1. Health Care For All

Sanders is critic of the Affordable Care Act, arguing that it doesn’t go far enough and calling for a “Medicare-for-all” single-payer healthcare plan, similar to programs in most developed democratic nations.

“We are the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to all people as a right and yet we end up spending much more than they do. So I do believe that we have to move toward a Medicare for all, single-payer system,” Sanders told ABC News.

2. Taxing The Rich

Sanders called the “massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top one-tenth of 1 percent” in America “obscene” and has called for a return to a much higher marginal tax rate. “If you have seen a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top tenth of 1 percent, you’ve got to transfer that back” Sanders toldCNBC.

3. Tuition-Free College

Sanders has proposed the College for All Act, a plan to provide free education at public colleges funded by a small tax on Wall Street transactions.

Sixty-three percent of respondents supported a similar proposal from President Obama earlier this year, including 47 percent of Republicans.

4. Campaign Finance Reform

Sanders is running forcefully against money in politics and his campaign has shunned super PAC support funded by undisclosed billionaires.

According to polls, Americans are most in sync with Sen. Sanders on this issue.

A New York Times poll released this month found that “Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, agree that money has too much influence on elections, the wealthy have more influence on elections, and candidates who win office promote policies that help their donors.”

5. Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court just recently expanded the right to marry to same-sex couples but Sanders has been a supporter dating back four decades, voting against 1996’s Defense of Marriage Act and supporting his state’s legalization of same-sex marriage.

According to a May 2015 Pew poll, 57 percent of Americans agree, including most Republicans under 45.

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So I received a message of somebody comparing my prices to other readers...

And again I will say this: I offer a wide range of readings at different prices. I even offer a “mini version” of my larger readings at $8!

I will not decrease what I feel my readings and services are worth because 1 or 2 people think I should be charging $1 a reading or even more freebies. Really?

If another reader is content with charging $1 readings, let them be.

But I have worked hard on my readings and they’re meaningful in different ways depending on the reading you choose. I can honestly say my readings are well worth more than $1 and only when I feel like charging that low will you ever see them priced as such.

If this doesn’t make you happy by all means go to the others who are offering them at that price.

When you begin your tarot reading business and decide on what you’re worth as a reader is when you’ll see just how much work and dedication and love and energy goes into a single reading! You may start out at $1 but it won’t last.

anonymous asked:

can you reccomend variety shows yixing appeared in that are your faves? :)

hello! if you’re talking about chinese variety shows only:

星厨驾到 Celebrity Chef (Ep 1 | Ep 2)

星星的觅食 Star Escape Room (Ep 3 | Ep 4)

年代秀 The Generation Show (with Xiumin) (x)

疯狂的麦咭 Happy Baby Go (x

奔跑吧兄弟 Running Man (China) (x)

极限挑战 Go Fighting (Ep 1 | Ep 2 | Ep 3 | Ep 4 unsubbed)

快乐大本营 Happy Camp (alone) (x)

快乐大本营 Happy Camp (with exo) (1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

(if i missed out anything someone pls tell me ><)

lol i know this is asking for my faves but they’re all really nice and funny okay :p but if i have to pick then i’d probably pick Star Escape Room for how thrilling the games are, and Go Fighting for how funny, unpredictable and challenging every episode is, and also how they show every single side of yixing just the way he is. and of course Happy Camp! HC is always fun ^^

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[TRANS] Cnetz reactions to Wu Yifan’s Weibo Update | Lobster 20150707

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Requested post

Guo Jingming [+6739] I’m going to call the police [don’t bother me] Can you not spoil my character design [don’t bother me]
-Reply | Wu Yifan
[+5666] Director I’m at fault, I’ll return to normal tomorrow [thinking]

Wu Yifan [+6516] I’m too late at grabbing this time, probably only left with the drain and underground secret lair! [cry]

Chris [+2305] Like my post!!!
-Reply | Wu Yifan [+4563] You snatched by sofa (first comment) and likes! [hmph hmph]

Chen Lizhi [+2150] I just want to know where the lobsters are [shy]
-Reply | Wu Yifan [+4243] Of course in my tummy [doge]

1. [+2052] Why the hell are you acting tsundere when you’re just eating a lobster [miao miao miao]

2. [+861] Frightened baobao to death, baobao don’t be afraid, Nini is here to protect you [so cute]

3. [+785] I am lobster! My name is lobster! [angry angry shy]

4. [+755] Are you dumb… [doge] [bye]

5. [+684] Ah ah ah you’re acting cute!!!!! [breakdown]

6. [+586] You have no alcohol in your dimples, yet I’m drunk like a dog [bye bye bye]

7. [+527] Fanfan, Fanfan, what are you doing, so adorable, so adorable that I want you eat you up

8. [+497] Act, you keep acting :)

9. [+485] I want to eat you [doge doge doge]

Orphan’s Year End

So, the Orphan’s stories move forward in what is roughly real time. It might not feel like it, since I screwed it all up and only just posted the date chapter, but this is them at the end of June, 6 months into their relationship. I think very carefully about where they’d be at each stage, how two months changes them (unlike the writers of season 3!) so I just wanted to make that clear.

