SURPRISE! Presented to you by popular request.

“I want him out of here.”

This situation, you decided, might not be worth its entertainment value for all the stress it was causing the Doctor.

Might not be. Might. You were still on the fence about that. Because it was pretty funny.

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Possible trigger warning

“Why can’t you just be a good little girl like Bob’s daughter, Y/N, huh?”  Your father asked as he secured the ties on your arms. You let out a small sob, your frail 10 year-old body shaking as his cold hands roamed your naked torso. “I mean, you jus’ gotta say one word and she puts her mouth all over my cock.”

“Y/N…? Sweetheart..?”

“C’mon, Y/N! Open your fucking mouth reeeal wide. Remember what God says?”

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This is my love song to you.
Let every woman know I’m yours
So you can fall asleep each night, babe,
And know I’m dreaming of you more.

You’re always hoping that we make it.
You always wanna keep my gaze.
Well, you’re the only one I see.
And that’s the one thing that won’t change.

I will never stop tryin’.
I will never stop watchin’ as you leave.
I will never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you lookin’ back at me.

And I will never stop holding your hand,
I will never stop opening your door,
I will never stop choosin’ you, babe,
I will never get used to you.

And with this love song to you,
It’s not a momentary phase,
You are my life, I don’t deserve you.
But you love me just the same.

And as the mirror says we’re older,
I will not look the other way.
You are my life, my love, my only.
And that’s the one thing that won’t change.

You still get my heart racing, for you.


Never Stop by SafteySuit

This fucking song makes my heart stop and then pick up double time.

Lyrics Written By the Signs

ARIES: “Broke free, saw an open road / Footsteps lead me to your soul / Now I run with a home to go to.” 

– Thunder, Jessie J (Born March 27)

TAURUS: “He wants to dream like a young man / With the wisdom of an old man / He wants his home and security / He wants to live like a sailor at sea.”

– Beautiful Loser, Bob Seger (Born May 6)

GEMINI: “You’re saying I’m fragile; I try not to be / I search only for something I can’t see.” 

–  Leather and Lace, Stevie Nicks (Born May 26)

CANCER: “Sorry that you feel that way / The only thing there is to say / Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.”

– Touch of Grey, Robert Hunter (Born June 23)

LEO: “But I finally quit livin’ on dreams / I’m hungry for laughter / And here ever after / I’m after whatever the other life brings.”

– Luccile, Kenny Rogers (Born August 21)

VIRGO: “I didn’t wander in the woods / Used to fear the darkness / I didn’t like getting deep / I was scared of what I couldn’t keep.”

– No Fear of Heights, Katie Melua (Born September 16)

LIBRA: “I’m a wanderess / I’m a one night stand / Don’t belong to no city / Don’t belong to no man.”

– Hurricane, Halsey (Born September 29)

SCORPIO: “But I only speak the truth / And I’ll always bleed for you.” 

– Weighted, Frank Iero (Born October 31)

SAGITTARIUS: “If I had a time machine / And if life was a movie scene / I’d rewind and I’d tell me / Run.” 

– Time Machine, Ingrid Michaelson (Born December 8)

CAPRICORN: “Kiss / With a mouth of shooting stars / Of lost and broken hearts / Unafraid you can name your scars / With a touch of a new heart.“

– Now is the Start, Alison Sudol (Born December 23)

AQUARIUS: “Maybe it’s been crazy / And maybe I’m to blame / But I put my heart above my head / We’ve been through it all / And you loved me just the same.” 

– Hello Again, Neil Diamond (Born January 24)

PISCES: “ I can do worry / Tell me all your troubles / You won’t ever have to worry.”

– Here I Am, Al Green (Born April 13)

** note: some of these lyrics are not necessarily sung by the person they are written by **


And with this love song to you
It’s not a momentary phase
You are my life, I don’t deserve you
But you love me just the same
And as the mirror says we’re older
I will not look the other way
You are my life, my love, my only
And that’s the one thing that won’t change


My life, my love, my only - Johnlock

And with this love song to you
It’s not a momentary phase
You are my life, I don’t deserve you
But you love me just the same
And as the mirror says we’re older
I will not look the other way
You are my life, my love, my only
And that’s the one thing that won’t change

Like I said, Johnlock.
Sherlock: mi-caw-ber
John: itsloki
The others can be found here: 1 2 3

The moment I saw those pictures they really reminded me of madloris Fanfiction Performance in a leading role (WHICH I LOVE SO SO MUCH) when Sherlock and John went to the Oscars. I don’t know why.. maybe it’s the light, maybe the glasses of champagne, maybe everything.
So I would like to dedicate it to you, MadLori. Thank you so much for this fanfiction, I will never forget how I felt when I first read it.

