but. .. sleep.. .

Louis Tomlinson icons from the Observer Magazine shots, because what kind of louie would I be if I didn’t make a set from this iconic photoshoot?

  • 200x200
  • 3 icons x 8 shades (24 total)
  • circle icons (save as .png)
  • please like/reblog if you use or take any ♥
  • everything can be viewed here on my icons page

Q: To relate with my ID, draw a cat with a bell around its next for me, little bell, ring ring ring! Also I’m a senior in college, I’m still very lost in terms of studies, life, and the future, please write something that would encourage me when I’m tired and sad. PS: I really really like you, you’re my sunshine! [T/N: OP’s ID literally translates to “Jun-meow’s little bell”]

Jun: (draws a cat ringing a bell, he also modified OP’s name to “Jun-meow’s little ding ding”) Ding ding ding~~

P.S. He said he didn’t write a whole sentence because he wanted to convey his feelings with a drawing, he only felt like drawing that day.

In addition, they asked Jun about who sleeps on the top/bottom bunk between him and Wonwoo-

Jun: I lie randomly on either the top or lower bunk. I can also sleep horizontally, diagonally.

I’m going to do it....

Learn how to make poses!

There are three more days of Delgado Legacy posts in my queue.  I have a months worth of Chaisson Legacy in my queue right now.  I plan on getting a months worth of Runaways Legacy in my drafts this week; hopefully before the Delgado Legacy posts are done.

I usually don’t even launch the game other than to play one of my unposted saves (Bailey, Catalina, or Hayden) off and on till my queue runs down to less than a month.

So….since I can’t do anything with the Fitness SP (make mods, do CC etc)… I’m going to learn how to make poses.

I’m kind of excited!

I want to do stuff like the below!

My focus will be on children since there are so few poses for them.  Children talking, playing, arguing.  Children interacting with adults.  I’m even going to do bullying poses because it’s a fact of life and you see no poses for it.  I am a story teller and I need poses for story telling with children.