but... look at how happy she looks


I’m wondering if I should upload my sim dumps’ full body lookbooks, what do you guys think? I have multiple outfits for each sim, so there’s something to look at ;)

Hope you like Leanne, cuz’ i really do! Her and Sarah are my current household, and they look so cute together i think ^-^

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She’s up on the gallery, my username: Camilla1401


- Skin: @heihucc

- Eyes: @aveirasims

- Eyebrows: @pralinesims

- Eyelashes: @kijiko-sims

- Default teeth replacement: @pyxiidis

- Default lips: @nyloa

- Nose blush: @pixelsimdreams

- Full body tattoo: @pixelweirdo

- Face tattoo 1: @mxfsims

- Face tattoo 2: @citrontart @kismet-sims @bratsims

- Hair: @chocolatemuffintop

- Lips: @pictureamoebae

- Eyeshadow: @grimcookies

- Blush: @weepingsimmer

- Eyeliner: @twinksimstress

- Nose piercing: @weepingsimmer

- Shirt: @sentate

- Earrings: EA base game

Y'all don’t realise how fucking happy I am about Moana.

Like look at her

She’s this sweet innocent Polynesian youth who is unashamedly brown skinned with thick frizzy curly black hair

Almost every other brown woman in Disney movies has been overly sexualised despite their age. Look at Jasmine and Esmerelda. Their entire stories are based of their appeal to men, and in both their cases they use their bodies against the villains in some sort of sick sexy martyr way. It’s maddening. It makes me so happy to see another ethnicity shown, and even better having her be as free and as innocent as the other white princesses.

So I’m rewatching Code Lyoko after years and years of seeing it in my childhood. And yeah, I’m super happy that i can still enjoy the series after all these years in my adulthood as I did when I was a child. The show has become a bit dated but it’s still very enjoyable.

Anyway. I drew Sissi to look a bit older here. Her Lyoko outfit is heavily inspired by her love for cheer leading, though I tried to not make it look directly like a chearleader’s uniform. I pulled her hair up similar to how it is when she wore the red dress from the X.A.N.A. Awakens episode. I also see this as her ‘original base’ outfit. So the outfit she would be put in on her first trip to Lyoko, no Jeremy or X.A.N.A. tron upgrades( I like that the original outfits had more personality than the later ones). I gave her a spear because I can see her spinning it similar to a baton(and being more lethal than a baton too).

A loved one not lost but remembered. 


I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .