but... i feel good

how tf did i ever think that my soul was made for anyone but me to love endlessly. i am my own homecoming. i’m finally made it. i’m here for it all.

hey friends! i’ve been thinking about this for a little while and it’s been … two and a half months since my requests have been open? some of the prompts in my askbox are honestly just stressing me out because nothing will come to me, especially for scenario prompts (headcanons are always easier!). i’m probably going to delete some asks from my box just to stop myself being so overwhelmed, if i end up deleting one of yours, i promise it’s nothing to do with me hating the idea or hating you or anything! sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike, and it sucks, but i guess that’s just the way of things. feel free to request something similar when asks do open again!

eta: this totally doesnt apply to any prompts sent for fs/gangbang/etc series! those are on the backburner partly because i cant write LOTS OF THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN without it getting predictable, but they’ll be gotten to!

official-spec  asked:

fellas is it gay to Love Jordan So Much (i keep messaging my friends abt him im sorry if thats weird since this is like a sideblog kinda im just Pathetic And Gay thank u goode bye)

@official-spec im. freaking sobbing thank you for my entire LIFE <333333333… fellas is it gay to say I Love You So Much? Because That Is The God Danged Truth 

seriously that means so??? freaking much to me???? i never would have DREAMED people would talk about him to anyone other than me but thats… a CRAZY good feeling, especially for it to be someone like you!!! thank you SO FREAKING MUCH, YOU ARE A CONSTANT INSPIRATION TO ME AND I APPRECIATE YOU AN INFINITE AMOUNT!!!!!! 

went to a different doctor then usual and she was so fucking funny. i told her about my fear of sinus irrigation giving me brain eating amoebas and she cackled and was like “you think they just give amoebas for free? those cost extra!” and when she pulled up a diagram of the human sinus cavity to explain what to do she turned the computer and was like “ok so here’s a picture of the Amoeba Zone”

that was definitely a HEY, DANCE Furby-esque doctor interaction

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forgive me for going through your blog and mass liking/rbing it's just that you have a lot of funny posts so i hope it doesn't bother you!!


Every time I see this video I cry. Reylos give this video some love!