An idea I have for a fic:

  • Modern day AU (OBVIOUSLY, have you met me?)
  • Credence is working in a witch supply shop (will have to research what these are called idk)
  • He doesn’t believe in magic or anything, he just needs the money
  • The shop is owned by this old woman who swears she’s psychic and so there’s a tarot reading sign on the door
  • A MAN (NEWT) walks in and asks for his tarot to be read
  • Newt is cute
  • Credence is smitten
  • Credence doesn’t know a damn thing about tarot but he can bluff this
  • Especially if it means talking to cute Newt for a good few minutes
  • So he gets out the deck and shuffles it and I would research this but I feel if I don’t know what I’m doing it adds realism to Credence not knowing what he’s doing
  • He lays out the cards and he doesn’t know what they’re all called so he’s reading them and trying to make up a story
  • Newt wants to know what his future holds
  • Credence tells him some pretty bland stuff and he can see Newt’s shoulders slumping
  • So he says “OH! You’re going to fall in love! It says here!”
  • And Newt perks right up
  • “When?”
  • And Credence bites his lip, and surreptitiously checks his watch
  • “Around 2:46pm today”
  • Newt checks his watch
  • “That’s now”
  • “Huh”
  • “You got that all from the cards?”
  • “Yeah, that’s my job, I tarot read, that’s my job”
  • “Okay, because I was told by the old woman who normally reads my cards to come here at this precise time to get my tarot read and she does it very differently”
  • “And what did she say?”
  • “That I’d fall in love. At around 2:46pm”

I may write this idk I just really like confident!Credence and dumb fluffy situations. If you want to write it instead, inbox me and let me read it when you’re doneeee. <3

They pass the afternoon blunt.

“so… yeah..! okay, now that we’re a little high… i’ve got something fun for us. how about some corny pick up lines? for practice..? i’ll go. have you ever read Looking for Alaska? “Ya’ll smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.” i was thinking… well… i smoke to die too, but at least it’s dying while having a smoke with you. shit! not gonna lie, this is mad tripping me out.“

“let’s talk about your smile for a minute. the way you smile with such happiness? they can’t take that away from me… unless they take your eyes… or my smile.”

Laughter is being shared between the two with the half-gone blunt as an hourglass. They both decided that skipping class for one day during senior year is becoming pretty stoked.

“okay that’s pretty fucking good. how about this. if you already have a romeo, i’m fine with being your side romeo.”

She chokes while taking a long drag and coughs herself into character.

“oh. my. god. dead. hold up. baby, when i’m with you, within seconds i’m sweating. you are the most effective personal trainer.”

They’re trying real hard not to be too loud, someone might be around, but at this point, who fucking cares, right?

“we’re totally killing this shit, huh? look at us. i’m high. you’re high. talk about putting someone on a high pedestal.”

“oh lord.”

“… hey… i’m glad that you showed up today…”

“dude, like don’t fuck up the buzz. let’s just laugh.”

“yeah, i’m sorry… look, i’m just going to miss you a lot, okay? like a lot, a lot. no bullshit.”

“i’m going to miss you “a lot, a lot” too.“

The roach scatters as it hits the lawn. They always come here after lunch, but today’s a little different. School is almost over. Under the football stadium bleachers it was just nature and them. No one to tell them how to act, how to behave, who to like, what grades to make, no one to break their true identities, beneath those bleachers they could be The Joker and Harley Quinn and that’s the best part about today. They get to have the last laugh without Batman fucking shit up. As the sun leans over to eavesdrop onto them–

Their smiling, this is exactly how they’ll remember each other. Happy. Stoned af. Lit. Just living. Being. As something genuine.
—  The Ate & The Bunso
Angst/anger sentence starter

“I don’t think you realize who you’re talking to…”

“Oh! Now you’re mad?!”

“I didn’t fucking ask you!”

