Birthday Girl (NSFW/Smut)

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 2965

Warnings: Cursing/Sex

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Type: Fluff, Smut

Note: Virgin reader and Peter :) 

Requested: nope



Peter covers my eyes with a blindfold and helps me stand up.

“This is kinky, Parker, what are you planning?”

Peter laughs nervously and I feel him getting more timid with his actions.

“Will you stop, Y/N? It’s just to keep the surprise a surprise.”

I giggle at his obviously flustered state from my sex joke.

I let him lead me out of the room to the unknown destination, one hand holding mine and the other on my waist as he gently pushes me along.

“Peterrrrrrr it’s taking so loooooong,” I whine, just to annoy him.

“Just a little farther, Y/N, bear with me here.”

My foot brushes against something soft.

“Is that another gym sock?”

“Uhhhhh… No it isn’t…” There’s a loud shuffle as he tries to kick the offending article away discreetly.

Oh, he’s so adorable when he’s lying.

He stops and lets go of my hand and waist. There’s a soft scrape to my left as he pulls out a chair.

Heh. Pulls out.

“Here ya go, love.” He takes my hand and gently guides me into the seat. He slips and I miss the seat, landing on the soft, carpeted floor instead. There’s a solid thunk as what sounds like Peter’s head collides with the wall.

“OH MY GOD PETER ARE YOU OKAY?” I tear off the blindfold and see the poor boy rubbing his head, where there’s bound to be a bump forming.

“I’ll live.”

“Oh you poor man-child, let me get you some ice.”

I rush towards the kitchen, noting the very nicely set-up dinner table for two.

He must be devastated that he couldn’t properly surprise me.

I stop as I enter the kitchen, trying to process the scene before me.

He hobbles up behind me, trying to stop me.

“Wait, Y/N, don’t go into the- ah shit you’ve seen it.”

I look around to see the room decorated with strings of lights and roses.

“Oh, Peter. You shouldn-” Peter kisses me before I could finish my sentence.

“You like it?” He asks as he pulls me closer for another kiss, deeper than the last.

I pull away before nodding, “Yes, Peter, I love it. Thank you.”

He beams at me before leading me to the table and pulling out a chair for me.

“My princess,” he jokes, gesturing for me to take a seat.

I sarcastically bow, “My knight.”


After dinner, I stand up to help clean up the dishes.

Peter shoos me away and tells me to sit down while he takes care of it.

I don’t bother arguing with him, because I know fighting with him would be pointless with his stubbornness.

I stay seated while he collects the dishes and kisses my nose before leaving to wash them.

I watch him walk away and smile to myself as I take a rose from the vase on dining table and twirl it in my hands.

I giggle to myself as I think about our past two years together.

How sweet Peter was with his cute pickup lines and our weekly movie dates.

How shy he is when we kiss and how much of a gentleman he is.

I continue to reminisce until I see Peter standing in the doorway.

His cheeks are red and his hands are shaking a little.

He’s nervous.

“Peter, love, are you alright?” I ask.

He gives me a half smile and he walks over slowly, his body language screaming nervousness.


“I, uh, I have one more gift for you,” he says.

“Peter! This is already so much, please that’s enough,” I laugh and I stand up to hug him.

He hesitates before hugging me back and now I see how nervous he really is.

“Peter? What’s wrong?” I ask, noticing that his legs are shaking.

He looks away from me as he reaches into his pocket and gives me a small index card with the letter V written on it.


I look up at him questionably and he rubs the back of his neck, his face slowly acquiring the color of the roses on the table.

“It’s um. I-I, uh,” Peter stumbles.

“I get it Peter, V-Card,” I look up at him and smile before kissing his chin and then his nose.

“It’s a very unique present, Peter,” I say as I lean closer to Peter and kiss him again. He places his hands gently on my hips.

I lean back and smile, “So I can cash this in anytime I want?” I ask.

His face reddens a little before he nods.

“How about right now?” I ask slowly, hoping he would get a hint and suggest something.

He looks at me in the eye for a few moments before breaking contact and looks down at his feet.

“I’ve got another surprise for you, love,” Peter says, reaching over to the counter and giving me the blindfold again.

I look at him suspiciously before putting the blindfold on again.

“Just trust me, Y/N,” Peter says softly. I relax a little and reach out to hold his hand as he leads the way.

I am assaulted with a barrage of smells as we turn into a room, where everything sounds slightly muffled, as if it’s filled with soft furniture. My feet brush against… rose petals? I smell my favorite scented candles as well as… Febreze. Lots of Febreze.

Dammit Parker why don’t you clean this house more often?

His hands leave my shoulders for a few seconds and I hear some shuffling around me, no doubt he’s cleaning up whatever’s been left strewn around his ro-

The blindfold falls off suddenly and I’m left shocked at the scene in front of me.

Though I’ve been in his room a million times before, I’ve never seen it this clea-

Romantic. It’s never been this romantic.

Everything’s been swapped or covered with a red velvet and the lights are off, leaving only the candles to light the room. A gasp  escapes my lips. Peter, who is in the process of furiously trying to shove what looks to be a red and blue suit into the closet, whips his head around, eyes wide open.

“It fell off? Shit, now I can’t badmouth the baddies anymore about their lousy knots… Anyways, surprise?” he tries with a tight smile.

God, he’s so adorable when stuff goes wrong.

“Peter… just ask me…”

“Well, I mean you don’t have to, but… I…” Peter tries to start but fails to finish his sentence as I

lean closer, until our noses are almost touching. We stay that way, looking into each other's’ eyes for a while.

“Hi,” Peter greets me.

“Are you going to kiss me yet?” I ask, slightly impatiently. Face redder, than the cushions, he does just that.

He makes the first move, turning his head and closing the space between us. My lips meet his, agonizingly slowly. His hands cup my face and pull me closer, and I return the kiss with a passion I didn’t know I had. Our lips locked, he pulls us down onto the bed. One of his hands finds its way into my hair while the other one grasps my neck. My own hands find their way under his shirt and around the back of his head. He bites my lip, accidentally, and I jerk back, not expecting the bite.

“Oh my god Y/N I’m so sorry oh my god are you okay oh my god are you bleeding?” he babbles, moving his head around to check my lips.

I quickly run my tongue over my lips to check for blood

“I’m okay, Peter.””

“Hi, okay, Peter, I’m Peter,” he quips back,not missing a beat.

I laugh at Peter lightly before pulling down his pants.

“W-Wait, Y/N, are- are- are you sure ab-”

I cut him off with a finger pressed to his lips.

“Shhhhhh. Yes, Peter. I am sure. Now shut up and let me make you happy,” I say, kissing his nose to reassure him.

“But, I want to make you feel good fir-” Peter tries to object but lets out a moan instead as I palm his member through his boxers.

I smile as I gently squeeze tighter and watch him throw his head back and moan a little louder. I then pull down his boxers as I eagerly snake down his body and watch as his member is freed from its restraints. I wrap my hand around it and give it a small pump, a little intimidated by his size, even though it’s not fully hard yet. I watch as small beads of precum leak from his head and roll down his shaft. Without a second thought, I lick along the underside of his cock, starting from the base all the way to the tip. I swirl my tongue around the head, lapping up the droplets of precum.

I hear Peter groan as I pull him into my mouth, inch by inch, using my tongue to lick him slowly and hollowing my cheeks to suck him deeper.

I smile to myself as I hear Peter curse and moan above me, I feel his hands in my hair as he caresses my face, urging me to continue.

I lean back and pump him a little more before sucking the head of his cock again.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Peter moans as I start to slowly take in as much of him as possible and pull back. The tip of his cock hits the back of my throat as I take him deeper and deeper. I pump his shaft at the base with my free hand as I begin to feel my panties dampening.

“Y/N, please slow down, I don’t want to cum yet,” Peter practically begs.

I look up at him and smile to myself as I let him go with a pop.

He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to calm himself down.

I take this opportunity to turn my back to him and take off my pants slowly. I bend over more than I have to so that I give him a good view of my ass. I can see his jaw drop in the mirror.

Pffft. He ain’t seen nothing yet.

My jeans join the not-so-well-hidden pile of dirty laundry in the corner. I lift my shirt slowly, especially around my chest, since I want him to see that I’ve “forgotten” my bra at home. I hear a sharp intake of breath as he realizes this. The shirt joins my pants and I’m left Stark™-naked except for my panties. I turn around to face him.

Are human even supposed to be that red?

He has a dumbfounded expression on his face that I’ve never seen before.

I laugh a little as I climb back onto the bed and kiss him.

He kisses me back after recovering from his shock. He flips me over so that I’m on my back.

He attacks my neck before traveling downward, past my exposed breasts leaving a trail of kisses past my stomach.

I moan loudly as he reaches my hips. He kisses all along the band of my panties and kisses my nether lips through the thin fabric.

I whimper as he hooks a finger into the elastic of my panties and pulls them down slowly. He leaves small bites on the inside of my thighs as he passes them. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the sodden article of clothing sail across the room in the general direction of the rest of my clothes. He works his way back up my legs, fingers ghosting the insides of my legs before parting them gently. His left hand grip the top of my right thigh as he uses his hand to spread my lips. I clutch the sheets as he dips a finger into my wet and aroused center. He smiles to me before scooting closer to my crotch, all the while making a “come hither” motion with his finger. His lips meet my other lips as his head comes down.

Within moments, his tongue finds my clit.

Has he done this before?

“I pay attention in sex ed, Y/N,” Peter jokes as my cheeks redden in the realization that I had said it out loud.

He chuckles a little bit before leaning in and kissing my thighs before sucking my clit again.

I moan loudly and clutch the sheets harder. I feel another finger join the first and his other hand moves up to hold my hips in place. I squirm and whimper as his tongue runs over my clit, lapping at the sensitive bundle of nerves. His fingers spread my opening  to give his tongue to my core. I shiver as his tongue moves in and out of my entrance.

“Ohh, fuck Peter…” I moan, willing him to go faster. He pulls his tongue out of me and he moves his two fingers again, thrusting faster than before.

His tongue moves back up to my clit and begins attacking the small nub at the top of my folds.

My moans become more incoherent as he continues to lick, suck, and lap at every single part of my most private area, leaving me a babbling mess.

As my walls begin to clench around his fingers, Peter speeds up his thrusting and ravages my clit harder as he feels me gets closer to the edge until he brings me over the edge. My back arches and my toes curl almost painfully as the immense pleasure of the orgasm wracks my body completely. I see stars as my eyes roll back into my head and a loud, breathy moan escapes my lips.

Peter sucks gently on my clit and slows his thrusting as the waves of euphoria roll over me, further intensifying the pleasure and prolonging my orgasm.

As the pleasure gently fades away, Peter kisses my clit, then kisses a trail up my stomach, stopping at my breasts. He licks each nipple, gently sucking on each one before moving on. He stops at my neck, planting a kiss there before moving his head up so that his eyes are level with mine.

“Do you want to go further?”

“No, Peter, I wanted to stop and talk about multi-variable calculus,” I deadpan, lacing as much sarcasm into my voice as possible.

He smiled devilishly and deadpanned right back, “It just so happened that I needed a little help with my calculus homework, can you help me integrate my natural log?”

I whack him softly with one of the red heart pillows on the bed. “I HATE YOU”

“No you don’t,”

He leans down to kiss me again before reaching over and grabbing a condom from the nightstand.

I laugh as he fails to open it before offering to help. He smiles at me gratefully as I put it on for him. I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer and kiss him.

I pull him down to the bed.

“I love you,” he whispers.

“I love you too, Peter,” I say as I guide his cock to my entrance.

I always thought I would be really nervous during my first time. But Peter made it comfortable. Peter slowly moved his hips forward and I gasped, not used to his size.

He’s bigger than I thought.

“Are you okay? Am I hurting you?” Peter asked nervously.

“No, it just feels kinda tight,” I say, trying to ease his nerves.

Peter continues to insert himself carefully. The pain fades away and it begins to feel pleasurable.

I moan a little and clutch Peter’s back as I quietly beg him to go faster.

Peter starts to thrust his hips at a moderately faster speed and I throw my head back and moan loudly, enjoying this new feeling beyond words.

Peter leans forward to kiss my neck making me mewl in pleasure as I move my arms around the back of his neck to pull his hair.

I kiss his neck and Peter groans loudly.

“Keep doing that and I am not going to last much longer,” Peter says as he leaves another hickey on my collar bone. He hastens his movements and starts thrusting harder.

“Maybe I don’t want you to,” I whisper breathily.