( Thank you so much for this wonderful ask, anon. I had a tough time deciding on how I should write it and.. well, I hope I don’t disappoint? This isn’t a full-blown story, more like a collection of different times when Miyuki thinks of Eijun..  Apologies in advance!)

i. i’ll never get used to you (you still get my heart racing)

In the silence of the early morning, when the murmurs of rising animals begin to fill the air as dawn breaks, Kazuya can only sigh in contentment. There’s an arm thrown over him, hot and heavy, trapping him to a stationary position, and there are legs tangled with his, too. He burrows his own feet deeper into the mess of duvet and sock-clad feet. It’s still too early to wake up.

He shifts to his side and faces the person beside him. Sawamura Eijun slumbers, eyelashes fluttering with every little quiet snore he takes, innocent to the gaze that currently devours him. Kazuya’s eyes traces the pattern of barely-there freckles, the uneven dryness of his forehead, the faint laugh lines forming on his cheek. He looks down and spies the red-and-white sweater that Eijun has stolen from him and is seized by sudden affection towards the man.

Snuggling closer, he leans towards his partner and lies his head on the other’s neck, breathing in the natural scent that Kazuya’s mind has somehow classified as home. What a cheesy thing to do, and how un-Kazuya-like, but it’s there in his mind and he can’t ever un-know it. So he breathes, and he sighs.

Eijun’s warmth lulls him back to sleep.

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Drain me until my veins wither, until my blood dehydrates and my system bends my knees. I’ll use my own spine to climb up my throat to get the words out: I love you. Too much. My brain always ends up counting the ways to forget, but I only found myself thinking about you more as I try to tell myself not to.

I don’t want to not think about you. It drives me insane as if my foot pressed on the pedal to go straight ahead so I can knock some sense in you that we should both fight for this, and not take flight on your own spaceship because you were afraid of living in my world. Now, all I know is I’m afraid of losing what I have even though I don’t have much; only statics of us too high-pitched to match the same wavelength, but you and I are both measured by nothing more but a maybe, or almost. 

Yet I still cling on the chances that no clouds could tell, if whether you’ll pour me storms of sadness and flood not just my heart, but my soul too, or if you’ll send your bright rays to escort me to your world and keep me close. I know, what we have was nothing but a false promise, a pot of gold at the foot of a rainbow, or a wish on a star. But nevertheless, I embraced it. I tossed a coin and took for myself a job that was supposed to be fate’s. 

Cause fairy tales wouldn’t prove themselves true, and so does facts. Tadpoles once wished to have legs, and caterpillars, wings. And if horses can wish for horn, then maybe me, too, is allowed to wish for you to love me just the same.
—  foolish wishes, socheesy x hishiddenletters

This is for the anon who requested a story with Sam and Eddie (Caitriona’s beloved cat). 

This is for pure entertainment.  Although the characters are real, the events that follow are not.    

Caitriona felt cold.  Awaken by the draft in her room, she became fully aware she was alone in her bed.  She pulled the sheets closer to her chest, realizing he had left the window slightly open, letting the cool air outside provide comfort over the warmth when they were in bed together.  She waited for a few moments, undecided about getting out of bed to close the window or stay within the confines of her warm blanket.

She turned briefly to the door, left ajar by Sam, the lights in the hallway on.  She could hear murmuring coming from the kitchen, adjacent to her room and wondered if he was on the phone.  It would have worried her in the past, a late night phone call, spoken words in hushed tones in a dark corner somewhere, and hidden.  She never had too much faith in past relationships but with Sam it was different.  She never needed to do a double take; there was never a need to wonder. 

He offered her honesty and she did the same.  No longer was she reckless and fickle and neither was he.  Here they were, older and wiser, fully aware of what they want out of partners and themselves.  Their lives had completely changed within the last few years and aside from family and close friends, they found reason enough to only trust each other.  It was inevitable that within time trust was bound to turn into love.

A loud crash in the kitchen broke Caitriona from her thoughts.  She wondered if Eddie was finally giving Sam a run for his money and was genuinely concerned for his safety.  After wrapping herself with a blanket for warmth, she tiptoed quietly to the door.  She could hear him shuffling against the bare floor before realizing what was happening.  He was cursing Eddie’s name again, making Caitriona purse her lips together, and trying her best to keep from laughing out loud.  She could imagine him in her kitchen, shirtless, ginger hair tousled, and his hands rubbing against the soft bristles that aligned his strong jawline. 

