but...they are present

Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”

Forever – is composed of Nows –
‘Tis not a different time –
Except for Infiniteness –
And Latitude of Home –

From this – experienced Here –
Remove the Dates – to These –
Let Months dissolve in further Months –
And Years – exhale in Years –

Without Debate – or Pause –
Or Celebrated Days –
No different Our Years would be
From Anno Dominies –
—  Emily Dickinson, Forever – is composed of Nows –

listen. i know most of us really don’t Want to think about AoU, let alone rewatch it, because it was a bad time. but i also think if we all remembered that bruce, wanda, and a Super Powerful Space Rock all actually truly existed in that film, it would be a major help to every single person writing “tony stark singlehandedly built ultron” meta right now

tony openly admits that he and bruce–who were working on the concept of ultron Together–weren’t even close to actually having something concrete. it wasn’t going well. there was a montage of them drinking coffee and tony sitting on the floor surrounded by Failed Ideas and them not being able to figure it out at all. JARVIS out loud with his metaphorical mouth said “our sentience integration trials have been unsuccessful” and that he didn’t know why ultron was awake. also, ultron alluded to the fact that he existed before waking up here and then metaphorically drop-kicked JARVIS through a wall

also wanda was there in her striking debut as “girl who smiles creepily with glowing red eyes while trying to Destroy The Avengers”. wanda was there and there was this thing where she went into everyone’s heads and messed with them? it was like…a huge part of the plot? this was a plan? a major part of the movie? wanda went into this mentally-ill dude’s brain to make fear “control him” and “make him self-destruct” and then there was a bunch of dramatic music and then he picked up the sceptre. wanda was there and the movie tied that directly to tony’s decision to bring the Eternity Pebble home

like tony’s done some shit, and the people who ran his company before him/behind his back have done some shit, but this shit is not shit he can take 100% of the credit for? like a bunch of u guys are still sitting here like “hm? who? no tony built ultron alone in his basement because of his Destructive Ego he’s a Villain” and i just ………WENDY AND BRUCE AND THE SPACE ROCK WERE THERE, GUYS, THEY WERE PRESENT ALSO

Uptown Girl 3/?

Felicity Smoak is not your average debutante, but going to the Debutante Ball turns out to be one of the most important decisions of her life. The story of an uptown girl meeting a downtown boy - who happens to be in a rock band.

This is a birthday present for my dear friend Carol @tdgal1 - I so hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for all the likes, comments and reblogs on the first chapter! I’m so grateful!! Thank You!!

Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing. Not sure how many chapters this will be yet. All chapters are available on AO3.

                           3. I Bet Her Momma Never Told Her Why

“And then he kissed you?!” Caitlin was almost as excited as Felicity.

Felicity nodded. “Yep.”

“Was it good?”

Felicity blushed. “Best kiss of my life.”



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illuminati4  asked:

Hey! I love, love, LOVE your shapeshifter AU! Can't get enough of it! I have a questions for you two. When did McCree have that light bulb moment when it came to his feelings for Hanzo? That "oh no, he's hot" moment?

He has the “on no, he’s hot” moment in the very right moment he sees him for the first time after Tracer brings him to Morrison’s Clan to thank him for saving her. 
But the light bulb about his feeling -oh boi- that came later! At first, he was just testing the water because he wanted to take advantage of everything that he could while he was taken in as a guest of the Clan, and Hanzo was included in his list of things he was interested into. But Hanzo makes it clear from the start that he has no interest in Jesse at all, so McCree kind of give up on him and go on just trying to understand if he can take over the clan or if he should just steal some stuff and flee. 
Unconsciously, is actually Hanzo the “thing” that convince him to stay. Jesse is intrigued by him and his personality. He can kind of see himself in him, like a younger version of himself, when Gabe just took him in after running away from the Deadlock pack. He understands quickly that the rage and the distance that Hanzo try to keep between them is a coping mechanism, but he doesn’t know his story and he’s so curious about it!  So he stays and with time he forgets all his plans, his mind is just full of question about Hanzo and his heart want to know more. He got better after Gabe helped him to overcome his blocks so he wants to help Hanzo in the same way. He still doesn’t know that Hanzo is an omega when he wakes up one morning all cuddled up to Hanzo (Morrison gave them the same bed in their common yurt because he feared that Jesse would try to flirt with Tracer after he saved her. BOI HE WAS WRONG). Hanzo is still deeply asleep and they kind of tangled up together while sleeping, so Jesse is spooning him. And in that very right moment, he just tightens his grip, smile and think that it wouldn’t be soo bad to spend the rest of his life like this… and then he realizes that he fucked up. 
He’s in love.

anonymous asked:

Hmmmm, could I get a headcanon for Aizawa, Hizashi and Toshinori on how they would act with an s/o who is super-friendly and sweet to people, to the point where it can be misconstrued as flirting almost? Like, they don't mean anything by it, they just REALLY love their friends.

