2016.07. 21 Fansite sister sent kakaotalk to Donghae mum &  asked about his condition.

Donghae mum returned the call & said that he accidentally sprain his arm while performing. It’s nothing serious .She also said he’s fine and he should be still at home?
She said that when Donghae saw your message , he thanks you all for your concern. she also said that he’s fine . Afterall , it’s nothing serious at all !  ©

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What's that gif from? The one where little baby Hansol is screaming and he's on his knees?? I just want to know what's even happening in that gif lol

ᄏᄏᄏᄏ It’s from a show called Kid’s Explorer Life that Hansol used to be on~~ You can find that part HERE around 0:50 ^^ If you want to watch all 27 episodes he was on you can find the playlist on youtube HERE but there isn’t any subs//

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you know what would hella cute for a filler episode since we don’t see them? marron and goten at master roshi’s doing some milk training and instead of launch cooking, we have krillin in a pink apron and 18 is totally trying to sneak a squeeze the entire time while they’re alone. master roshi telling them to do everything genuinely (without powers) but goten so comes up with the idea to have marron ride his back as they fly to make their deliveries so they could hurry and eat. then master roshi does the same rock thing he did with krillin and goku except instead, marron finds the stone first and let’s goten have it so he could lunch and you think it’s all sweet until krillin comes out with a pot of the same thing launch made that got him sick as a kid