“If I were you I would fucking move now…”

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

“I could have swore I was suppose to be my own worst enemy but instead it’s you!”

“You lied…”

“Who the hell cares,huh? Shut up.”

“Thank god I never loved you…”

“You think you’re so fucking special,huh?”

“You piece of fucking trash!”

“I saw you with {him/her/them}…”

“How long were you going to keep up this stupid little game?”

“Saying I don’t matter would have made this a lot easier!”

“Just hurt me.”

“Why should I care if you never did?!”

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Can I request "I'll hold you together" with Bruce Wayne? You're such a beautiful writer ❤❤

He just stares at you, eyes wide, and you can see him trying to wrap his mind around the words.

“You carry the world on your shoulders,” you continue, taking his hands in yours, smiling sadly. “But you don’t have to do it alone, Bruce. You take care of Gotham, of Alfred, of the boys and I. But who’s there for you, huh? Who takes care of you?”

He just keeps staring, and you giggle lightly as you reach out and lay a hand on his cheek, leaning on your toes to rest your forehead against his.

“Let me help you, Bruce Wayne. Let me carry some of that weight.”

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Alter Ego: If you’re seeing this, it means either my master is dead – leaving behind a very fabulous-looking corpse – or he’s been captured by the mastermind behind this whole killing school life.

Byakuya: The mastermind, huh? That guy sure is mysterious.

Makoto: I wonder who he is.


Alter Ego: He’s the one who has been orchestrating all these killings. I’ve been learning what I can by infiltrating his network, but I haven’t uncovered much.

Byakuya: Interesting. We haven’t been able to discover a lot either. Fascinating.

Makoto: Whoever he is, he must be made to pay.


Alter Ego: However, I did find this old photograph, suggesting you may have known each other before you were trapped in here, and that your memories could have been altered. I believe the mastermind wants to create enough despair to lay waste to all mankind!

Byakuya: This guy sure is a piece of work. I care a lot about all of this information.

Makoto: ……Huh-



Because I have so many free time on hand, (and worst case of feels for these nerds from 70′s)  here’s a tribute dedicated to the phenomena which controls a major portion of my life.

We can’t

Genre: Angst, (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Other members mentioned

Length: 9201 words

Part: 1/1 (May expand on this)


Request:  au with Yoongi as the reader’s older step-brother (no blood related) where he falls in love with her. Reader is also in a relationship (anyone from the maknae line). NB- happy ending - well anon, i hope you like it!

Originally posted by jungsooneul

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Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Request: Hi! Your recent imagine was so cute! Can I get one where the Edmund and reader are already courting but they haven’t told anyone yet. And then one evening, after doing a bunch of work, they forget Peter is in the room, and one of them says “good night, love you” or gives a goodnight kiss? And Peter is sorta confused/flabbergasted? Thanks xx

Edmund Pevensie x Reader - The Cat’s Been Let Out of the Bag
Setting: the Golden Age
Contains: Mer
Word Count: 625

Have fun~! I hope it’s okay because I couldn’t think of something they could work on while making the story flow. LOL. Sorry ;u;

Edmund had his arms loosely wrapped (Y/n) as he hugged her from behind. She looked up at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek which lasted a bit longer than usual. 

“What’s up, Ed?” (Y/n) asked as she continued to work in the kitchen.

“Hmm, nothing much. I just wanted to see you,” Edmund rested his chin on her head. He knew she hated that. “What’s up with you?” 

“Nothing much,” (Y/n) tried to shake Ed off of herself. “You know how much I enjoy cooking.” 

“Of course, and you know how much I enjoy your cooking.” Edmund then started to put a little bit more of his weight on her.

“Eddd, get off of me.” (Y/n) whined. She put down the knife and tried to get him to unwrap his arms around her. 

“Never!” Edmund hugged her tighter. (Y/n) huffed and then picked up the kitchen knife again. Don’t worry, she didn’t use it against him. She just continued working with Edmund the parasite attached to her. Not that she minded. 