It was clearly obvious that Eddie and Sam did not get along.  She slightly saw him between the crack of the door and its frame.  He was thinking about his next move, his mind lost in thought.  Eddie, her four legged furry companion, had been in Caitriona’s life for nearly seven years now and let Sam know early on, she had no intention of playing second fiddle to him.  She scratched and clawed her way in between Caitriona and Sam whenever she could, making it impossible to be in the same room as Sam without Eddie finding her way in her lap. 

“I know you don’t like me,” she heard Sam in his thick drawl of a Scottish accent, “And that’s okay but you know what?  I’m not leaving.  As much as you hate the idea, I’m here to stay.”

Caitriona tucked herself quietly behind her bedroom door, feeling somewhat guilty listening in on Sam’s one-sided conversation.  She heard him sigh and then recognized the stool dragging across the bare floor.  She peaked through the crack between the door and frame once again to find Sam leaning against the counter, looking at who she assumed was her Eddie.

“We got to get this to work Eddie,” he continued on, his voice softening, eyes squinting and tone serious, “it’s been almost a year and I see nothing changing in all this.  You’re here, I’m here.  We might as well work together on this.  You know how I feel about her Eddie.  She means everything to me.  Everything.  So here’s what I propose…”

The sound of a plastic bag rustled in the foreground and Caitriona leaned in closer.  The noise seemed to drown out what Sam was saying, forcing Caitriona to step forward, eagerly waiting to hear what he had to say.  What she didn’t expect was her head hitting the top portion of the door, making a loud thud on the frame and the sound of a creaking door.  Caitriona stood in her wake, panicked.  She knew he had heard her when the noises in the kitchen stood at a standstill, driving her to leave where she stood and into her bed.   

She was grateful Sam didn’t come in, leaving her to lie in the dark embarrassed.  But even then, she heard the murmuring continue, the soft drawl of his Scottish accent, and his conversation starting off from where it ended, and Caitriona couldn’t help but smile into her pillow, her heart bursting at the seams.




“A truce, huh?”


“So what did you and my precious feline come to terms with?”

“We just had an understanding,” he paused, bringing up his hand to rub her back.

They had found peace the next day in her living room.  Sam was outstretched on her couch with Caitriona laying on top, finding themselves content and without interruption.  She turned her head around, trying to figure out where Eddie was.    

“So what would happened if she didn’t agree with your terms?” she asked. 

“I would have bribed her.”

“Bribe her?  With what?”

“You know…the usual things most women want.”

Caitriona lifted her head and smirked.  She raised her right eyebrow, waiting for him to continue.  “And what do most women want?”

Sam shifted his body and gave her a look.  “Goodies, food, treats, food, toys, food, and jewelry.”

She laughed at Sam’s mention of food three times, taking note of the last word.

“Jewelry, huh?”

Sam nodded.  “She’s very much like you, you know– has good taste in jewelry.  She’s even picked it out.”

“Now this is a story I want to hear.”

“No story.  She was sitting on a magazine and wouldn’t budge off.  But when she did, she gave me an idea.”

“Well I’m glad that it all worked out for you.”

“It did,” he smiled, relishing in the weight of her body laying atop of his.  “I’m guessing it’s also the reason why we’re here on this couch, uninterrupted and not with Ms. Furball between you and me.” 

With his eyes closed, Sam brought up his hands to brush the loose strands away from her face.  He absentmindedly tucked them behind her ears, only to find himself stroking the soft skin behind her ear lobe. 

“I’m just glad she liked the new collar and allowed me to get it on her,” he told her, snorting, “I was waiting for her to claw my face when I attempted to put it on.”

“I didn’t know you got her a new collar,” she moved, climbing up the length of his body, her face nearing his. 

He turned his head and looked up, meeting her eyes with his.  He nodded, giving her a quiet consent to see for herself what he got Eddie. 

Caitriona bit her bottom lip, a small smirk visible near the corner of her mouth, and immediately got up from her position.  She spent most of last night thinking of how she quickly she fell in love with her costar.  How it was the small things he did for her that made it more clear her feelings for him.  She knew from day one how special their relationship was but never in her wildest dreams did she think it would end up like this.  She was always cautious with the people she worked with, always tried to maintain a sense of professionalism but with Sam, she broke all the rules. 

Caitriona found Eddie by the windowsill, just as Sam had said, basking in the sunlight with her arms and legs outstretched.  Eddie immediately turned to look at her mum and purred.  Caitriona reached down to pick up her best friend and sat them both on her bed.  Eddie moved her head underneath her hands, waiting for Caitriona’s fingers to start scratching behind her ears. 

