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MAPPA just showed artwork at their VAX Malaysia panel featuring Noriko Itou, Tadashi Hiramatsu, and Manabu Otsuka of Victuuri of the rings and it looks like there is a little detail we didn’t know about. The inside of the rings features a snowflake engraving! Each ring only has a half of the snowflake though, so of course, in order to get the full one, you have to have the pair. 

‘They’re a pair’ takes on a whole new meaning. Wow. This is absolutely lovely. ♥  ( twitter source )

Also that picture of Victor and Yuuri looks like an engagement announcement they’d post on social media. Sweetest boys!! 


lupitanyongo: It’s going down in Hall H, baby! #BlackPanther #SDCC2017@MarvelStudios


But look how shyly Yeollie licks his lips when Baekkie says it’s a sensitive topic for him dksbsjns

Wait a minute...

I just thought of something: what if Nick Fury knew about Thanos’ arrival to Earth during the events of Captain Marvel!? Does Carol have some sort of soothsayer power and she told him the future? Why did he want to assemble a team of Avengers and make a sudden appearance at the end of the first Iron Man? HE KNEW IT!! HE KNEW ALL ALONG!! This was his “dream” team!! The team that would protect the Earth!!! Did he know these disasters would happen? Is this why she’s gonna be in Infinity War for not just fighting, but because of the future predicament!? Why did he assemble a team of Avengers RIGHT before the Chitauri attack? Why does he have all these underground bunkers and has the supplies to bring one back to life (ex. Agent Coulson with Kree)? How did he know of the Avengers whereabouts in AoU when he’s been off the grid from SHIELD for quite a while? Why is he constructing all these hellicarriers even though they cost WAY TOO MUCH!? HOLY. CRAP!!! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!! I just drank 3 cups of coffee and I’m jumping up and down wtf omg

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