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Then put him in his place

Let’s take dance classes

Your cousin, huh?

Couldn’t even let us finish, damn (SQUAAAAAAAAD)

Who cares that you’re 17?

Ps. Your boobs look great

Uh… Merry Christmas, by the way

And don’t eat all the cookies

A happy girlfriend who actually passed her class

Maybe you should go and see a doctor or something

I stand corrected

Don’t think I didn’t see the article

Wanna kiss it better?

And your itty bitty titties

Not when I know you love her

He gives me cuddles

You’re such a dad but ok

Not till I’m done with you

There’s nothing we can do

Damn right I’d get like this

I’ll get rid of them

Please take it down

Since I’m gay n all

The One With The Choice (PART 2)

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader x Jace Wayland

Summary: Alec get’s engaged to Lydia and doesn’t deny cheating on you when you confront him. Desperate to get away from his engagement party, you and Jace end up in a heated make out session at Pandemonium. But what happens when you don’t know the whole truth?

A/N: congrats to those who wanted jace to win!!! and sorry to those who wanted alec. however, for alec fans, a new imagine is right here! sorry part 2 took so long, i’m not so satisfied with how this turned out but do let me know how you like it and if you guys would like to see more shadowhunters imagines! (i even threw in a little malec to give alec a happy ending!)

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

You wake up the next morning with your head pounding and your eyes stinging.

“Fucking hangover,” you grumble, chugging down the glass of water on your bedside table.

You shoot up, sitting straight as a blurred imagine of you and Alec arguing crosses your mind.

What had happened last night?

“You don’t look so good sweetie,” you hear Isabelle’s voice next to you and turn to find her flicking through a magazine, her eyes flicking towards you in a disapproving look.

“You try drinking as much as I did last night and still looking good,” you grumble and she smirks, “I do; every time.”

“Whatever,” you scoff, tossing a pillow at her.

“So, you and Jace really went at it last night, huh?”

“So what, we made out, who cares?” you mumble, your face buried in your pillow.

“I’m talking about after all the making out – you know, the stuff you did that forced me to wear earplugs in the next room,” she giggles and you stare at her, slowly sitting up again.

“Please tell me that’s a joke,” you say, staring at her, petrified.

“Oh my god, you don’t remember,” her eyes widen.

“Remember what?”

“You and Alec got into a screaming fight last night.”

“I remember us arguing…”

“He confronted you about being in love with Jace and you were really drunk-“

“Oh my god, and I agreed?”

“Yeah,” she looks at you apologetically, “Alec called off the engagement and ran out of the institute.”

“And then?”

“Then Jace confronted you about your feelings and I’m assuming one thing led to another.”

“Please tell me you’re joking?!”

“Honey, I wish I was,” she gives your hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Well, if Jace and I-“ you clear your throat, “Then where is he?”

“I kicked him out this morning to give you some peace and quiet.”

“I’m too embarrassed to see him.”

“There’s a chance he won’t remember either – he was pretty drunk from Pandemonium plus everything he downed at the engagement party.”

“Great,” you grumble.

“Actually, I remember,” Jace smirks in the doorway. As you meet his eyes you sink into your bed, pulling the sheets over your head.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Isabelle says awkwardly. Her spot in the bed is instantly replaced by Jace who pulls the sheets down slightly, his cocky smirk faltering.

“Hey you,” he smiles warmly, “How are you feeling?”

“Like hell,” you grumble, avoiding meeting his eyes.

“You can’t even look me in the eye,” he laughs, tilting your face to look at him, “Izzy has no idea what she’s talking about.”


“We didn’t have sex, we just made out a lot and maybe did a few other things – but we didn’t have sex.”

“Oh, thank god,” you place a hand over your chest and he looks at you, clearly amused, “Ouch,” he whispers, raising his brows.

“No – it’s not that. It’s just, I think our friendship can recover from the “other stuff” but not so much from having sex.”