She recognized Eddie’s new collar, slightly different from the one she previously gave her a few years ago.  She wouldn’t have noticed unless she really looked, the new collar hiding slightly behind the larger one.  The stones around the edge of the collar were beautiful, understated yet crafted elegantly.  It was perfect.  A small pendant hung from the collar, a shiny diamond shaped tag with the initials E.B.  It took a bit of restraint to keep Caitriona from giggling.

“He’s completely ridiculous, isn’t he?” she whispered to Eddie, shaking her head while Eddie purred in response.

Caitriona moved to pick up Eddie before she recognized it.  At first the silver article looked similar to a collar buckle but upon closer inspection it was a small silver object.  She bent forward to grab hold, to turn it over and saw a small ring tucked into the overlapping layer of the collar, protecting it from any harm. 

Caitriona quickly removed the collar and pulled the ring gently away.  She sat on her bed speechless, fiddling with the ring, rubbing her fingers on the cool metallic-like material.  Eddie, who had been long gone from her lap found something more interesting in the corner.  The silence in the room was drowned by her heart beating, her breathing turning shallow.

It can’t be.

She didn’t hear him come in but saw him in the corner of her eye as he approached.  She smiled and quickly bit down on her bottom lip again, trying her best to keep all her hope bottled inside.  She knew what it was, what it could mean, but was too afraid to wonder anything beyond what was at present. 

He stepped forward and stood in front of her, the ring still sitting on the palm of her hand.   She watched as he bent down, using his fingers to gingerly remove the ring from her palm and hold it between his pointer and thumb.  Their eyes met again but this time she could feel the wet streaks on her face, tears finally giving way to what was crashing all around her.

“I love you, you know,” he spoke, his voice shaken by his own sentiments.  “And I was hoping you love me just the same.”

She nodded repeatedly, lifting her hands to cover her mouth then murmuring, “Very much so.”

“Good,” he said smiling as Eddie came about, circling his stance, “Because…I have something important to ask you.”

I just want you to know...

I just want you to know… That distance, age, height, religion, our past lives… Whatever maybe the case doesn’t matter to me. I love you because always. I care for you always. It matters to me that you are in my life now… That you are mine now. I am willing to over look the distance. Oh please it is just some distance over a period of time. I can deal with it. Age is nothing that is going to matter to me love is love. I don’t care if you are taller or shorter than me as long as you can love me just the same! Religion, I don’t mind if you have one or not. If you have a different one or not. It doesn’t matter to me. Annndd I don’t care how mess your past is. How messed up someone in the past. I love you just the same. You are mine. My only… My love… I promise you.. No matter what I love you all the same…..

My Asexual Story

Hi! My name is Jo, I’m an African American teenage girl, and I’m aromantic asexual! I discovered my sexuality some time ago last year. I was feeling frustrated because all the lessons in my church were talking about getting married and starting a family, and I was convinced the people around me were over exaggerating when they called someone sexy and insisted that they wanted to sleep with them. None of that sounded pleasing to me (to clarify a little I’m a sex-repulsed asexual). I stumbled across an ace blog and decided to look up asexuality. I didn’t accept it at first, but after about a month I totally embraced it! I kept it to myself for a while before coming out to anyone, which was my friend. She was judgements at first, stating that I didn’t “seem asexual” to her, but she eventually accepted it. I tried telling cousins i loved and trusted next. None of them took me seriously and insisted I was just in a phase. I told my best friend (@rycanine) after that, and I was thankful she was so chill about it and accepting. Finally, just a few months ago, I told my mother. My family at dinner had been discussing the topic of transgender kids and kids who were not straight, and I was pretty fed up and feeling discouraged. (I’m sure a lot of you can relate) so after dinner while we were driving to pick up my sister, I asked my mom “would you take me seriously if I came out? Would you still love me just the same?” and she replied with “of course!”
So I told her I was ace and still working on figuring out my romantic orientation (I go back and forth between figuring out if aro or demipan works best)
Luckily she knew what asexuality was and immediately accepted it and insisted that she still loved me. I’m thankful to have a mother like this.
I’m so grateful for the ace community! I feel like I fit in here and that’s fantastic! I love my sexuality and the comfort and stability it gives me.
Happy Ace Awareness Week!


I won’t ask for expensive things like diamond rings. I will ask you to hold my hand in times of need. I will ask you to look me in the eyes for they are my windows. Always open for you to sneak in at midnight. I will ask you to give me surprise. To prepare for the times I don’t love myself but I still love you, and kiss me just the same. I will need your strength in times of despair. Sometimes just your hands in my hair. I want to share quiet moments that fade like sunsets and laugher that makes my lungs burn. I dream of sitting next to you and knowing that I found a love that sweeps me out of my own mind. For my feet need to be planted firmly on this ground. A reminder of this fleeting summer breeze.