but... idk

I got invited to @yoiauzine and I immediately got struck with the idea of a Corpse Bride AU! ; ♡ ; My second fav movie after Tangled (it was on the top, until Tangled happened lmao)

Won’t get too deep into this AU tho, and I’ll leave the final, properly drawn pic for the zine (so please consider supporting the project to see it ♥). But as I was sketching some things this morning, I realized that Viktor and Yuuri work in almost any AU you put them on lol

Would this AU follow the original story as it is? Hhmm, don’t know yet. I’d like to give it a “happy” ending for Viktor and Yuuri (”happy” because we know what that implies for Yuuri).

Who am I kidding, this was just another excuse to draw Viktor with long hair and flowers lmaoooo see ya guys

for some reason i have the same reoccurring scenario in my head of that scene from the little mermaid where ariel and eric are out on the water except it’s harley and ivy and the other rogues are in a rowing boat nearby singing kiss the girl while ivy looks mildly irritated as she tries to row away

i don’t often make text posts anymore so this is a little awkward um

what i wanted to say is; i get too often comments or tags on my work that are something like ‘i wish i could do this’ or ‘why can’t i draw like this’ etc, and it makes me pretty sad. i dont think you should put other artists on some kind of…unreachable pedestal. because it’s just not true…at all

you CAN draw like this, you CAN draw even better than this. i truly believe that given time and effort, anyone can improve at drawing…just like honing any kind of skill

i played the guitar for three years in my teens and i was still awful at it, you know? i never really practiced enough, and three years is not very long. i could kinda play the melody for ‘let it be’ by the end, and i was pretty happy with that. i just never had the drive for it that i have for drawing, so i didn’t stick with it

we all struggle with not being good enough for one reason or another, and it’s normal to get frustrated at our abilities sometimes, but…

if you have the passion for it you can really do pretty much anything

my town has been fighting with whether or not to let people in the town limits keep chickens and they finally decided that people could keep chickens but they have to be documented and something about people being busted for “undocumented chickens” is so absurd to me. Like the wording and the the whole situations is just idk

I would advise you not to ask me about CPD at the moment unless you want a brutal honest opinion, and I promise it will be brutal. However feel free to go tell the writers what DUMBASS STUPID writers they employ and how they need NEW ones ASAP. No seriously do it. Maybe then they’ll realize they’re tanking their own show and ruining characters they’ve (barely) developed for 4 seasons, all for the sake of saying they created relationship drama to keep it interesting. (Yes I have a million eye rolls for that one)

Like ok maybe this will come across wrong but whatever I just want to point out, with all this drama about YouTube restricted mode, that like. It’s not really about the fact my videos are blocked?? Like I’m not HAPPY they’re blocked but tbh that’s not why I’ve made such a big deal of it.

It’s because of the implications that queer identities are inherently sexual or adult? Like, that the words “gay” or “LGBT” aren’t for kids to hear. It’s gross.

And yeah, I talk about how many of my videos are blocked. Because it’s a sizeable chunk, and it’s frustrating, and it could have ramifications if I want to monetise my channel down the line.

But honestly????? As important as I obviously think ace rep and ace education is, I’m more worried about the fact people’s transition diaries and girlfriend/boyfriend tags are being blocked.

Like, you can explain away my content being blocked as being because of sex references or the occasional swear word, but YouTube is literally blocking videos that are completely PG because they mention LGBT issues and that’s not cool.

today in my cooking class one of my group members was so blunt and rude to me??? like we were kind of dividing up tasks amongst the 4 of us and there was 3 recipes we had to do. and as we were doing that he’s like. well celine’s kinda…. bad in the kitchen…. 

and when i said i preferred to work with someone on one of the recipes he was like yeah i’d feel better if you did that

and im like hahahaha thanks!!! :) srry im so inexperienced!!!!