Requested by anon: Soulmate!au for Taeyang please?? Preferably with the both of you being childhood friends too! Thank you so much!!

hi my little anon this is for you!!! im sorry if its kinda yikes i never like my writing or the product tbh and when i do i feel like it gets overlooked by my other pieces rip @ writers the struggle is rEAL but anyways i hope you enjoyed this!!! also im tearing up on how much notice vigilante!wonwoo is getting thank you guys so so much!!! remember that REQUESTS ARE OPEN READ FAQ AND RULES FIRST SEND THEM INNNN

  • au where you have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about
  • since you were little you had a small cute tattoo on your wrist of a pair of dance tap shoes
  • but what did you know you were only 4 and only thought “those are pretty shoes!!”
  • when you entered kindergarten you met fETUS TAEYANG HOW CUTE AWW
  • “hi i like your tattoo!!!!”
  • “thanks i’m y/n!!”
  • “i’m taeyang!!! check out my tattoo my dad said they’re music notes”
  • he had little musical notes trailing down his forearm and you’re just like wow that’s so beautiful!!
  • “do you know what these tattoos are for?”
  • “my dad said it’s what your soulmate is most passionate about (whatever that means LOL),,, so what your soulmate really really likes!!”
  • how cUTE smol you and tae become little cute friends just like that!!!

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