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 Sid the Kid - Sidney Crosby #1.5

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about/request: any idea when you’re gonna post the one where sid meets his kid again after knowing it’s his dad? AND when do you think you’ll do the sid the kid when they meet again? :) i’m dyin for it haha AND I loved part 4 but I really really hope you do one where the kid meets sid after knowing he’s his dad! :)

warnings: same as always, people having kids

authors note: this isn’t really a full chapter even though it’s as long as one, i feel like from here on out if i do anything with this story it’ll just be small pieces so here’s one a lot of you wanted!!

word count: 1384

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The Tide

Here’s my latest fic! It’s very long but screw it, might as well post it here too.

Cross-posted from AO3.

Summary: Lance doesn’t know whether or not he can trust Keith to have his back. But now that he’s stuck under a tree, with broken bones, and on the verge of drowning, it seems he might not have a choice.

4k+ under the cut!

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I Still Need You

“I Still Need You.”
Title from ‘Hold On’ by Chord Overstreet

Prompt: Do you do Angst? (A/N: YES it’s my favourite) I really appreciate Clony fics that tackle Clay’s mental health after listening to all the tapes and their release. If he pulls away from Tony that’d be dope, some classic hurt/comfort romance is always a plus. thank you to whoever requested this, it’s not as long as I wanted to make it but I fucking loved writing it !!!

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Tony Padilla, 13 Reasons Why.
Count: 1143 words.


- Someone Like You by Adele
- The Weight by Shawn Mendes
- Hold On by Chord Overstreet

“You told me that you needed time, Clay.” Tony’s expression is unreadable, somewhere between worry and hurt. He can see Clay’s pain being buried beneath the surface, and no matter what he did, Clay pushed him away. Tony knew why, Tony understood why, but it didn’t hurt any less. He knew that after Hannah, and Alex, and the tapes, and his confrontation with the counsellor, it would take it’s toll. He knew things would change. Clay would change. But the last thing he wanted was Clay to distance himself; but he did. And while it wasn’t unexpected, Tony couldn’t help but not accept it. Clay being at school to have this conversation was a feat in and of itself.

“I do.” Clay mutters. “I just have a lot of homework and stuff at the moment, Tony.” But Tony didn’t settle for that. He could see it in Clay’s eyes. It wasn’t homework; it was exhaustion. One that couldn’t be fixed with sleep. One that can’t be fixed by forcing them out the house. It was the same exhaustion in Hannah’s eyes when she ignored her dropping the tapes off.


When Mrs Jensen answered the door, relief flooded her face. She ushers him inside, offering him coffee, to which he politely turned down. After a decent amount of small talk, Mrs Jensen turned serious. “I need to ask you something, Tony. And it needs to stay between us.”

“Of course, Misses Jensen.” Tony smiled.

“Do you know a Tyler?”

“Scrawny, brown hair?” Tony frowned, to which she nodded.

“This stays between us… but he mentioned something about tapes, and said that Clay was the last one to have them. Do you know anything about them? Being his, uh, friend and all.” She twisted her mug in her hands, not looking Tony in the eyes.

“If this is to do with your case, I’m afraid I’d prefer to stay uninvolved. But if he did have them, I wouldn’t know.” It’s Tony’s unwavering sincerity that sells the lie. He knew Clay had the tapes under a week ago. He knows he gave a copy of the tapes to the Baker’s. He knows that the tapes have done irreparable to more than just Clay. Courtney’s shame was doing damage to her in unimaginable ways. Jeff lost his life because of Sheri’s mistake, whose guilt forced her to turn herself into the police. Jeff’s death even played a role in Hannah’s suicide. It was a catch-22 that got more deadly every time it came back around. And Alex Standall was the latest casualty of the loop.

“Tony?” Clay asked from the hallway, before taking a step back. “What- why are you here?”

“Clay, I invited him in.” Clay’s mom only makes it worse.



“You need to leave. Please.” When Tony doesn’t move, Clay starts to yell. “Get out. Fucking get out, Tony. We are over. You need to go.”