“Yeah, I mean, you do want to stay friends, don’t you?”

“What happened to what you said yesterday?”

“I’m going to be 100% honest here and tell you that I don’t remember anything past getting to the engagement party. Izzy told me that I told Alec I had feelings for you – but I was drunk and it was probably to make him jealous so…

“So you don’t actually remember what we agreed on?”

“Agreed on?”

“We basically decided to stay friends-“

“Oh good.”

“-and maybe do some other stuff.”


“We were both pretty drunk so it’s totally cool if you don’t want to anymore. I just want you to know – or understand I guess, I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you or anything. I would never-“

“I know,” you smile, “I’ll think about it.”

Jace nods, a smirk on his face before he looks at you seriously, “Alec disappeared.”

“I hear he called off the engagement.”

“Yeah, do you remember what you two argued about yesterday?”

You close your eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before you stare at Jace, “I do now.”


“He asked me to pick between you and him…”


“I picked you… I said it would always be you.”

Jace grins and you narrow your eyes, “Sorry,” he mumbles, “Not the time.”

“Why did you say that?”

“I thought it was to make him jealous but I remember the whole argument. He accused us of being in love with each other and I kept telling him we weren’t and then he told me that he’d break off the engagement if I picked him and said we could runaway together… but I told him I didn’t want to anymore. And that kissing you made me realize what it would be like to be with someone who put me first.”

“And then?”

“He said something about wanting me to be happy and that it would only happen if he wasn’t around.”

“What does that even mean?”

“Maybe he thought you wouldn’t go for it since you’re his parabatai?”

“Well he’s right – technically you and I aren’t-“

“I know – we’re just, messing around or just-“


“Should we not do that?” you stammer and Jace slowly shakes his head, “I still want to, do you?” he asks and you nod slowly.

You both stare at each other awkwardly. How had you both gone from best friends to friends – with – benefits overnight? And was it a mistake?

You could still take it back but for some reason you couldn’t help but be greedy and want more than you already had with Jace. Maybe Alec was right and breaking up with him opened up your feelings for Jace – things you had refused to let yourself feel before. But what was Jace’s deal?

Was he just in it for the sex? Or did he just want to give it a go?

“Y/N?” he waves a hand in front of your face.

You clear your throat, “We’d better go find him.”


Alec stood in the middle of the graveyard, staring at your usual spot under the statue of the weeping angel as he thought about his conversation with you last night.

“I don’t want us to end but I think it’s obvious that even if you call of the engagement we aren’t going to get back together. Kissing Jace, it made me realize what it felt like to be put first Alec. And you never did that – you always put everything before me.”

“I want you to have that. I want you to be happy.”

“I’m not saying I’m in love with Jace. But even if I pick him, it’s not going to change how much I love you.”

“You love me differently to how you love Jace, y/n.”

“How so?”

“You’re used to me, you’re so used to me that thinking about being with anyone else seems crazy but you’re in love with Jace – he’s by your side every day, he’s everything you need, you’re just not willing to make the transition.”

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“I have to. There’s no way Jace will admit how he feels about you otherwise. At least if I leave, you’ll hate me less.”

“I don’t hate you, I could never hate you.”

“I still have to go. I have to call of this engagement and I have to leave. For you. For myself.”

“Alec!” a voice snaps Alec out of his thoughts.

He notices Magnus cantering through the graveyard, making his way toward him.

“You made quite the exit last night but you obviously didn’t make it very far,” he chuckles, trying to lighten the mood.

“I just wanted to make one last stop,” he states, nodding towards his bag.

“And where are you going to go from here?”

“Somewhere – anywhere.”

“Leaving behind your friends and family?”

“They won’t want me after the mess I’ve made.”

“Really? Because I just came from the institute and everyone was looking for you in a frenzy – especially your parabatai and ex-girlfriend,” he says slowly, watching Alec’s expression soften a little.