Peter straightens up and moves a hand down to my clit and rubs his thumb over it in quick, small circles, pushing me over the edge.

“Peter,” I moan before I see stars for the second time that night. As my walls clenched around his member, I felt Peter also reach his release, groaning loudly and burying his cock deep in my tunnel. His cock twitches and I feel the condom fill up as he releases his seed into me. He lies down, burying his face into the crook of my neck as he tries to slow his breathing. We lay like that for a while, both panting hard and coming down from our orgasms. After a few minutes, he pulls out slowly and kisses my face. I moan as he slides out, and I feel empty when he pulls out completely.

“You okay?” Peter asks.

“Mmm,” I respond, exhausted.

Peter laughs and goes to the bathroom to get rid of his condom. I whine, not wanting him to leave, but am too tired to go after him.

Peter comes back a few minutes later with a warm washcloth. He gently moves my legs to clean then before handing me one of his shirts and to wear.

I smile and put it on before lying back down on the bed and drifting off, murmuring, “I love you,” to Peter.

“Happy birthday, Y/N” is the last thing I hear before my reality fades into pleasant nothingness.


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Peter Maximoff:

Idiots in love

Imagine being Peter’s best friend

Imagine comforting Peter

Imagine Peter Maximoff comforting you

Imagine Peter falling in love with you

Imagine your fist kiss with Peter

Imagine being a mutant and Peter Maximoff flirting with you

Imagine having the powers to control water and dating Peter Maximoff 

Imagine being Xavier’s nurse and Peter coming to see you with injuries often

Imagine helping Peter with his broken leg

Charles Xavier:

People make mistakes

Alex Summers:

Prompt request “"You are seriously like a man child!”

Hank McCoy:

Imagine being Hank’s girlfriend

Kurt Wagner:

Imagine taking a photo of Kurt mid teleportation 

Once Upon a Time:

Peter Pan:

Teaching Peter Pan to cuddle would include

Being curvy and dating Peter Pan would include

Imagine being Regina’s daughter and dating Pan

Imagine being the female version of Peter Pan

Imagine being stronger than Pan

Imagine Peter hearing you sing

Imagine being Peter’s ex and seeing him on Neverland again

Imagine Pan being very possessive

Imagine cuddling with Pan

Being Hook’s daughter and dating Peter Pan would include

Or at least, that’s what everyone tell me (Peter Pan x Reader)

Imagine Peter getting pissed at you

Imagine being crazy and Pan loving it

Tell Me You Need Me: Prompt Request

Imagine having a fight with Peter and making up after 

My Clothes: Prompt Request 

Killian Jones:

Being Hook’s daughter and dating Peter Pan would include

Imagine being Hook’s daughter and getting into trouble

Regina Mills:

Imagine being Regina’s daughter and dating Peter Pan


Bucky Barnes:

Imagine being the only one that can comfort Bucky

Imagine being Tony’s sister and dating Bucky

Imagine Bucky coming to save you

Tony Stark:

Imagine being Tony’s sister and dating Bucky

Steve Rogers:

Imagine Steve having an obvious crush on you

Peter Parker:

Imagine Peter being afraid of getting too close to you

Teen wolf:

Stiles Stilinski:

Stiles and Isaac both being in love with you would include

Being Stiles’ sister would include 

Love, isn’t it confusing?

Scott McCall:

Being Scott’s younger sister by 2 years would include

Imagine Isaac falling in love with you, Scott’s sister

Isaac Lahey:

Imagine Isaac falling in love with you, Scott’s sister

Being Scott’s younger sister by 2 years would include

Being Stiles’ sister would include

Stiles and Isaac both being in love with you would include

Dating Isaac Lahey and being a witch would include 

Wait what? (Isaac Lahey x Reader)

Star Wars:

Poe Dameron:

Jealous much? (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Prompt request “Welcome to fatherhood.” And “The store ran out of Easter eggs.”

Kylo Ren:

Imagine Kylo finding out that you’re force sensitive 

Prompt request “When did you become so badass?” And “Who did this to you?”

Prompt request “When was the last time you slept?” “I had a nightmare.” And “I can’t live without you.”

Luke Skywalker:

Prompt request “Stop being so cute, it’s distracting.”

Prompt request “Stop being so cute, it’s distracting.” And “You’re not interested are you?”

Imagine Han and Leia catching you and Luke


Lance Sweets:

Imagine dating Lance Sweets (personal favourite)

James Aubrey:

Imagine Aubrey loving you back

Cam Saroyan:

Imagine secretly dating Cam and getting caught by Angela

The Walking Dead:

Carl Grimes:

Imagine a little boy having a crush on you and Carl getting jealous

Dating Carl Grimes would include

Imagine taking a photo of Carl after he lost his eye

The Outsiders:

Ponyboy Curtis:

Imagine being Johnny’s sister and dating Ponyboy

Johnny Cade:

Imagine being Johnny’s sister and dating Ponyboy

Two Bit:

Imagine Two Bit teasing you because he likes you

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Newt Scamander:

Imagine pranking Newt

Harry Potter:

Fred Weasley:

Imagine being a Ravenclaw and dating Fred Weasley 

Imagine Fred Weasley falling in love with you

Don’t ever let jealousy change you, not even for someone you love (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Draco Malfoy:

Don’t ever let jealousy change you even for someone you love (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Imagine Being Harry’s sister and telling Draco off

Scorpius Malfoy:

Imagine being best friends with Scorpius and Albus

Albus Severus Potter:

Imagine being best friends with Scorpius and Albus

Harry Potter:

Imagine being Harry’s sister and telling Draco off

Remus Lupin:

Imagine watching the autumn leaves with Remus Lupin


Matt Murdock:

Imagine being a soldier and coming home to Matt


Jughead Jones

You’re so Cheesy: Prompt Request

I’m Sorry: Prompt Request

Hesitation: Prompt Request

A Puppy: Prompt Request

Being Jughead’s Best Friend Would Include

What? Am I hearing you right: Prompt Request

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Pants on Fire: Prompt Request 

Archie Andrews:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Betty Cooper:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

Veronica Lodge:

Mystery Incorporated: Riverdale Gang x Reader

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Sweet Tooth (M)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: ass play, oral (receiving), exhibitionism (?),  dom!kookie, SMUT.

Word Count: 2,980

Summary: You were bored. Stuck at home all night with nothing to do, so you decided to call up a friend and politely invite yourself over for a movie night, and you’d bring all the treats. Who could say no to that?