In that moment, Clay could think of nothing else. Hannah Baker’s words echoed in his head. Excuse me… but you really hurt my feelings. And Clay comes crashing down.

Tony can’t pinpoint when Clay’s tears started, but he shoots Mrs Jensen a glance, telling her to leave. She throws a worried glance, then walks away. Tony shuffles toward Clay, who does nothing to stop him. He shoves Tony away once he was close enough to grab, but his hands bounced off Tony’s chest. For a moment Tony thinks Clay is going to lose it, but instead he tilts his head back, and slides down the kitchen wall, sobs racking his body.

Tony slips out of his jacket, putting it over Clay’s balled up figure. Tony sits next to him, as Clay heaves into Tony’s chest. “I killed her, Tony.” His words are forced out in a way that he’d never heard from Tony.

They sat there for an hour, their breathing syncing and the pain lingering. Tony understood that this had to happen. When Clay shut down like this, he had to get angry. It was never fun, but Tony knew. Eventually Tony stands, and helps Clay to his bedroom. Clay collapses on the bed. “Did you want to talk?” Tony offered.

Clay shook his head, his voice weak. “Not yet. Can you lay with me, please?”

“Of course.” Tony mutters, slipping his shoes off before standing. Tony took his usual spot behind Clay, wrapping his arms around Clay’s waist.

“Don’t leave.”

“I won’t.” Tony rests his forehead on Clay’s back.


Tony wants to say that after that day, things got better. But they didn’t. A month passed. Clay got quieter, and more distant. Even when Tony was there, Clay barely said a word, barely ate or did his beloved homework. It just stopped. Clay’s guilt, like a snake, tightened its grasp around Clay until he was at breaking point.

The night it changed was a long one. Clay had decided to stay at Tony’s.

“Can we talk?” Clay asks quietly, while they laid facing each other on Tony’s bed with their legs intertwined.

“You’re not breaking up with me, are you?” Tony chuckled, running his fingers across Clay’s chin.

“No, no.” Clay laughed gently. “Can we talk about Hannah?”

Tony propped his head up on his hand, nodding. “Of course, Clay. What did you want to talk about?”

“The tapes. They’re fucking with me, Tony. Like, severely. I sometimes think it would be easier if I were dead. I can’t stop thinking about what you said, as well. About how you saw her. And Hannah was right, I am looking for clues everywhere, but I can’t help it. I keep thinking about what I could have done. Like how she asked to speak to me the day after Jeff died, and I told her that she didn’t know him. There are so many small things I could have done. And then there is the guilt of it all. And the exhaustion. I can’t sleep, or eat without feeling like I want to vomit, or scream.” Tony doesn’t stop him. He lets him talk, about everything, offering advice where he could. Because it wasn’t about him, and he knew that. While Clay’s anger had been misdirected, Tony didn’t care. Because the boy in front of him was someone he was proud to call his.

And after they’d talked, and finished talking, they laid together, as Clay drifted off to sleep. But before that, Clay tucked his finger under Tony’s chin, and kissed him. Something Clay hadn’t done for at least a month.

“I love you, Clay Jensen.” Tony muttered in the moments before they both dropped off.

“I love you, too, Tony Padilla.” Clay smiles, nestling into Tony’s chest. “I still need you. Even if you don’t think I do.”

“I wouldn’t leave, even if you didn’t need me.”

FIC: lemme smash [request]

kiribaku : upside down kiss for @melemillion (wc: 997) [prompt link

Surprise romance during a good old-fashioned Super Smash Bros session with some other 1-A kids.

“No no no, wait—” Kirishima swerved full tilt to the side on the sofa, thumbs pummelling his 3DS to the very end. “Agh, so close—! C'mon, Kirby—oh, what!” He eyeballed Shulk spearing Kirby to the other side of the stage, throwing his hand up. “Yo, that range is stupid unfair!”