“She was really drunk last night when she forgave me. I figured when morning came, all the anger and hatred would return.”

“Maybe it will or maybe it won’t but you don’t get to find out if you run away.”

“You’re going to drag me back to the institute, aren’t you?”

“Either you come willingly or I portal your cute little ass back there.”

“My cute little what?” Alec raises and eyebrows and Magnus shakes his head, “Let’s go.”

As Alec walks through the doors of the institute a collective chatter spreads through the crowd. You push your way through, flinging your arms around his neck, “Oh thank god.”

“You’re not mad?” he stutters, stumbling backwards.

“Oh I’m mad alright. Mad that I forgave you last night and yet you still decided to leave.”

“I thought you wouldn’t feel so forgiving this morning.”

“Well I do,” you smile softly, “So don’t run off on me like that again.”

“Hey man,” Jace interrupts the two of and you step away as the two hug.

“You’re not going to beat the crap out of me for kissing y/n, are you?”

“No but Magnus tells me a little more happened after that and I might have to kick your ass for that.”

“About that,” Jace stammers and Alec raises a brow, “Mmmm?”

“We kind of agreed to be more than friends just because it was so good last nigh-“ Jace stops as he notices Alec’s expression, “Anyway, we won’t if you don’t want us to.”

“It’s fine,” Alec sighs, “She deserves to be happy and you deserve to make her happy.”

“So does that mean you won’t try knock my teeth out when we train?”

“No guarantees,” Alec laughs, “First I have to go see my parents, sort this mess out.”

Alec smiles at you before beginning to walk away, “Wait, Alec!” you call out, catching up to him, Jace by your side.

“Are you sure you’re okay with Jace and I being – whatever we are?”

Alec hesitates for a moment before nodding.

“Oh, don’t feel bad,” Magnus stands beside Alec, “Maybe it’s time he tries new things – finds something else that makes him happy,” Magnus winks, giving Alec’s shoulder a squeeze. Alec looks more reassured as they both walk off.

“He didn’t mean-“

“Who knows with Magnus,” Jace laughs, slowly pulling your hand into his.

“Can we talk for a minute?”


“Hey you!” Simon interrupts, picking you up and twirling you around, “I was worried when you disappeared last night.”

“Simon, what are you doing here?!”

“Came to check up on you,” he grins before his eyes meet Jace’s, “Oh relax Jace, I don’t bite,” he smirks, “Well, I won’t bite her.”

“Downworlders aren’t allowed in the institute,” Jace growls.

“Clary invited me,” he smirks.

“Relax Jace,” you glare at him, “I’m fine Simon. I went home with Izzy.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re okay. The way you looked last night – I was scared someone was going to rip that dress right off you,” he laughs nervously, biting his lip.

“Speaking of, I was wondering what you were doing tonight?”

“Oh, just – probably nothing.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up at eight? I would love to take you to dinner.”

“Sure,” you grin at him.

“Well, I spot Clary, so I’d better go.”

As Simon disappears you turn to find Jace staring at you, his arms crossed over his chest, “You’re really going to go on a date with a Vampire?”

“It’s just dinner.”

“You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up being dinner.”

“Jace, I thought we were staying friends?”

“That’s not what this is about!”

“Well, what is it about?’

“You – You’re – I’m-“

“Jace?” you laugh and he throws his hands up in the air, storming off.

By the time its 7, you’re already dressed and pacing around your room.

“Nervous?” Jace leans in the doorway, eyeing your outfit.

“A little. I don’t even like Simon that way. Why did I agree to go out with him?” you bite your lip.

“Maybe you wanted to make me jealous?” he suggests and you roll your eyes, “Oh please.”

“I’m serious.”

“Jace, why would I want to make you jealous?”

“Because I wanted to make you jealous. When I dated Clary and even now, when I said we should be friends with benefits instead of just admitting how crazy I am about you.”