Me: hey, dipshit. What are you doing tonight?


Muscle Pig: ???? rude. Just watching movies at the dorm, the guys are out this evening.


Me: aw. Still can’t play with the big boys? Tell you what, why don’t I come over and keep you company?


Muscle Pig: Wow ok. You can come over if you’re bored. No need to pretend it’s for my sake. We both know you want to be alone with me >:)


Me: Ew, please. Anyway, I’ll be over in 15… and because I’M helping YOU out ok????


Muscle Pig: mmmmmmhmmmmm sure ok, got it *wink wink* whatever you say. See you soon.

You trudged down the hall to the boys’ dorm, arms carrying at least half a dozen bags filled with popcorn, candy, chips and every other snack necessary for a movie night. To be completely honest, you weren’t here for the overgrown man-child. You’ve been feeling frustrated as of late, the responsibilities of work and school weighing down on you and not giving you time to, well let off some steam.

It’s been about… six months? Yea, that seems about right.With no time to get into a relationship, a one night stand was seeming more and more tempting. You pushed your thoughts aside and set the bags down in front of the door. You entered the passcode and stepped inside the boys’ dorm.

“Kook! Where are you? Come help me!” You yelled from the entrance. You heard him pause whatever was playing, and soon he was standing, or rather, towering over you.

“Well, hello to you too.” he quipped, his signature smirk plastered on his face. He grabbed a few of the bags you brought and walked back into the dorm, leaving you by the door. You huffed as you removed your coat and shoes, picked the rest up, and followed him into the kitchen. “What did you buy? It’s just the two of us why did you bring the entire store?”

Rolling your eyes, you pulled out a few sweets and popcorn, getting ready for your movie night. Once you had everything ready, you met Jungkook on the couch, and began watch the rest of the comedy he had on. Jungkook looked over at you, two bags of candy in your hands as you watched the movie. He chuckled at your behaviour, and reached over to the coffee table to grab a bag for himself.

“Wow noona, you really love candy huh?” he said as he watched you pour half a box of Skittles into your mouth. “I’m kind of glad you brought them though, I didn’t realize how much of a sweet tooth I had until you came over.”

You turned and gave him a small smile, though the one returned to you seemed to have hidden intentions. You pulled the small blanket up your body as you continued to watch, the chilly autumn weather now seeping in. Damn, why did I have to forget my heating blanket? You thought as you started shivering under Jungkook’s throw. The shorts and t-shirt you had on proving to be a bad idea. You then felt a hand around your wrist, pulling you with such force that you have no choice but to comply. You end up on Jungkook’s lap, hearing him mutter something about body heat and science.

The position you’re in isn’t the most comfortable, your legs ended up straddling one of his surprisingly large and firm thighs, but the heat was nice so you stayed. Besides, you kind of liked how his thigh felt, not that you would ever admit that out loud. Jungkook started complaining about not seeing properly, and moved you to the side, as you shifted yourself so he could see. The movement had you rubbing against his thigh in the best way, and before you could stop it, a breathy moan escaped your lips.

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Pulling Strings

Summary: You and Bucky set out to annoy each other during your respective down time and get more than you bargained for.

Prompt(s): Can I make a request for 1, 7, and 8? I can see them as perfect banter lines between reader and Bucky!

1. “That’s starting to get annoying”
7. Well, that’s tragic.”
8. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

Warnings: swearing, that’s all. Just major floof

Word Count: 3993 I just cannot keep ‘em at reasonable lengths lately!

Author’s Note: I am the actual worst. I think I got this request in like, November from @captainmomofoshosho! And I started it then, but only got like 300 words in. Now here we are and I can’t stfu. My bad all around.

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Everyone knows that you like to play piano when you’re stressed. Everyone knows not to disturb you. Everyone including Bucky Barnes, but after decades of following orders, Bucky does exactly what Bucky wants.

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dating jonathan byers would include:
  • walks in the woods and talking about the most trivial things to the most absurd like aliens or other worlds out there in the universe
  • cuddles in private because he always feels shy when you suddenly hug him in public but that’s also one of his favorite things
  • hanging out at his room not really doing anything important, just listening to music while he sorts his photos and you singing along or just laying in bed enjoying the comfortable silence
  • you making him DIY stuff like cards or crocheted scarf because he doesn’t like it when you spend money on him
  • you still buying him gifts along with the DIY’s because he’s just so cute when he’s flustered
  • him trying to be mad at you but he can’t because you use the puppy eyes on him and he just really really loves you
  • him being guilty of doing the exact same thing, buying you gifts from the extra money he has because he loves it when he sees you getting excited over buttons or flowers or cool papers
  • you hugging him to death because you appreciate this man child baby so much who is so handsome when he smiles and when his eyes crinkle
  • him making a scrapbook for you for your 1st anniversary
  • you also making a scrapbook for him
  • laughing because you two are so alike 
  • you being included in family pictures
  • joyce treating you like a daughter and both of you trying to cook something nice for jonathan but failing miserably and jonathan ends up cooking for you guys because he loves seeing his girls smile
  • you and will singing in the top of your lungs while waiting for jonathan to come home and you really enjoy the times you spend with will because he’s so cute and he and his friends are cool
  • and you fitting in perfectly with the dynamics of the byers’ family
  • you just being so in love with him and his family that you’d do anything for them
  • him loving you so much that just the thought of you makes his day

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Dean meets the reader at a party and he finds out something about her that he doesn’t expect.

Prompt: “Will you for once stop thinking with your dick!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested: @blackcherrywhiskey

“Damn she’s fine.” Dean growls under his breath, practically eye fucking you as you stroll into the frat party.

“That’s Y/N. She’s cool. And a law major too so we have a good amount of classes together.” Sam explains before polishing  off his beer and chucking the empty can into the trash.

“Her friend is pretty good looking too. Let’s get on that and do a double date, man. I get Y/N though. You get…”

“Kelly. She’s Y/N’s girlfriend.” Sam finishes with an amused smirk followed by a full on snicker. Dean doesn’t catch on at first making his younger brother  laugh even harder.

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Roman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Prompt List

“Roman?” You asked but he continued to ignore you. “Hey!” You hissed. Even after you prodded him with your foot he didn’t look away from the cartoon that he’d for some reason put on.

“Huh?” He said after you tossed a pillow at him and he looked over at you.