“Aw yeah, I’m really feelin’ it!” Kaminari cackled, doubling up as Kirishima collapsed back on the sofa, knock-out confirmed. “Now to get Greninja out of the—” Then he froze, sitting up more fully. “Oh, what the hell, Tsuyu-chan!”

“You attack, I counter,” Asui said simply. She only croaked once before she made Greninja leap and juggle Shulk in the air, her expression perfectly calm all the while.

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Vernon/OFC: Accidental first kiss as friends

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Friendship

Word Count: 1577

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

“Man, that was awesome.”

She rolled over on the couch, adjusting the cotton blanket so it covered their legs completely. Hansol was currently curled over her, and her head lolled comfortably against his forearm. They were in a post-movie daze, letting the entire movie sink in as the credits rolled. “Lost Stars” played instrumentally as the small letters dove down the black screen.

“You think so?” he asked wistfully, not having moved a centimeter since they started their second film of the evening. “I was kinda bummed they didn’t get together in the end.”

“I think that’s the point. It’s a new chapter for her.” she murmured in defense, playing with the frayed hem of her blanket.

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young.

“Besides,” she continued. “If I were her, I wouldn’t date him either.”

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So, uh, hi to all the people who have followed me recently, I’m assuming at least some of because they saw my name on the post that got shared a bunch on Facebook. (Though I just did the easy part, @geekgirlsmash did most of it.) 

To introduce myself, I’m Devin. What you’ll wander across a lot here is various nerdy stuff, complaining about the state of politics in the US, pictures of cute animals, mental illness discussion, puns, pictures of corsets, and dad jokes. Basically, the things I yap about to try to get through the day or otherwise just amuse me.

Um, about me, I’m in my 30s, a dude who lives in the western US, queer, feminist, Ravenclaw, Chaotic Good RPG nerd, married and polyamorous, really bad at writing introductions? I don’t know what all I should put here. If you’ve got questions, my ask is open, so go for it.

Better Late Than Never (You Guys All Rule)

OOC: So I’m hearing that greeting followers is a thing on tumblr?! In which case I’ve been super rude up till now and, let’s face it, kind of shy to just get on messenger and say hi to you guys so, if anyone has felt like I’m just sitting here feeling superior - absolutely not, every single one of you makes me distinctly un-British and mushy and I’m so so grateful and inspired by you lot taking an interest in what I’m doing on here!

Obviously it’s not just me you inspire though, so my muses have something to say:





Harri (fem!Harry)

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Trini freaking out over her pregnant wife Kim during training or a battle idkrkrkfkfm. Please and thank you!!!!

Again, sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday, but here you go lovely anon :)

You Messed with the Wrong Girl(’s Wife)

Summary” Kim takes a nasty hit to the head and Trini goes off



Trini wasn’t one to freak out; unless she had good reason to; she wasn’t going ape shit on what was hopefully the last of the residual Goldar dust putties for no reason. You would think that after almost five years the putties would be long gone, but nooo… they were still causing trouble. Then again, Goldar was made up of a lot of gold.

Trini faced off with Rita alone in her bedroom; sure she was terrified, but she didn’t freak out. They fought Goldar in giant dino cars, she found that one pretty cool, not all that terrifying, and she found a spaceship underground with a group of people who were practically strangers, and she did freak out a little bit, but this, what everyone was witnessing was different.

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Nice Body//Scott McCall

(A/N): Stiles’ little sister, Reader, has an interesting encounter with Scott in the bathroom…

Warnings: Nudity, Possible Secondhand Embarrassment 

Flashing lights and the familiar sound of morning cartoons blasted from the TV. This was unlike your usual wake up calls, but you didn’t think much of it. Even your bed felt a little stiffer than usual. Your neck ached as you stretched out on the foreign furniture, hitting a strange object.

“Ow,” your favourite brother, Stiles, put so eloquently, shoving your legs off his chest. The unusual encounter made you jump in surprise.

“Stiles, what are you doing in my room?” you groaned, rubbing your eyes with closed fists. Remnants of sleep dusted your face as you tried to lift your neck up, but the pillow was too comforting to leave just yet.

