author
Through fiction, we best make sense of our lives by stepping away from them—by momentarily becoming strangers unto ourselves, by exploring more interesting alternatives to what we already know or most likely would do, and ultimately, by giving ourselves a new reason to hope and believe that life indeed follows a plot we can direct—if we only knew what it was.
—  Butch Dalisay, The Knowing Is In The Writing: Notes on The Practice of Fiction