butch and buttercup



Blossom: I SAID it was an experiment.

Brick: What if it had worked, you tool?

Blossom: A price I was willing to pay.

Bubbles: She’s kidding. You weren’t going to blow up.

Boomer: We should run some more tests to be sure.

(Note: The original RBB blew up after being kissed by the PPG. It doesn’t work anymore, but the professor was curious and ITS MY FAVE THING)

inconsistency at its finest

ya know there are things i shouldn’t be doing at 5 am and drawing is one of them

She caught Butch’s eye. As was customary now, he was seated with her old friends, all of whom were furtively watching as she passed. She didn’t know if Butch was telling anybody they were kind of… not wanting to kill each other anymore, but whatever, it wasn’t like there was any need to publicize that—

“Hey, Buttercup,” Butch said, raising his hand, and she stalled, looking at him.

All the boys at the table were shell-shocked, their attention torn between Buttercup and Butch. She stared at him, trying to read his expression.

After a long moment where he merely stared back, Buttercup said warily, “Hey.”

Another long silence passed between the group. Butch inclined his head politely. “How’s it going?”

“It’s going,” she said, cracking a smile against her better judgment and secretly enjoying the stunned looks everyone was giving them.

If Buttercup smiling was a shocker, Butch blew that out of the water when he nodded at the empty seat next to him and offered, “You want to sit?”

About five guys were suddenly preoccupied with picking their jaws up off the floor, and a bewildered Buttercup darted a brief glance at Mitch, seated on Butch’s other side. He blinked away his shocked expression, averted his eyes, and stared at the table.

Butch waited, expectant. She’d been standing there awhile now, and several other folks were turning to stare.

It was hard to tell who smirked first. In any case, both of them were by the time Buttercup cast a final glance around the cafeteria, shrugged, and accepted.


—  Sbj more than a human