Ah, my Holy Trinity of BNHA. Let me go get my headcanon bible. Also this turned out a bit sadder than expected  (^~^;)- Mod Honey

Aizawa Shouta

  • Doesn’t care, he’s more likely impressed at the lengths s/o will go for their friends
  • He trust and knows his s/o well enough to know they’re not purposely flirting with another person
  • If the friend they help starts to have feeling for their s/o, that’s when he starts to draw the line
  • He’s not going to prevent s/o from helping their friends, but is going to have a talk with them about how other people interpret their actions
  • If s/o ignores his claims or refuses to listen to him he will be annoyed, but tolerate in nonetheless but, keeps a close watch on the friend
  • If the friend tries something, his nonchalant attitude is out the window and makes it clear he won’t tolerate anyone harassing his s/o

Yamada Hizashi

  • Quite happy to see his s/o be friendly with just about anyone, especially towards their friends
  • Though as time goes on he begins to see their actions be a little too friendly and he starts to get a bit jealous; will start to want more attention from s/o
  • If he finds the people are crushing on his s/o he’ll definitely step in and will actively try to be the one who helps s/o’s friend. S/o has a friend that needs help moving. He’ll do it. S/o’s friend needs their dog walked? Suddenly he has 3 license as a dog walker.
  • S/o will probably notice his erratic behavior and this is the point where they both sit down and have a talk
  • If s/o refuses to listen to his warning about their friend who is crushing on them he’ll honestly be slightly hurt, to him it makes him feel unimportant
  • If the friend makes a move he’ll have a private “chat” with s/o’s friend

Toshinori Yagi

  • He’s quite happy his s/o is helping their friends at great lengths, very encouraging and supportive
  • Although, he begins to notice it’s borderline flirting he gets a bit uncomfortable
  • Turns a blind eye to it for a while, he trust his s/o
  • Yagi gets a bit sad when s/o turns him down when he invites them to do something, so they can help their friends
  • Approaches and clears the air with s/o, he’s not worried of them leaving him, but rather them ruining their relationship 
  • If their friend tries to make a move on s/o he’s definitely not nice anymore and will approach the friend, sure he has a smile on his face, but it has a different connotation 

anonymous asked:

Present Mic/Toshinori/Aizawa finding out their s/o is a criminal or has a criminal past?

Present Mic:

  • For the criminal background he would probably make jokes about it. 
  • Would definitely air their dirty laundry.
  • Call them things like his little felon or something all the time.
  • If he found out they were still actually a criminal all the joking would be gone.
  • He would very loudly make several suggestions for what he could do to them.
  • Probably just get very excited about the prospect of fighting them (cough killing) them even if they were together.


  • If he found out they had a criminal past he really wouldn’t judge them very much.
  • Would just encourage to not go back to that lifestyle.
  • He wouldn’t ever out them to other people.
  • If he found out they were a criminal it would be a definite relationship killer for him.
  • He wouldn’t really get violent with them or probably even pursue them, he would just be like we can’t do this anymore.
  • Now if it came to him catching them in the act of a crime he would apprehend them but there would be mixed feelings.


We actually did a request that was very similar here!

  • If i’ts just a criminal background he would be a lot more forgiving.
  • A lot of sarcastic comments would be said about their past.
  • It wouldn’t be a deal breaker in the relationship like actively being a criminal is.

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I'm butch and id as a girl but I kinda hate my boobs? And I'm thinking about getting a binder? But I'm thinking bc I'm a girl I shouldn't not want boobs? I'm confused

Girls have all sorts of bodies. How you feel about your body and how you want it to look does not determine your gender. 
You can be a woman who binds and does not like their breasts.
 This is actually a pretty common phenomenon amongst butches and is sometimes referred to as “butch dysphoria.” You are valid friend! 
-Mod T