“You’re seriously a man-child.” You teased before sitting up and stroking a hand through his hair. “I said you look really tired, you should go to bed.” He nodded with agreement and let you pull him to his feet.

I  know it’s not October yet but please consider:

Lance is a witch that lives near a lake in the center of a forest, dabbling in water magic and over all tending to the forest that his mother had hailed from. 

And Shirogane is a wolf shifter that Lance had fed once thinking it was a stray dog that had wandered too far from home, only to find a fully grown and very naked man sitting in his kitchen gazing down at a bowl of gravy and meat. 

Just as Lance is turning red and about to die from embarrassment Shiro starts to eat with his hands and Lance starts to freak out like ‘oh my god you poor man child, wait, i’ll get you a fork- don’t stick your face in the bowl!”

And that is how Witch lance gets a wolf shifter boyfriend and free forest protector.


Too Damn Long 

Summary: It isn’t until Bucky see’s how jealous Peter Quill’s relationship with the reader makes Steve, that he comes up with a perfect plan. Steve off all people should know what happens when you wait too long. 

Word Count: 5253

Authors note: The perfect mixture of; fluff, angst, and smut! Beware kiddos, this is gonna make you feel all TYPES OF WAYS! 

You’d just got done talking to Tony and made your way towards the compounds living room. There on the couch sat Bucky, raising an eyebrow at the fact that you were nearly skipping.

Smirking he asked, “What’s got you so happy doll? Did Steve final-”. You gave him your best bitch face, which only made his smirk grow. Bucky knew about your crush for the punk he liked to call his best friend.

Crossing your arms over your chest you said, “No this doesn’t involve Steve…it involves Peter Quill”. You and Peter go way back, and he was like family to you. The thing about you was that you were half alien, which is why you were part of the Avengers.

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Stolen Moments

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

Jensen Ackles x Female Reader

You work as a makeup artist on Supernatural during season 1. You find yourself very attracted to one of the stars.

Part 1 of ?

Contains some language, light smut, slow burn 

Requested tags and tags for possible interest: @jayankles @lilredniki @mamapeterson @akshi8278 @larajadeschmidt13 @jensen-gal @fandoms-have-ruined-my-life @xnathiagreyx @reagangeary @carribear31 @paigelovesmarcus @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @dean-in-the-devils-trap @bringmesomepie56 @winchester-writes @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish  @be-amaziing @agentmarvel13 @docharleythegeekqueen @feelmyroarrrr

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Newlyweds with the RFA

A/N: right so I’m an idiot bc i accidentally deleted the ask but this was requested by anonymous so here’s some cutesy fluff hope you like it lolol


  • You wake up before he does
  • He looks so peaceful sleeping next to you
  • lololol of course he’s drooling a bit but that’s ok it’s cute
  • His limbs are draped over you like a freaking koala bear but you don’t wanna move and wake your new husband so you settle with a smol kiss on the tiny bean’s nose
  • He does that super cute thing where he crinkles his nose a lil and you giggle
  • Yoosung opens his eyes slowly and when his eyes come into focus he just sees you lying next to him with the prettiest smile on your face
  • He begins to remember the wedding the night before and now he gets to wake up to you every morning and
  • He’s just so in love
  • He doesn’t need to say anything but there’s this big goofy grin on his face before he kisses you and holds you even closer
  • You’re both just so happy and in love and neither of you can’t wait to start the rest of your lives together

  • He wakes up first after an *ahem* eventful wedding night wink wonk
  • As he brushes a strand of hair away from your face, he can’t help but just admire your beauty
  • He’s convinced you’re the eighth wonder of the world
  • “How did I get so lucky?”
  • You stir a little bit and slowly begin to wake up to see your new husband
  • Zen places a soft kiss on your forehead as he mumbles a “good morning, princess”
  • god kill me if I ever hear his morning voice UGH
  • You wrap your arms around him and snuggle closer
  • When you lay your head on his chest you can hear his heartbeat and it’s just so soothing and you nearly fall back asleep
  • Zen notices and lets out a small laugh you know the really deep sexy laugh and ah fuck
  • But his eyes are getting droopy again and he ends up falling asleep with you curled up to him and a small smile on his face

  • When she wakes up the morning after the wedding, she reaches over to your side of the bed
  • But for some reason, you weren’t there
  • Now she’s awake and wondering where the heck you are
  • But then she starts to smell something
  • She sees you in the kitchen with a mug in each hand and gahhhh
  • Her heart is fluttering like crazy and she’s got the cutest smile on her face
  • And you’re smiling too because omg look at baehee my wife with her bedhead and cute pajamas and akdhakhdks
  • You hand her a mug of her favorite coffee and a kiss on her cheek
  • Jaehee is just so overwhelmed with love and happiness and she just blurts out “I love you so much, MC”
  • lol you better considering you’re MARRIED smh what a dork protect her
  • You just smile and tell her you love her too

  • You wake up to the smell of pancakes the morning after your wedding
  • At first, you’re really disoriented because you aren’t at the penthouse and forgot you and Jumin immediately went on the honeymoon once the wedding ended
  • But once you get your bearings, you head over to the kitchen to see Jumin making your favorite strawberry pancakes
  • You wrap your arms around him and lay your head against his back
  • You can’t see but he’s smiling like a dork
  • “Good morning, my love. I hope you slept well.”
  • Jumin turns around to place a kiss on your lips as you hum contently
  • You both stay like that for a moment before you decide to help him make breakfast
  • The entire time you two are stealing glances at each other and pecking each other on the lips as you cook omg how cute
  • He’s just looking forward to a morning like this with you every day now

  • Okay so just like Jaehee he wakes up and sees that you aren’t in bed next to him
  • Poor baby goes into PANIC MODE
  • Seven starts to wander around the house looking for you
  • “MC, where are you?”
  • “What if she’s hurt?”
  • baby calm down she literally went to the bathroom to go pee lol
  • He practically engulfs you in a big bear hug and is going on about how scared he was
  • You’re just standing there like “omg you’re so dramatic jesus christ”
  • It’s okay you love the child man anyway
  • You just go along with it and give him reassuring kisses and snuggles
  • He literally bridal-style carries you back to bed to cuddle even more
  • Seven is just super happy to finally call you his wife!!!!

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Requested By Anon

“You’re losing.” Klaus declared when he found you sat on a bench, watching the busy street hurry past.

