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I think it's been super obvious for a long, long time that J2, Jared especially, doesn't understand destiel fans. Why destiel is important to them, why they see it as romantic, what it would mean to them for it to be legitimized. No one should be surprised, or angry, anymore. This is not the first time they've said something like this. And then the merry go round of the same responses come up. "We're not crazy," "J2 has no creative control over the show," etc. It can make you tried.

Yeah, if you are looking for representation, look elsewhere. Its being done so well by so many others at this point. If you want a fun monster fightin’ story about family that pulls at emotional heartstrings, SPN is the place to be. If you want the best of both worlds - SPN and representation - look to the fans. We do it best! 

Sometimes it seems really odd to me that they don’t see it or get it, considering the fandom isn’t exactly quiet about it’s passion and emotional connection to this ship. To say there is nothing there is just #AlternateFacts.

And then, if Destiel ever did happen (doubtful) we would all just be pleasantly surprised. 


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

it’s tempting to be overly defensive to try to make 2017 a good year but don’t. allow healthy conversation and stay open. you’re still not perfect. you can mess up and so can other people. just because it doesn’t make you feel good doesn’t mean it’s negativity.

Entire Fandom: Karamatsu is painful, gross, slutty and completely unnecessary.

Other Matsus:

Me: Haha, yeah, he definitely is the worst.

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

character aesthetic: julian blackthorn - lady midnight by cassandra clare

“In the dark and the shadows where secrets lived, that was where Julian survived. It was how he had managed for years.”


((Hey everyone! Sorry for 3 random ooc posts in a row, but I have good news! For those of you who are fans of the Dead & Gay shirt that occasionally makes appearances on the blog, you can now actually buy the shirt!

I recently made a Society6 shop, so if you want a Dead & Gay shirt, head over there!! Or you can get a Dead & Gay hoodie, or mug, whatever floats your boat. Or, if you prefer, there are other Dead & Pride designs, so you can show off your sexuality and mortality at the same time.

That’s all!! Thank you for reading.))

I know a lot of you don’t know since you’re new followers and I deleted all of my old posts, but this is my art from February of 2016:

This is from recently:

The first picture is a little embarrassing, but hey, it shows how I’ve improved. There’s still a lot I don’t know, but I’m proud of how much I’ve done in a year. 


based on dookiecupcake’s super cute fem bunny au <3