but... look at how happy she looks


I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .

Seeing the baby for the first time after giving birth (Shinee)

Onew: -he was very excited by the birth of your daughter. The moment she came out he was yelling with pride- “I’m a dad!”

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Jonghyun: -he was instantly in love with your daughter. She was completely perfect to him- “look how pretty our babygirl is”

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Key: -he was completely amazed at the sight of your daughter laying there that he didn’t know what to say really- “we have a baby. We have a baby”

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Minho: -the moment your son was cleaned up he got his first real look at his son. He wasn’t disappointed with how he looked. You knew he was being playful for with you- “he looks just like me. He looks nothing like you”

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Taemin: -he would be very happy with the birth of your daughter but he was concerned about you as well- “how are you feeling honey? How is she as well?”

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Lee Jeno || She’s Mine!

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Genre: Fluff

Summary: In which Jeno gets jealous over Y/N’s best guy friend

[Jeno’s POV]

I was tapping my fingers on the tabletop of the lunch table as Y/N was finishing up her homework assignment.

She finally finished, closed her notebook, and turned to me, her beautiful smile showing on her beautiful face.

“So, what should we do this weekend?” She asked me. I sat in thought, before an idea popped in my head.

“Ah! I know! How about.. the historical museum!” I said enthusiastically.

She looked at me, confused, before speaking. “O-oh! Yeah, of course…” She didn’t look too happy and she didn’t sound too happy either. I wonder what’s wrong with her…? Did I do anything wrong?

I was about to say something until…

“Y/N!” It was Donghyuck, Y/N’ best GUY friend. He approached us and wrapped an arm around Y/N, acting like her very own boyfriend (me) isn’t right next to her.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!” Donghyuck repeated. “Y/N, let’s go to the arcade tomorrow.” He kept tugging on her arm.

My face turned red and I felt anger build up inside of me. WHAT THE HECK? How dare he, not only lay his filthy hands on MY girlfriend, but also have the nerve to ask her out?! I’m done.

“Um, she already has plans with me, aka HER BOYFRIEND. Sorry not sorry.” I told him, gently pushing him away and clinging onto Y/N’s arm.

Donghyuck frowned and sat down on the other side of Y/N. “Y/N, come on. The whole squad is going out tomorrow. It’ll feel empty without you!” Donghyuck whined. He kept pulling on Y/N’s arm, making me extremely pissed off.

“I already have plans with Jeno…” Y/N told him.


“Oh, come on, Y/N! You and him can just go out some other time. But please come with us/ Donghyuck pouted, giving Y/N a puppy dog face.

OH HELL NO! Did he just say what I think he just said?! Wow, this guy really doesn’t know when to quit and get out of people’s damn business. I’m so done with this dude, I swear.

“Donghyuck, I-”

“Y/N, please!~ You’re making this difficult for-”

“SHE SAID NO!” I yelled out loud.

Donghyuck and Y/N and everyone else in the lunch room jumped as I raised my voice. I have never felt so angry and pissed off in my entire life before now. I’m going to make this guy regret ever existing.

I stand up and grab Donghyuck by the collar. “You. Stay. Away. From. My. Gilfriend.” I said through gritted teeth. “Got it?”

Donghyuck was shaking in fear. Ha, he’s such a wussy, Mari would never like him in the first place.

“Okay, okay, jeez!” Donghyuck said, raising both of his hands up in surrender. I grin and let go of him. “Good.”

Donghyuck ran straight out of the lunch room after I let go of him. ‘I hope I never get to see that fool near Y/N ever again.’ I think to myself.

I turn to Y/N, and I pull her into my arms, keeping her close. “I don’t want you to ever hang out with that idiot again.” I tell her as we’re still hugging.

She giggles and leans her head against my chest, wrapping her arms securely around my waist. “I swear to god, Jeno, you’re so protective.”

“Only because I love you so much and I don’t want to ever see some fool try to steal you away from me again, okay?” I put my fingers on her chin and kiss her forehead.

