what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (i’ll probably fix some of these later LOL enjoy!)

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anonymous asked:

Your art is my aesthetic, also do you have a reference on how you draw hair and eyes??? If you don't mind me asking and if it's not to much trouble. Your art and style is just beautiful.

for the eyes i hope u don’t mind me doing diff expressions??

some hair:

eyes + hair=

and yes that’s eliza she’s fun to do expressions with :3c


✿  ☆ Clarity Hair ☆   ✿

PHEW, this took a while. I spent two days non-stop learning how to convert hair and this is the result, it’s my first conversion so there will be mistakes. I’m still learning how to UV map and transfer weights so there is issues when your sim moves the hair might clip through them. Also,this hair looks best with baby hair. :) Let me know if there are any problems! *I did not create this hair, only converted it!*

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

  • I’m horrible at swatches & colors but it comes with dreads, unnaturals and a few natural colors. Please feel free to recolor.
  • Teen - Elder
  • Female
  • FULL CREDIT TO OCCULT @ IMVU, I just converted, recolored & made it compatible for the Sims 4!
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