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Somewhere Close To You (Part 1) - Thomas Imagine

(not my gif)

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: This is just the beginning of my new series.
Series Masterlist,  Info about the series.
Warning: Mention of sex, cursing like the F-word.
Word count: 1679

Why is everybody staring at me? Is my hair all right? Wait, oh my god, is there something on my face?! I thought to myself as I was walking through the hallway next to my best friend, Teresa. I looked down at my black boots, concentrating on the tiny mud stain that I must have gotten today since it wasn´t there before. I felt how the other students’ eyes were on me, I avoided any type of eye contact as I just kept staring at the boots while heading to my first class, math.

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when u rewatch and realize that mike didn’t get to have a single significant relationship to any of the losers in the film

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How about Nico going to Will's house for New Years? Only if you'd like to

okay this is an au & also it’s not Wills Party but it’s A Party but still i hope you like it ((:
• so basically in college nico leo & jason are all super best buds & roommates!! scute i love it
• it’s new years at like 10:30 & leo is literally begging nico to come with them to a new years party & nico is 100% not having it
• jason pops his head in & is just kinda like bro… you’re going get ready you lil shit & nico is like Okay I Guess If Jason Is Asking bc perhaps nico has tiny crush
• blondes okay
• okay so they go & it’s fucking CROWDED like wall to wall bodies in this decent sized frathouse & nico is like gUYS PLS do not leave me
• so leo immediately go leaves to go flirt like what did anyone expect
• jason, good buddy ole pal, brings nico to the kitchen & they get drinks & whatnot & it’s not bad nico has waved at some people from his classes & said what’s up to some
• but then the brunette with the pretty eyes from jason’s chem class shows up & Jason Is Gone
• so now nico is just kinda chillin when a pretty blonde boy shows up
• tall, tan skin, freckles, blonde/golden hair basically nicos wet dream
• the guy is obviously a lil tipsy & by a little i mean a lottle
• so Good Guy Nico is like bro are you good????
• & this guy just grabs nicos face & makes out with him & nico is livin
• but then he’s like no wait i’m not gonna take advantage wtf let’s get you home my handsome beautiful future husband
• “what?” “i said where do you live”
• so he takes him home (he legit lives in the same building as nico how has he not seen him before) & then the classic “will you stay with me”
• so nico stays the night & wakes up cuddled up to this random beautiful boy & nico being nico is like omg he’s gonna wake up & be like wtf i doubt he’s even gay so he Bolts
• & like a week passes, nicos at lunch, when a tray SLAMS down onto his table
• he looks up & sees the beautiful blonde boy!!!!
• “uh, hi?”
• “all you have to say is hi! i ask you to stay with me & i get a hi!” so will just sits down & rants & raves about how he’s been trying to find nico for a week now & he just wants to say thankyou & maybe be friends & god does anyone have manners anymore & he finishes & nicos just kinda like
• “well… um, i’m nico. you’re welcome”
• & then he smiles real big & cute & toothy & will is officially in Big Trouble

Darkness is your friend now (Part 4)

Sorry this took me a while, writers block for a bit there ^^“ hope you all enjoy!

(N/N)= nickname

(G/F)= "Good friend”

Oh, I think you heard me.”

Said Dark when he gotten closer to your face.

A deep red consumed your entire face, even the top of your ears were that shade then you put your hands on his face to push it away.

“Why would you want to stay with me? Of all people?”

“I’m bored, simple.” He chuckled, backing away from you and lets his arms drop to his sides.” So, what do you say, (F/N)?”

You went silent, thinking to yourself.

Living by yourself for so long can get boring, especially having not much of a social life when you’re attending college. But this isn’t your normal time to get a roommate to live here with me situation. You then had the sudden thought; he could possibly kill you if you were to refuse. You knew exactly what this man was capable of.

With this in mind, all you could do was look down with a nod.

This caused Dark to grin, a happy one. No mischief hidden behind it… Or so you thought.”Splendid!