She blushes. “That’s impossible for someone to take my away from you/”

I smile and she smiles back at me. I could feel my heart pounding hard against my chest. I grab her waist and pull her into a sweet kiss, enjoying the feel of her lips against my own.

I love this feeling of kissing Y/N. The butterflies that flutter every time I kiss her. The warmth of my cheeks and the rapid beats of my heart. I love kissing Y/N. I love Y/N. I want to stay like this with her forever.

We broke the kiss, breathing heavily as we leaned our foreheads together.

“So… are you still up for the historical museum tomorrow?”

Ok but I’m not over how defeated Oliver looked walking into the bunker and Felicity looking so devastated and heartbroken for him. She’s seen him through a lot of pain and even after some forms of torture, but this is different. She has never seen him so defeated and warn down and completely battered. She loves him so much and sees the very best in him and sees the big heart full of love. She has seen him completely happy and fulfilled and to see him like that? It has to gnaw at her and break her heart. And I have to believe she has to feel somewhat guilty for dragging him back into this and away from blissful Ivy Town. It’s not her fault but she may feel some guilt. It’s such a hard thing to watch someone capable of so much love and happiness, look so completely defeated. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t wait to see their dynamic and them talk through their issues and Oliver to FINALLY see the man Felicity sees.

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In honour of the sakura season starting, could you please write about Rin getting married under the sakura trees? the wedding doesnt have to be fancy, its more of a spiritual, and superfluffy, moment 🌸

He never thought that this would even be possible. 

Under the Cherry blossom trees, with the petals falling and scattering, covering the whole place in a pinkish-white color, he couldn’t help but think just how peaceful it is right now. Especially when she started walking down the aisle in a simple white dress and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. She never looked more beautiful. Well, he’d always thought that she’s beautiful, but there was something different about her wearing a wedding dress walking down to him that made a tight knot form in his stomach. 

When she finally reached him, he flashed her a nervous smile as he looked around and saw the happy faces of all of their close friends and family, who were all there to witness their wedding ceremony. 

He took her hand and squeezed it gently, not missing the opportunity to express what he truly feels for her.

“I love you. I’m glad that you’re mine.” 

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Heeellooo! For the flower asks...of course for Vixen: Buttercup and Mugwort :D

Buttercup Tell me about your character’s childhood.

The first memory that Vixen has is that she lived in a slum. She hasn’t had any family and was on her own as long as she can remember. She somehow managed to survive on her own, joined a gang and raised quickly in their hierarchy due to her skills and lack of any conscience. But she never wanted to spend her whole live in a damned slum, so she looked for ways to get out there and since the Alliance looked like a got place to start, she claimed to be already 18 years old when she was only around 16, maybe 17 (even Vixen herself doesn’t know how old exactly she is) and joined the military.

Mugwort What makes your character happy?

Oh come on, seriously? :D That’s mean XD

Let’s see, by now I am sure it is clear to everyone that Vixen is not just an average ass. She is a psychopath, so her whole thinking and feeling doesn’t work like it does for normal people. She doesn’t get any happiness out of social interactions. Getting attention or even praise doesn’t mean anything to her.

What makes her “happy” is being a predator, this feeling when she kills someone, it makes her feeling high, it is a real rush. She doesn’t feel fear like others, so she can’t get a kick out of doing something dangerous, so instead she gets her kick out of killing. When someones life is in her hands she is the only thing in the world important to that person. She doesn’t belief in any gods, but in this very moment she is god to the one she is going to kill. This feeling is “happiness” to her.


Different press conference, same boredom.

This is it. This is my favorite moment.

Chat is trying to be so suave and cool, but look at him. Look at this adorkable little cat son.

He’s so happy.

He gets to work with Marinette and she probably thinks he’s so cool, so he lets her reposition him and just goes along with what she says because Marinette has the best ideas and this is great.

He’s just so happy.