also if youre one of the people who dialed my phone while i was sleeping i dont care how you got my number but please ignore my voicemail message i recorded that in 10th grade and im too lazy to change it

I am 3 away from 50 followers! (I actually never expected to get more than like, my three irl friends.) I know a good 50% of those are porn blogs, but I’m still feeling happy. Thank you!

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The girl who gave C the sun/moon phone case was at the soundcheck, and Mila said "She made me a case with that image of a sun and moon that I'm obsessed with", and that seemed to get Dinah's attention 👀. Then L said "Oh, she made that?", and C "Yeah, she did" 🌚

I know that it’s all “iphones are cool androids drool” or whatever but I want you to know that last night at a thai restaurant I dropped my phone in a toilet full of pee, calmly fished it out, discreetly but throughly rinsed it in the sink and then went about my business so like…this begs the question: WHO IS REALLY WINNING AT LIFE HERE?

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Serious question as I try to wrap my mind around hiddleswift...why would she start "dating"him just so people think the album isn't about CH? Seems like a lot of work and a lot of people to rope in to the new lie. No one can be that petty.

“No one can be that petty”

Lmao are we talking about the same person? You do realize we’re talking about Taylor here right? The same Taylor that dedicated an entire song and video to blasting (literally) Katy Perry for “stealing” her backup dancers even though they were contracted with KP to begin with? Or the same person who blasted Harry at an award show (that he was in attendance at) in relation to a song that she wrote before she even fake dated the guy? Or the entire 1989 album if we wanna get technical. Are we talking about the same Taylor who wrote better than revenge? The same one who posted her breakup phone call on YouTube? Are we talking about the same Taylor Swift who tried to trademark the YEAR 1989? Or the one who’s team made it seem like Calvin was hiding the fact that she wrote TIWYCF when it turns out she was the one who wanted the pseudonym? Or wait, are we talking about the same Taylor who slammed Kanye for writing a misogynistic song and taking credit for her fame during her Grammy award speech even though she knew about it the whole time and told him she was going to tell everyone she was in on it. Is that the Taylor were talking about?

I could keep going but I think you get my point. She IS that petty. And tbh this deal with Tom was to benefit him more so than her.

And if it seems like a lot of work, let’s not forget this is the same Taylor who wore 4 bikinis on a 2 days Bahamas trip to make it seem like she was there longer. The same Taylor who flew Calvin out to Colorado for 10 hours so they could build a snowman, take a couple photo ops, and then sell the story to People like they had a vacation when everyone knew he went overseas and spent Christmas with his family. The same Taylor who wrote a song about being in love even though she was “single” at the time and then tried to say the song was about Jack and Lena even though both of them were like wha?¿?¿. So yeah, it may seem like a lot of work, but it’s nothing she hasn’t done before.

if you’re the kind of person who keeps swiping through people’s pictures on their phone when they try to show you one we can’t be friends

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Good vibes: I have a terribly deep bass voice that makes me super dysphoric and I can't seem to do anything about it. But today I was on the phone with a customer service rep who called me "ma'am" the whole time, despite not having asked my name or anything about me, and despite me not even trying to pass!


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(ratbag-junker) to: bigbacon; wrong## to: magictrix [txt] did u see trixxs ass today????? tehm thighs jiggle like jelly

Sketching up designs for her next contraption Trix sat leaned over her desk scribbling away, when her phone vibrated dancing across her night stand. “Fff who could that be?” She groaned pushing away from her desk she swiveled in her chair over to it. Flicking it unlocked it was a text from a Junker, Jamie to be specific. Reading the text she snorted giggling softly shaking her head as she quickly texted him back. Poor guy must have texted her on accident. 

[Text: Junkbutt💣] Is that so?

Wrong number- @ratbag-junker