This was the beginning of something horrifyingly beautiful.

It was later that day, 4:15 to be specific.

You were walking through town since your apartment was just a few blocks away from the busy part of town. Your reason, you had to go to the store to get some things for the stupid monstrosity that is now your somewhat roommate.

 You were wearing your favorite hoodie and baggy pants; you didn’t care much for appearances, not like you have anyone to look good for.

You walked into a dollar store, putting your hands in your hoodie pockets.” That bastard better pay me back… Psh, yeah right, with what?” You mumbled to yourself, walking through aisles.

Traveling through the store, you grabbed various things like shampoo, body wash, and a tooth brush. All for him of course except for food you were going to make for dinner.

In a way, you guess it’s nice to actually make dinner for someone else instead of just making it for yourself. So, in a way, it benefits you to try out new things with your cooking skills.

This idea excited you, especially when it was someone who didn’t have an idea on your food preference yet.

“Hehe.” You giggled to yourself before returning to normal when you reached the check out.

You paid for your items and grabbed the four bags and walked out of the store.

Sometimes, you wish you had a car or at least a bike when you had heavy bags of stuff to carry back to your apartment complex but then again, it helped you build some arm strength. So it wasn’t so bad… But a break from it wouldn’t be so bad either.

Just as you began to walk back home, you were stopped by the call of your nickname.”(N/N)!”

You turned just before you were attacked by a bear hug by your good friend, (G/F).” A-ah! (G/F)! It’s you!” lifting up your arms, hugging them back.

They smiled bright, backing away from you.” How’s it going?”

“I’m doing alright and yourself?”

“Oh, I’m just getting excited~” They grinned as wide as they could.

You raised a brow, curious and confused.” Oh? Why’s that?”

“You know…”


“(F/N)! Don’t tell me you forgot!” A saddened look overcame their face.

With the events that had just happened to you, it was no surprise that you had forgotten something.” I..I’m sorry, but it seems that I have. Was it important?” you rubbed the back of your head, hoping for the best.

“Of course it is, you dummy!” Anger flared in their eyes.” I’m moving into your place in a couple days, remember?”

This caused your eyes to widen and pupils shrink. It’s felt like a mini heart attack.” O-Oh..”

“Oh? Is that all you have to say?” They placed their hands on their hips, a glare piercing through you. Boy, did it hurt.”Is there a problem you didn’t bother to tell me?”

“Uhm…Well, you see… There is this guy friend of mine that is staying with me for a while and-“

“What?! Are you kidding me? (F/N), A guy friend? That was exactly why I was moving out of my dad’s place. I’m sick of living with guys!” They frown; looking completely heartbroken at first then anger grew.” How long is the guy staying?”

“I…I…” You looked away to think.”I don’t know… He didn’t say-“

“Who is this guy anyways? You never mentioned to me of having a guy friend, or any other friends at all.”

This stung.


“Am I not fucking important to you? Am I just someone you wanted to mooch off of?”

That hurt.


“You said you weren’t interested in any guys living with you, so why now of all times? Are you that desperate for money?!”

Tears welled up in your eyes.


“I don’t want to move in, let alone be friends with a cum guzzling slut.”They turned their back on you as you stared in silence.

Your heart was stabbed with words. You wanted to speak up, but no words formed. You knew it was your fault for forgetting this but was it necessary to take it to this extent? Your only friend in the world was beating you with lies that never came out of your mouth. All you could do was cry in silence.

“You don’t even deserve this anymore…” They turned back towards you then reached over and grabbed the necklace that was hidden underneath your hoodie. Only they knew that you worn it underneath your clothing and they yanked it off of you.”I don’t want to talk to you ever again…”

It killed you seeing your friend yank off the BFF necklace you received on your birthday from them when you guys were freshmen in high school.

You felt sick as you just see them walking away from you.

How sick you were…

You finally walk into your apartment. Cheeks stained with tears and eyes stung with red. You looked drained of all energy you had and looked as if you were going to puke up an organ.