“I know you feel the same way, just let yourself feel it.”

“Jace, I don’t think so.”

“Then let me prove you wrong?” he closes the distance between the two of you, his fingers delicately moving hair away from your face, “Let me show you.”


“Like this,” he whispers, placing kisses tenderly along your jawline before moving to your lips, “And this.”

Your lips part in a moan as you run your fingers through his hair, pulling him on top of you as you fall onto your bed.

“Okay, okay,” you whisper, both your breathing heavy as he pulls away, “Maybe I feel the same way,” you whisper as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, “Now can we get back to doing what we’re doing?”

“No,” he states, climbing off you.


“No,” he pauses, “I’m going to take you on a real date so cancel on Simon tonight.”

“This date better be damn good. Simon was going to take me to one of the hottest parties of the year tonight.”

“Trust me it will be,” he smirks, “And if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it up to you,” he kisses you on the cheek.

A/N: don’t forget to check out alec’s new imagine right here!

[Pretend they’re still in high school in 2011. Also I am stuck between 4 titles:
Houston, you are my Problem” “Stand By, 13″ “Okay, Houston” and “Aphelion: n; the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is farthest from the Sun.” Votes/comments would be appreciated]

Tucker texted Danny as soon as he heard the news announced on the radio, but Danny wasn’t answering. He logged into D00M in case Danny was trying to marathon away his woes, but no such luck.

With a sigh, Tucker pushed up from his multiple-monitored desk and started walking to FentonWorks.

He greeted Mrs. F’s grateful surprise with a forced smile. “He’s up in his room,” she said, and he nodded, walking the familiar route with deliberately slow steps.

He stood outside the door for a while, unsure of what to do. If Danny wasn’t answering his texts, maybe it meant that he needed his space and barging in now would be the last thing he wanted. But, then again, he was already here. And it probably wouldn’t hurt too much to at least try.

Tucker knocked on the door.

A rough voice on the other side of the door said, “Go away, Jazz, I’m not in the mood,” like it was the fifth time he’d had to say it that afternoon. Which, given the kind of girl his sister was, was not surprising.

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Behind The Scenes (17/???)

Author’s note: I know this part will only reach half of the members, but the rest of them will be mentioned in the next post. Sorry for any errors.

Genre:… Fluff? Or like friendship fluff??? Fluff? (Jhope, Rap Monster, Suga)

Word count: 2306

Other parts: HERE

Summary: Day 2 of tagging along with BTS to their photoshoot. This time something goes wrong and Rap Monster has you help them out.

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You headed over to the dorm the same time you did the previous day. Jin handed you your food and gave you a small good morning. You said it back and walked over to Suga.



“What was up with you last night? I know you said you were tired, but you seemed upset about something.”

“Like I said, it was nothing. I was just stressed about something.”

“Why didn’t you talk to me? You always talk to me when you are stressed.”

“I just felt like being alone.”

“Hm, okay. Do you feel any better now?”

“A bit now that you are here. Maybe you can get Hoseok off my back. His pills must have kicked in already, cuz he’s too loud too early and I’m too hungover.”

You looked over at the rest of the guys. Jin and Rap Monster were talking with one another. Jhope was with the rest of the guys and they were just really loud and joking around a lot.

“Hmm… I’ll just stick here with you”

“Fine, but I won’t be talking”

Soon the van came for you all and you sat in the usual morning order. Jin tried to start a conversation with you, but you told him you were really sleepy and you pretended to nap the whole way to the photoshoot.


At the new location, the guys went straight to their stations to get dressed and then went to get their make-up put on.

The day hadn’t even begun and you noticed many of the crew members looked panicked.

“What do you mean she’s not going to show up?!?” you heard the photographer scream.

“Sir, she called in sick. She can’t come in because she got food poisoning.” One of the crew members told him

“Well go get me another model!”

“We tried, but all the other models are booked.”

