but... jenna

i’m really tired of all the hate that tyler gets for doing shit yes i understand you want him to sing with a flag and yes i understand it hurts that he won’t sing with our flag but the reason why tyler doesn’t grab the lgbt flag when it’s given to him is because he doesn’t want to use our community as something to promote the band and be like “hey we love gays buy our music.”, and i really appreciate it actually.

please respect his decision, he’s doing something that is actually really thoughful and i hate to see the people who are supposed to be the most loyal people to him send such horrific things all because of this one decision.

but honestly w the podcast it would be so awesome to just hear jack ramble for an hour or so and he could talk about so many things like answering comments, things happening on youtube or irl, sharing life stories, things he has seen in the community recently like fan projects or fan art he liked, videos and movies he enjoyed, stuff hes working on or what hes working towards,  alSO in depth reviews on games and what his thoughts/ theories are on the stuff hes currently playing since he said there are a lot of things he doesnt get to say in the video itself???? im so down for this