Just as you kicked the door closed behind you, there was a present just behind you. You gave no reaction what so ever when you turned forward and you see that it was Dark.” Oh… Uh… Hi.”

Hi? That’s all you got?” The man laughed.” No scream? No jump? Not even a gasp? Did you get used to me already?”

You weren’t in the mood for this. You walked pass him once you gave him the bag of supplies he had asked you to buy.

He said nothing. Not like you expected him to ask you. That’d be asking for too much.

You decided to hold it all inside of you, for now… You needed to just make dinner and hide in your room, maybe some Markiplier videos could help. Or Sleep.

Yeah… Sleep sounds better. Markiplier’s video can wait. You were just so drained.

You were sitting at the dining table in the living room, just finished up eating dinner. Unfortunately, you were the only one that sat there. Dark didn’t want to eat anything and he hasn’t been seen since you started making dinner.

You told the bastard dinner was on, but you didn’t hear a response.

So, in spite of your sadness of looking forward to cook for someone new and a loss of friendship, you cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and packed away leftovers into the fridge before you headed off to your room for the night.

You closed the door behind you and leaned back on it when you released a long held in whine. You slid down, covering your face with your hands. Quiet sputters and whines filled your room as you sat there on the cold, hard wood floor.

Your one and only friend. Gone. Just like that.

Can’t help the fact that you kept thinking it were your fault.

Tears streamed down your face, sniffing up your running snot.” Why… Why am such a fucking idiot?” you cried, bottom lip quivering.

Slowly, you crawled to the end of your bed and climbed onto it but only half way, kicking off your shoes and not bothering to change into your pajamas.

So there you were, on the floor on your knees and your upper body lying on your bed, oh how pathetic you looked as you stared at one of your hands that were gripping at the sheets.

You close your eyes, letting darkness consume you. Falling asleep in such a state…

Run With It (Part 2 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by kalifornia---dreaming

Summary: Derek Hale College AU

Author’s Note: Yay, it’s here! I had soooo much fun writing this second part, and I hope you all enjoy it! 

As always, thanks to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for correcting all my errors and collaborating with me on this story and staying up into the wee hours of the night/morning so we can screech ideas at other via messenger!!! You da bomb 

Warnings: Language?


You.” I couldn’t keep the bitterness out of my voice. I was shocked when I looked up to meet the green eyes of none other than Derek from the party. The one that I had made a complete fool of myself in front of because I am an awkward spluttering turtle. Great.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t watch where I was going,” he mumbled, dropping his gaze back to the floor and hurriedly scooting the pile of contents he had rounded up toward me. There was a permanent grimace on my face as I tried to shove it all back into my bag as quickly as possible.

“It’s fine,” I rushed, zipping my bag and standing up. Derek stood as well, adjusting the backpack on his shoulders. There was a pause as we just stood there, a very tension-filled silence wrapped around us. “I need to get to class, so…” I pointed down one of the halls, taking a tentative step that direction.

“Oh, yeah! Me too. So, I’ll see you around?” he said. I nodded, giving him a tight smile before turning on my heels and heading in the direction of my classroom. I pulled out my phone, checking the time. Great, I was going to be late. What a way to make a good first impression. I continued on, eyes scanning the numbers next to the doors until I finally found the one I needed.

“Yes,” I whispered to myself, reaching for the door handle. Instead of the cool metal I expected, I was met with another warm hand. With a jolt, I pulled back quickly, almost as if I had been burned, my elbow coming in contact with a firm abdomen that I was becoming way too familiar with for all the wrong reasons. My eyes went wide, a hand flying up to cover my mouth as I turned to see Derek there, eyes squeezed shut as he took a deep breath.

“History 112?” he asked, his voice a little strained. His face showed no emotion as he finally met my gaze.

“Yup,” I deadpanned, popping the ‘p’. “Awesome.” With a heavy sigh, Derek and I stepped into the room, eyes scanning for any open seats. There were only two left. Which just so happened to be right next to each other, as luck would have it.