“Nik I am not playing hide and seek with you.” You scoffed and he shrugged as if he didn’t’ understand why.

“Well then love you’ll lose and I will have a lovely evening with Rebekah while you watch over Elijah and Kol.” Klaus teased, chuckling as he sat on the bench next to you.

“Firstly, they’re thousands of years old and don’t need to be baby sat and second.” You looked at him as he smiled at you. “You’re seriously a man-child.”

“Would you prefer a treasure hunt?” He offered with a cheeky grin as he winked at you. “I could have the whole of New Orleans making it for you.”

“How exactly do you plan on doing that?” You sighed.

“I’m kind of a big deal.” He declared proudly.

“Touché.” You hummed, letting him take you hand and help you to your feet.

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Catboy Kang Daniel

Member: Kang Daniel // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff, Catboy AU

Plot: What happens when you encounter a strange boy in an alleyway?

Word count: 2354

Originally posted by kangj00n

“Dismissed.” The professor’s drawl set off a collection of books and laptops slamming shut as studies rushed out of lecture hall. Students were itching to enjoy the last of the warm rays of sunlight before winter would set in, with the boys already excitedly taking out their soccer balls and girls collecting in herds to go out for trips. You packed a little more slowly, mind wandering on what to do with your evening. Your best friend had been hospitalized recently from food poisoning, but the last time you tried to visit, Chungha’s boyfriend had been all over her and it was uncomfortable to sit there and even act remotely interested as he fussed over if her bed angle was at 45 degrees or not.

I’ll just go home, you decide, and you sling your bag over your shoulder and walk out of the hall, waving to a few of the students you were friendly with. The leaves had turned from a crisp orange and red to a dull brown, and they were rattling as they seemed ready to shed for the winter. You shivered at the thought of how chilly your apartment would get. Perhaps you should have invested in a thick and furry throw for the bed after all.

You were alert on the walk home. Your apartment was off campus, and quite honestly there were some sketchy alleyways you had convinced yourself to be trouble to you one day or another. You would always run past the opening, unable to figure out why they were so dreadfully frightening to you. As you prepared yourself mentally for the run, a thundering clang of metal startled you. You tensed at the sound. It was vaguely familiar, and you wracked your brain to think of what it was. Metal? Alleyways… A trashcan? You were almost certain it was a knocked over trash can, and slowly took one cautious step forward. And then another. There was no way in heaven that you would just run past this time– what if whatever it was caught you? Finally you peeked past the corner as stealthy as possible, and saw a boy who could not have been much older than you with brown hair poking out from under his blue beanie, sniffing at the knocked over contents. You watched in utter fascination as he picked up a browned apple core, before sticking his tongue out. Surely he wouldn’t…

“No!” You shout, waving your hands as he flinched and dropped the apple with a yelp of surprise. “Don’t eat that! That’s old and nasty!” He jumped away, his teeth bared. His canines were unusually sharp, and you felt uneasy. Otherwise he looked like a relatively normal boy; sure his clothes were a bit old and tattered, and he looked like he needed a good meal and warm shower, but otherwise he was quite normal. And cute.

“Don’t come any closer.” He hissed. It sounded distinctly inhuman, but you tried to push back the unease. Instead, you held your hand out cautiously. He was obviously tired, and you had nothing else to do. Plus, your mother had always taught you to have a soft heart for those in danger or unable to take care of themselves.

“Hey, I’ll help you.” You lower your tone, meeting his sharp gaze with as confident of a smile as you could muster. He cautiously took a step forward, his eyes flitting around to check the situation as well as he could. Then he looked at your hand, which was only a few centimeters away, and rubbed his cheek against it, purring loudly. You froze. Holy cow, what was this guy?

“Are you-”

“I’m actually starving. I would appreciate a meal, and maybe a place to nap a bit.” He said matter-of- factly, and you sigh. You were curious, perhaps a bit frightened, of who this boy was. Still, you could tell the only way to win his trust was through caring for him to some degree.

“Let’s go to my apartment. I’ll take you in for a bit.” He brightened considerably at this. “Do you have a name?”

“Kang Daniel. And you?”

“____.” He gives a childish grin at this, and runs circles around you in what you would assume to be excitement, his eyes gleaming in the light.

“Well, ___. Let’s get walking!” He ran ahead blindly, and you rolled your eyes at how hyperactive this guy was. Eventually he broke into a leisurely stroll, and kept blabbering about random stuff. Apparently he liked climbing into boxes and small spaces for shelter, and had a roommate but was forced out recently. He could not recall his family, but he was cheerfully certain that they were around somewhere.

“What about your age?” You ask as you pull the key from your necklace and unlock your front door. He thought for a moment, before shrugging.

“I was born somewhere in 96. I think.” That was a year earlier than you. This weird man- cat- child was actually older than you.

“I see.” He sprang into your house, looking at the clean interior with mischief in his eyes. You could already see the havoc he was going to induce. “Before anything, how about you wash up?” He nodded, before sticking his tongue out towards his wrist. You grabbed his hand, pulling it away before he could make contact.

“I meant a shower.” He frowned at this.

“You’re trying to make me touch water?” He asked incredulously, and you sighed.

“Do you not know what a shower is?” He shrugged. This was going to be a long day. You made him sit down on the dining table chair, and ran off to your room. There was a box of clothes tucked away in your closet, full of what your ex- boyfriend had left at your apartment after trips. Shirts, pants, and finally you reached and fished out a pair of swimming trunks. You came back out, praying it would fit him.

“Daniel.” You said seriously, and he looked up from the bird he had been intently staring at that was on the windowsill. “Go into the bathroom, and put this on. I need you to take off your clothes and put this on where your pants are, okay?” He nodded, before bounding off towards the door your finger was pointing at. It was going to be tough. The bathroom was tiny, and if the boy had no idea what he was going to do, then there was no point in you leaving him there alone.

“I did it!” He yowled triumphantly, and ran out. You sighed when you saw the beanie still on his head, but almost did a double take at how perfect his abs were. No lingering, you chided to yourself.

“Uh. Good job.” You fumbled with the words, before leading him away towards the bathroom once more. You locked the door, rolling up your sleeves and determined to get him clean. You turned on the shower, making sure the water was not too warm. “Get in the tub.” He flinched at the sight of the water, but your iron grip on him forced him into water. The hair poking out from under his beanie rose slightly at the contact, and you pulled it off with a quick yank.