My thanks forever to madfatty, whose support is absolutely invaluable to me. There aren’t even the words. Thank you for everything.

Previously on Orphans: Orphan’s Anniversary 1,Orphan’s Anniversary 2 and fics page for the rest

They’re in the library. He thinks it’s stupid, can’t see why they need to revise here instead of his comfortable, empty flat, but Rae says she feels smarter surrounded by the books, so here they are. He highly suspects that it’s less about the books and more about the lack of beds, but he doesn’t say anything. He could fight it a bit, but he knows by this point that Rae pretty much gets whatever she wants anyways. It has to do with her eyelashes, she’s got magical eyelashes.

At least they’ve got their own study room, tiny though it may be. He’s got his walkman turned all the way up on the desk between them, music filtering up faintly into the closet of a room. He revises better with music. Every once in a while, Rae hums along with the song playing as she taps her pen on her cheek. He keeps his eyes on the books, but really he listens to her.

She’s got her shit spread out everywhere, there’s barely even space for his solitary notebook. Rae opens all her textbooks in front of her, pulls out sections of notes and stacks them in piles, litters every non-moving surface with colorful highlighters and pens. He’s thinking that seeing all this makes him understand her a little better, helps him get how she’s always able to shift gears so rapidly. Her brain is all open books with things circled in pink ink, scatterings of post-it notes and print outs everywhere, important thoughts all right there for the thinking.

He wonders what his brain desk would look like. Obviously the revising isn’t going too well for him.

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10 More Imagine Your OTP Prompts

1. You’re the barista at my favourite coffee shop. I always visit every morning when you’re on shift to get a few minutes of conversation with you and to see your smile. I also know you’ve been putting different syrups in the coffee and damn it, it’s good. I’m also pretty sure you just left me your number on the cup. au

2. We’re the only two people in the convenience store at 3 AM. My arms are full of childish magazines for my little sister, who’s in the hospital, and you see me struggling to pick up her favourite candy with my arms full. You come over and wordlessly take the magazines and help me to the counter and selflessly offer me the dollar I’m short. I can’t even look away from your eyes to say thank you. au

3. Your science class is right before mine, and we sit in the same seat. You forgot your books and coming running back in, cheeks flushed, eyes bright and hair just a little ruffled. You come right up to me and ask me with the most adorable grin if I’ve seen your book. I can barely say goodbye before you’re thanking me and running back out the door. And I’m already missing your smile. au

4. We met on an empty subway at 4 AM on a Monday. You were wearing a tux, and I was wearing a wedding dress. Yet neither of us asked questions about the strange attire, and instead you took me to coffee at a tiny cafe and told me funny stories till the sun came up. We’ve been meeting every Sunday afternoon since. au

5. We’re the two top students in our entire year and we hate each other. Somehow this year, I’ve caught you staring 6 times and been caught double that. And maybe by the way my lip twitches when it happens and when your eyes sparkle, maybe we don’t hate each other that much. au

6. We were both young kids when we met in the hospital. You were there to get a cast for your arm, and I was getting stitches in my chin. I was the first person to sign your cast and you have me a kiss on the cheek. Now we’re here eight years later with our younger siblings and someone shoot me you’re gorgeous. au

7. We’re both volunteering at our local reccentre with 6-8 year olds. You look so gorgeous with your hair tied back when you’re smiling, and one of the older girls caught me staring with a dopey look and now everyone in the camp, including the leaders, are shipping us hard core.

8. My best friend just drunk himself silly when we went out and now I’m trying to get him home. I knock on your door, because you’re living together and I’m so sorry for waking you, it’s really late, but I just wanted to get him home safe. You just laugh and get me to bring him in. Even though you’re tired and bedraggled, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. au

9. Our soccer teams are competing for the school field after school and we’re competitive captains. Everyone keeps telling us to just share, but we get into a bunch of ridiculous challenges which results in us being so caught up in each other we don’t even notice that our teammates all leave us. au

10. I write an anonymous advice column in the school paper and the other day you asked about advice for asking a girl out. Today you came up to me and used my exact advice and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to explain why I found your question so adorable and hilarious. au

25 Struggles Only INFPs Will Understand

INFPs have been called the “Children of the Myers Briggs World”, and it’s pretty true. True idealists, we see the best in everyone and everything, processing everything in our rich internal world and constantly dreaming about how the world could be a better place. With similar functions to ENFPs, we are often mistaken to be them.

1. Literally crying after being around people for an extended period of time.

2. Intensely caring about other people but being overwhelmed by their company simultaneously.

3. People constantly mistaking you for an extravert because you act goofy to cover up the fact that crowds make you impossibly uncomfortable.

4. Saying something out loud while with other people that strays about 4 trains of thought from what they were talking about.

5. In the middle of creating something revolutionary, and realizing it’s sundown and you haven’t eaten all day.

6. Being actually shy, but too afraid of being rude to not talk to someone who strikes up a conversation with you.

7. Assuming the completely wrong date/time/activity because you never thought to look at the schedule.

8. Wanting to be wild and party like everyone else but never being invited out because you’re too afraid to be vulnerable and make actual friends.