Or maybe it wasn’t luck. Maybe it was fate. No. This seemed more like the work of karma. What a bi-

“Well, hello!” the professor greeted, turning from the board and interrupting my mental curse at whatever larger power had brought this upon me, and Derek along with it. He offered a small smile, but his eyes were hard. “Go ahead and find a seat, we’re just getting started.” We nodded, scooting into our separate desks. I tried my best to forget that he was right there, pinning my attention on the professor as he went over the syllabus. When he reached the part about missing class and showing up late, he gave Derek and I pointed looks, making a heat rise to my cheeks.

This is just great.

The class went on for what seemed like forever, every minute ticking by slowly as my eyes stayed focused on the clock. My leg was bouncing with anticipation to get the hell out of there, jiggling my desk a bit.

“Now, for the last five or so minutes of class today, I’m going to let you get acquainted with your future project partner. First, third, and fifth rows turn around. The person sitting behind you will be your partner for all of the projects we do this semester,” the professor announced.

There was a collective rustling noise as the people in the appointed rows turned. I watched as a rather pale guy with short brown hair and nice chocolate eyes spun to face me, palms slapping on the desktop to halt his movement. He jolted at the sudden sensation, eyes going wide for a moment before they narrowed, dropping down to study my shoes. They were the same converse I had worn to the party. I was starting to think that they may be bad luck. A smirk of approval danced over the boy’s lips before he brought his eyes up to meet mine. It was an oddly charged moment.

“I like your shoes,” he said. My head cocked to the side, my features twisting into their ‘well, okay then’ face before I let out a laugh, lips curving into a smile that he returned.

“Thank you…” I trailed off in question, realizing I still didn’t know his name. He stared at me for a moment, nodding gently as he began to laugh himself, sticking his hand out.

“I’m Stiles! Sorry, I probably should have led with that.”

“Y/N,” I told him, shaking his hand. He repeated it under his breath, making me smile. “So, you’re the one I’m stuck with all semester, huh?” Stiles laughed at that (thankfully) and nodded his head.

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout your luck,” he joked. I chuckled a bit and we got to making small talk. I was just beginning to rethink my theory on my bad luck magnets I called shoes when he introduced me to his friend, Scott, who was sitting next to him. That’s when I noticed he just so happened to be sitting in front of Derek.

Yup. Definitely bad luck magnets. I need new shoes.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” I said when Stiles told him my name. The kid waved, giving me a sweet grin.

“You too. This is Derek,” he introduced.

“We’ve met,” Derek mumbled, his lips turning up in a sarcastic smile. I nodded, looking down at my hands. Just as Stiles opened his mouth to speak, the professor announced that we could go ahead and leave, and that we needed to read the first chapter for the next class. I gathered my things quickly, trying to get out of that room as fast as possible. Thankfully it was my last class of the day, so I could head back to the dorm and relax a bit before meeting Lydia for dinner. As I headed out, submerging myself into the sea of students, Stiles called my name.

“Hey, Y/N! Wait up.” I paused once I got out the door, watching as he reached my side. We smiled at each other, silly toothy grins, and then started to walk toward the exit. “So, since we’re partners and all, I thought I should probably get your number.”

“Oh, good idea!” I said, pulling out my phone. I handed it over to Stiles so he could put his information in, then shot him a text once he was finished. “Thanks.”

“So, are you any good at history?” he asked, his eyes squinting a bit as he drew his lips under his teeth.

“I enjoy the subject, why?” I asked, laughing lightly as we pushed open the doors of the building and ventured into the late summer heat.

“Well, I kind of suck at it.”

“Good to know, partner!”

“I was uh, wondering if maybe I could get ahold of you if I had any trouble? Maybe we could study together sometime or something?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah, of course, Stiles,” I told him. “I would love to.”

“Great! Thanks, Y/N. I usually have baseball practice in the late afternoon, but I’ll be sure to text you.”

“Wait,” I said, stopping in my tracks. Stiles swung his outstretched leg around, doing an about face, confusion propelling his brows upward. “You play baseball?”