He let out a yelp of surprise, and you felt your lower jaw slacken and fall open in shock. Poking out from his brown hair were cat ears. It suddenly made sense why his hair was so long and covered the spot where your ears would be proportionally on him. He shrunk into the corner of the tub as much as possible, and you forced yourself to breath calmly. He was a friendly creature. He would not harm you. You try to smile, hoping it did not come out as a grimace of confusion.

“Is there anything else I should know?” You say in a surprisingly calm tone. He gives a troubled stare, the water that was bothering him initially no longer fazing him. Slowly he reaches behind him, and pulls something out from behind of his trunks. A tail. He has a brown tail.

“I’ll… leave.” He got up, but you block him with your arms spread out. You were not a fan of cats, but clearly he was clueless on what the outside world was like.

“No! I’m cool with you. It’ll take a bit of adjusting, but it’s too cold for you to go out and I promise I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable so please…” Your voice trailed off uncertainly. He sat back down again, looking defeated.

“I didn’t want to scare you. I just wanted a friend, somewhere safe.” He mumbled, and your heart shattered. You offered him the shampoo, showing him how wit bubbled. He fixated on the bubbles, cheering instantly as he would dart his hands out to pop the few that would float out of his hair as you did your best to wash it. You hadn’t a clue how to wash the ears, but you were certain the suds should not be entering it. He purred when you rubbed his hair to lather, and you tried to not laugh as he became somber once more when you had to wash it out with the shower head. You let him figure out how to use the body wash.

“I’ll be back with a towel. I’ll leave it on the sink over there, and I’ll make you some food.” You excuse yourself. You exit the bathroom, only realizing then how you were soaked completely from the waist upward. You changed into your pajamas, before throwing a towel onto the counter and exited for the kitchen. You had no idea what he would eat. Did he have eating restrictions? Did cats have eating restrictions? Was he more human or cat? You settled on giving up your last salmon fillet for him, and made it with as minimal ingredients as possible. You would search online later how to satisfy a cat’s dietary needs.

He came out, still in the swimming trunks, and you cursed mentally at how you had forgotten to give him a change of clothes. They were tracking water into your dining area as he followed you curiously to figure out what the aromas were.

“Stay there!” You ran back to pick out some sort of clothes for him. Sweatpants. Crewneck. Thick socks. You came back with them, handing it to him. He took them gratefully, before giving you a quick lick on the cheek and walking off to the bathroom once more. You blushed. Was that his equivalent of a peck or was it just regular cat behavior? You sighed, trying to fight the inward squeamishness you had. In reality, you had a fear of cats. Your aunt’s cat had clawed you when you were seven, shredding the skin of your forearm into a bloody mess. There were still scars there, faint lines that seemed to tingle every time you saw a cat after that day. Even now, you were forcing yourself to see Daniel more as a human than a cat. But how does he exist?

He came back out, looking satisfied, before hurtling towards the table where you had set up his food. You watched in silent shock as he used no utensils or his hands, and instead took quite and precise bites of the fillet, which vanished in a matter of seconds. He let out a content burp, before looking around.

You took his plate, and he followed you into the kitchen, waiting patiently as you put the plate into the sink and turned on the faucet. Then, he ducked his head under, lapping at the water.

“Daniel! No!” You prod him out of the way, before glaring at him. “That’s not how you drink water!”

“It’s fine, calm down.” He said, but still accepted the water bottle you threw at him with startling accuracy. “I could use a nap though.” He glanced around a bit more, before finally settling down in the sunny spot of your sofa.

You sighed, before getting your old knitted blanket and handing it to him. He took it gratefully, before pulling you down beside him. You stiffened as he curled up closer to you than you would have liked, before letting out a rattling purr.

“This was the best day of my life.” He murmured as sleepiness overtook him. The words lodged into your mind, and you softened. Help those who are in need, especially the young and clueless. “I don’t think I can even remember that much, but I’m just thankful for you.” He let out a soft snore, his head on your lap. You realized you couldn’t move without waking him, but you strangely did not want to move either. You were enchanted at how his furry ears twitched periodically, how his tail flickered ever so slightly. His dark lashes were long, and a few times you thought they were about to flutter open. What did he dream of? Did he chase butterflies and mice, or did he dream of the same nonsense humans had?

You lifted a hand slowly, before reaching down to stroke his hair. You could not help it. It was astonishing how soft and fluffy his hair was, already perfectly in place after his shower and meal. He was still shockingly handsome, even as he was knocked out in dreamland, and for the first time in a while, you could feel your heart opening up just a little for this boy. A warm hand wrapped around the one that was petting him, and you were startled from your thoughts as you saw him smiling up at you.

“After I finish this nap, I’m going to teach you how to climb trees and catch mice and hide in small spaces so we can do it all together.” He said with a content sigh. He sat up momentarily, before hugging you tightly and knocking both of you over onto the couch, his tail wrapping around your side protectively. “But for now, let’s nap.”

by your side.

1, 8, & 42. “That’s starting to get annoying” “You’re seriously like a man-child” “Stop being so cute”

requested by @onedirection-hnll

Sorry, this took a minute to get done. I was trying to work out a scenario for this and it finally came to me while watching one of my favorite films! Enjoy.

“Are you serious?” the prickling sound of judgment in your boyfriend’s voice, inflicted embarrassment in you. The lump in your throat was tight, almost like you couldn’t breathe from the tone of his voice. The situation wasn’t that serious to him, but it was to you. He never understood your fears, and always brushed them off as you being stupid and worried. Public transportation was something you absolutely dreaded. Trains, buses, trolleys, planes, and even elevators weren’t things you were comfortable with. You’d rather take the stairs and avoid as many people of situations as you could then use public transportation.

“You’re so fucking scared of everything. I can’t take you anywhere without you ruining it with your stupid fear” his words were like a punch in the gut. You felt like a burden to him and everyone around you.

But things were different now.

“I’m sorry you ever had to deal with a person like that” Harry said, referring to your ex-boyfriend. Memories of that time in your life was always in the back of your mind. You were dumbfounded that you let someone like that into your life and let them belittle you. Then again you were the type to take constructive criticism to broadly. You let constructive part turn into pure judgment, and you never defend yourself. It was something that you’ve been trying to throw into the past for a year now. When you met Harry, you were afraid he’d be the same way. His job required him to go to a lot of public places at times, and as his girlfriend, he would often times ask you to go with him.

