If I ever questioned why Keith is my comfort character, this leaves no doubt in my mind.

Keith being so open and vunerable and self reflecting in a booth where he can share his emotions without having to tell anyone directly.

Keith needing to stop and physically remove himself from the situation in order to let out his emotions even though he didn’t have a direct audience in the room with him. He’s trying but he is so afraid.

Keith exploring his deep rooted hurt and fear of rejection.

Keith saying the reason he had such a hard time connecting with others may have been because he is half galra but the emotion he displays is so purely human.

Keith freaking out about the “I say vol- you say tron!” chant.

Keith’s tick of rubbing his thumb against his forefinger in an attempt to calm himself down.

Keith worrying that he is too angry, too brash, too emotional and not really knowing why.

Keith finally getting a moment to release all of that pent up frustration and fear and worry.

Keith not realizing how much he has grown and how much he will continue to grow as a person.


Just. Keith.