“Well, uh…“ His cheeks went all pink as his eyes met the ground, lips pursing a bit. “I’m more of the…bat boy, you could say?”

“I did not know that was a thing…” I trailed off, trying not to laugh as Stiles grimaced, sighing rather loudly. “That’s cool, though, seriously,” I added quickly.

“Really?” he asked, blinking rapidly. I nodded, giggling at his reaction.

“Yeah. At least you’re involved.” Stiles grinned at my words, letting out a tiny hum of approval as we walked.

“So, Derek said you guys met.” It was somewhere between a question and a statement, but I didn’t want to answer it either way. I focused on my stupid shoes as we walked, a grimace on my face.

“Oh, we’ve met,” I said, my tone rather bitter.

“Sounds like a loved and lost kind of story, especially by the way you two came in late together,” Stiles prodded, treading carefully as he eyed my reaction. I couldn’t help but let out a snort that turned into a full-belly laugh.

“Oh, God no. There’s nothing between us!” I had to put a hand on my stomach to calm the rumblings of hilarity. “No, we met at some stupid party my roommate dragged me to over the weekend. I uh, I kind of made a complete fool of myself in front of him. That seems to keep happening,” I added, mumbling the last words more to myself. Stiles pursed his lips and nodded.

“Hey, don’t feel bad. I make a fool of myself all the time. Hell, I got acquainted with your shoes before you.”

“That’s true,” I chuckled. “I just keep replaying the incidents over and over every time I see him, which seems to be much more than I had thought it would.”

“So what’d you do?” Stiles asked, eyes shining as he smirked over at me. I bit my lip, cheeks turning pink before I even started. My hand rubbed the back of my neck in an awkward gesture.

“Well, when he tried to hit on me, I sorta freaked out and ended up spilling beer all over myself. Then he smacked into me in the hall and spilled my stuff everywhere. Which, by the way, was why we were late,” I said hurriedly, pointing a finger at my new friend. “And then I accidentally…elbowed him in the gut before he opened the door…”

“Jesus, Y/N!” Stiles exclaimed, loud laughter spilling out of his mouth. I blushed again, knocking into his shoulder with my own as I looked at the ground.

“Shut up,” I mumbled. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep the grin from turning up my lips, and before I knew it, we were both laughing hysterically. People were beginning to stare as we passed them, but Stiles didn’t seem to mind. Once we had both calmed down, catching our breath and letting a few stray giggles get loose, I looked around. “Hey, where exactly are we walking? Because that was my last class, and I planned on just going back to my room and taking a nap.”

“Oh! I haven’t even been paying attention,” Stiles murmured, blinking rapidly as he took in our surroundings. “I have to head back to my room and get my baseball stuff and get ready for practice! So, I’ll text you and probably see you Wednesday in class?”

“Sounds awesome!” I told him, waving a goodbye as he spun to walk down another path of sidewalk. “And don’t forget to read that chapter!” I yelled, catching his attention. “I can only help you if you try, Batman!”

“So you’re kinda like my Robin, huh?” he called back, a toothy grin lighting up his face as he continued to walk backwards.

“Maybe more like your Yoda,” I quipped. Stiles’ jaw dropped at my Star Wars reference, feet stilling as he froze, eyes widening practically to the size of dinner plates.

“I think I love you!” I let out a mixture of a laugh and a yelp before waving to him once more and turning back toward the street I was about to cross.

Not even bothering to glance over my shoulder, I called, “Lesson number one: shut up and go to practice!” I could hear a distant laugh float back from the direction he was walking. When the sign appeared to signal crossing safely, I headed toward my dorm. My phone vibrated violently in my pocket. I smiled at what I found.

Stiles: A Star Wars marathon we are so having!

Stiles: That was Yoda talk btw

Stiles: Clear your weekend, okay?

Me: Meh. You could use a little work

Me: Chronological or release date order?


I grinned, stuffing my phone back in my pocket. Maybe these shoes weren’t completely unlucky.