9. Did I mention perceiving the best in everyone and everything? I promise if you look past the foam and gnarling teeth of that rabid pit bull it has a good spirit, deep down.

10. Being such good listener that you feel like everyone who calls you a friend just keeps you around for free counseling sessions.

11. Loving alone time but at the same time hating that it makes you have to process emotions.

12. Being the one to whom all of his coworkers come to complain about each other.

13. Having an imagination so vivid that you misinterpret a text message without a period to mean the sender is irreparably angry with you.

14. Being the one who always apologizes, even though you think the other person is egregiously wrong.

15. Having steadfast beliefs, but no courage to say anything about them to anyone who happens to challenge them.

16. Everyone thinking you’re a freak of nature or depressed when you decide to spend long periods locked in your room. I’m fine, I’m just writing a song. I’ll be out in 4 days.

17. Wanting to respond to a message, but too afraid of how to say something as to not break  the other person’s fragile heart.

18. Identifying as male, but possessing every personality quality that would be deemed the opposite of masculine.

19. Turning even a superficial conversation with a stranger into a deep metaphor that reflects the greater meaning of life.

20. Wondering if you have no soul because you didn’t laugh out loud at something that everyone else in the room found hilarious.

21. Feeling too guilty to not give the homeless man on the street the last dollar in your wallet, even though you don’t even have a clue how you will pay your rent this month.

22. Finally telling someone your dreamy unrealistic ideas and then having them inevitably poke a hole in every logic flaw, crushing your tender spirit.

23. Having a really great idea, bringing it to life, realizing no one would care, then giving up on it.

24. Laughing like a fool in public (often in a serious setting) because you remembered something funny.

25. Despite all the lip you get for being overly an sensitive, shy, free spirit with his head in the clouds, knowing you wouldn’t change a thing because the personality type website said you were 4% of the population, and that makes you freakin’ special.

two things I need to get off my chest:

1) I love day, but calling Liz “chunky” or “thick” is not only wrong bc both liz and julia are both skinny af, but really rude imo
2) you guys should give julia some slack, I mean she has to answer questions about her SISTER from her SISTER’S point of view, so I feel for her and her slip-ups

anonymous asked:

I was curious and tried googling it, but I didn't get a real answer, but can people move (as in moving to live elsewhere) freely between countries in the European Union? Like if you live in England, can you just move to Spain? Or is just like…you can visit other countries easily? Someone from the Netherlands once told me they visited France so easily and it sounded like she didn't need a passport. I'm just curious and kind of confused.

you need a passport to fly anywhere in europe you’re not a citizen of, or to take the eurostar or ferry to europe from the uk. 

you can simply visit any country easily, no/little border control (i’ve only flew to spain and france where i got through border control in literally 10 seconds, where i was asked literally 1 or 2 basic questions). if you travel by land (in mainland europe, not including the uk) you don’t need a passport! 

(although my best friend isn’t a european citizen and also gets through border control basically unquestioned in europe too, idk if he’s just lucky or we just have little border controls)

moving country is way easier than moving from outside of the eu to an eu country for example, thanks to EU freedom of movement (which i wish would be taken up by the rest of the world). each country is different and some have more, or less, restrictions than others. 

i could buy a house in france right now (ok maybe not practically) and just move there, after 183 days i’d be a resident, and after living there for 5 years i could apply for permanent residency

hope this helps somewhat


Now these aren’t anywhere near perfect, but these are my first poses since learning only about a week ago. I have already used all of these myself so I thought I’d share them with you all!


1) c_simsavy_emoji1 

2) c_simsavy_ballet

3) c_simsavy_dancing 

4) c_simsavy_headshot

5) c_simsavy_cartwheel 

6) c_simsavy_idk 

Models: Beckett Smith & Rowan Harlow



Hi everyone! I’m currently in the midst of planning something and I would like to include you all and let you have a say in this.

Please join in and help to cast your vote of which character you want me to cosplay as the most! Please pick 1 guy (ideally), but I’ll leave the max to 2 guys per person.

Prince Zain Tolstoj | God mode Teorus  | God Mode Zyglavis

Simply comment or reblog to cast your vote! To make it fair, please only vote once per person.

Spread this around! It does not matter if you are not my follower, as long as you’re in the Voltage fandom please feel free to join in! =3

And if you want to see some photos of my previous cosplays as a gauge, I have some of the more recent ones under the cut. Looking forward to your responses!! ┗(^∀^)┛

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Steve = this season's Donny

I know no one is as pure and innocent as Donny Thompson, but Steve is getting very similar treatment. What has Steve done to deserve this? Jason seems to be the only person who could have a legitimate axe to grind with him and 1 - we don’t even know what was said and 2 - Steve was very remorseful about it.

I don’t care how “creepy” or “weird” you think a person is, you still give people respect and common courtesy, not treat them like garbage when they have literally done nothing to deserve it other than being a bit different from you.

Seems just like Donny, where Steve isn’t the problem, it’s the other asshole HGs he’s stuck in there with.

Just reached 3500 followers on this blog and I haven’t done a promo in ages so why not

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