The first time you explained to him your fears, he was understanding of all of them. He didn’t push you to do anything, and he assured you that he’s always gonna be there for you. In denial was basically your best friend, when people told you they would be there for you. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust them, it was just the lack of promises.

Harry just finished his first leg of the tour and wanted you to come back home with him for a week to meet his family and friends. You’ve never been out of the country, and you sure as hell haven’t been on a plane since you were really little. You prepared yourself in secret, looking up ways to stay calm, and how to prevent yourself from panicking. The immense feeling of not wanting to look embarrassing, worried you even more. Little did you know, Harry noticed this, and it broke his heart. “My love, what’s going on?” he cooed, watching you look at the computer screen at the astounding search results of remedies. You didn’t even make eye contact with him, your goal to find something, growing.

“This says if I take some Benedryl before the flight, I can sleep through it,” you said, scrolling down the page.

“Baby-” he started, but you cut him off.

“..Or I could do this” you pointed to many things on the screen, before Harry shut the laptop. He turned the chair towards himself, admiring your beautiful face. It was just a moment of silence, Harry trying to figure out what to say.

“Look at me,” he said, placing his finger under your chin to give him your attention. Your eyes locked with his, the sadness showing through him. “I’m gonna be with you throughout this whole trip alright? I’m never going to leave your side, and we’re gonna get through this together yeah?” he spoke slow, his thumbs tracing over your hands as she did. You felt stupid for worrying so much, that you were constantly wasting your time worrying. But Harry didn’t blame you. No one ever let you be okay with your fears, they always yelled at you for them.

Your stomach turned the whole way to the airport, and when you finally sat in first class with Harry it subsided. His hands intertwined with yours the whole time, occasionally kissing yours when you became nervous. I can’t do this, you thought. But it wasn’t like you could get off, even though you desperately wanted to unbuckle and run off the plane. Stress ran through your veins, the pit feeling of nervousness boiling in you. Harry panicked to himself when he saw how distressed you were, not knowing what to do at the moment. He remembered from first dates and impromptu talks in bed that you HATED when people did this one thing. Recited monologues. The strangest pet peeve he’s ever heard. You didn’t mind movies, in fact, you loved them, but you couldn’t stand when people would talk over them when they knew every word. You hated when people would recite opening monologues like it was something different. It never contributed to the conversation, and it just annoyed you.

Harry decided it was time to distract you, in the sense that you were seconds away from bursting into tears. Past girlfriends of his came and gone, but one that he always remembered was one that was a film major. She always made him watch films with her, classic, modern, and even foreign. He never caught on with most of them, besides one that they both watched constantly. He remembered the opening dialogue like the back of his hand. Why? He had no idea.

“They bought it! Incredible! One of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second. How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this? This is my ninth sick day this semester” Harry began, adding charisma to the character of his voice. You stopped for a second, looking at him, eyebrows furrowed together. He couldn’t be doing this. “It’s getting pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. If I go for ten, I’m probably gonna have to cough up a lung, so I better make this one count” he continued.

“That’s starting to get annoying,” you said to him, as he smirked.

“The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. It’s a good non-specific symptom. I’m a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a deadlock, but, uh, you get a nervous mother, and you could end up in the doctor’s office” He kept going, the look on your face making him want to bust out laughing.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.You’re seriously like a man-child!” you whisper-yelled, even though there was only a couple of people in first class. They looked in your direction as Harry tried to continue his awful rendition of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. His attempt to make you distracted was working, and before you knew it, the plane was already in the air. It was the first time in a long time where you didn’t have so much uneasiness built up in you. The weight that’s been choking you for so long, was slowly beginning to lift off.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t be that bad” he smirked, knowing his method of weird reenactments worked. You couldn’t believe this man, this man that you were so helplessly in love with. Grateful is an understatement when you thought about him. He accepted you for who you were, and he thought you were absolutely perfect. To him, there was nothing that could make him not love you, especially a little fear like this.

“Don’t know what I’d do without you” you smiled, squeezing his hand as you laid your head on his shoulder. Harry kissed the top of your head, lingering there for a moment. You eased into his gesture, your heart fluttering because of his gentleness towards you.

“Maybe next time I’ll do my version of Saturday Night Fever” he giggled, causing you to playfully roll your eyes. “The Bee Gees are good plane entertainment” he chuckled.

Stop being so cute,” you said, hiding your laughs into the sleeve of his shirt.


a/n: wanted to indulge. sorry for the bad writing

When Alfred heard there was a possibility he could be rooming with an omega, yes, his mind had fabricated a few fantasies he wouldn’t have minded coming true.

It would be a slow-burn romance, he had decided. He would walk in to find his roommate struggling to unpack- a quirky omega surrounded in a charming mess. Alfred would help them clean up, and the omega would look at Alfred like he was some sort of angel.

Alfred would introduce himself and their hands would touch. Sparks would fly.

Yes, well, it’s not like he’d ever expected to walk in and find the dorm room parted down the middle in a roll of masking tape, with one side furnished reminiscent to Alfred’s summers spent as a child in his grandparents’ house. No, it wasn’t the omega Alfred had expected to see behind those dorm doors, not with a pair of shorts revealing long, long legs, and perhaps some camp shirt paired with it because outdoorsy-omegas really were Alfred’s type.

Rather, it was one clad in clothes Alfred hadn’t expected to see on anyone in the dead heat that day. It was a long-sleeved sweater with full-length trousers, a crease between those thick, dark brows as he buried his nose in a book Alfred remembered being forced to read in high school.

“Hey, you must be my roommate!” Alfred had said with a light chuckle, extending his hand.

And the omega- Arthur, as he would later introduce himself with a huff- glanced up at him as if Alfred was gum under his new shoes. “Great. A jock.”

There were definitely a few things off about Alfred’s fantasy.

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I just want to make the best music of all time with my best friends.

You are, Chris, believe me. You’re so selfless that even on your own birthday you gift us, your fans, with more amazing music. Thank you. It’s hard to believe the world has been graced with someone as sweet, as humble, as down to earth, as talented and as positive as you (let’s not forget funny), yet here you are proving time and again that good people do exist and that we should no take them for granted. I’m proud to say I’m your fan and I’ll always love you and the music you wake along with the boys. Happy 40th birthday, you man-child Chris! Hope you never lose your spark.