“Well who the fuck is going to model with the boys? Today is the only day we can do this shoot!”

The crew looked at each other not knowing what to do.

“Okay, okay, okay… Do any of the women here want to be the model?” he asked, trying to calm himself down

No on offered. Many of the women, including some of the stylist, were either too busy and/or refused to model.

Rap monster was done with his make-up first and he went over to the photographer. You couldn’t hear what they were talking about. Whatever Rap Monster was telling him seemed to calm him down a bit more. Suddenly, they both looked over to you and began walking towards you.

“This is y/n. She’s my assistant.” Rap Monster told him.

“Well she’s pretty enough.” The photographer moved up closer to you and began analyzing you. “Hmmmm. Depending on how things go I can always Photoshop another model’s face on her body, considering that Ms. Y/n is the best we got.”.

The photographer went over to one of the stylists and told her to get you dressed and ready for the shoot.

You turned to Rap Monster, “Namjoon, what the fuck is going on?”

“You, Y/n, are going to model with us today.” He said giving you a smile.

You started to freak out, “What? Why? I don’t want to do it!”

“Hey, hey, hey. It won’t be that bad. Plus, if you don’t do it you’d just be sitting around for hours. I’d rather pay you for actually doing something.”


The stylist came over and took you into one of the dressing rooms. They handed you a dress to change into. The dress was a beige color with a floral lace pattern. Then they handed you matching heels.

They made your hair a bit wavy and placed little red flowers in your hair that matched the lace flowers in your dress. They removed the make-up that you already had on and redid it. They did your make-up in a way that gave you a more natural look.

“Wow! Look at our y/n!” Jhope said sitting next to you as they finished with the smaller details. “You look so pretty!… uh, not that you weren’t pretty before… now you’re just a different kind of pretty.”

You laughed. “Don’t worry Jhope. I get what you mean.”

“You look good Y/n”. Rap Monster commented

“You look so beautiful!” V said. He came closer to you to get a better look, but he mostly focused on the flowers in your hair.

“I agree with Tae, you look beautiful” Jin added.

Jimin and Jungkook stayed back. They couldn’t care less about how you looked.

“Huh. Who knew Y/n could actually look pretty!” Suga teased coming to your other side.

“Shut up!” You slapped him on the shoulder.

“Let’s go guys. the set is done” Rap Monster called out

Today’s photoshoot was rather dark and a bit more dramatic. The set was mostly grey and the guys were dressed similar to the mood of the set. You were the only one dressed “cheerfully”.

“What exactly is the theme of this?” you asked Suga.

“Um, well, I had the idea of a good side and a bad side… sorta…. That’s why yesterday’s set was so bright.”

“So why didn’t you guys have a model yesterday?”

“Uggh! I don’t want to explain everything! It’s too long to explain!”

“Fine then Mr. Grumpy” you told him giving him a distorted face

“Okay!” the photographer began. “’So based on what Yoongi’s idea was, this is going to be more of a mature photoshoot. Don’t worry Ms. Y/n I’ve thought of ways that we can hide your face so you don’t really have to worry about your facial expressions.”

You were relieved your face wouldn’t be showing, but you still hated the idea of having to model with the members.

“Who wants to pose first?” he asked

“Oh! I will!” Jhope shouted raising his arm and pushing his way to the front of the group.

“Ok, so my idea was that Y/n would be kissing you on the cheek and you would be looking dramatically into the camera.

The photographer handed you a tube of deep red lipstick and told you to put on a lot of layers and kiss Jhope on the cheek to leave a lip print.

You did as he said. You walked over to Jhope. He smiled at you. He turned his head to the side and began pointing to his cheek. You gave him a peck on his cheek giving an obnoxious “muah!” sound as you took a step back. You left a perfect deep red lip print on his cheek.

“Oh my goodness! Y/n kissed me!!!” he shouted. He pretended to faint from being overwhelmed with emotions

Your lip stick was fixed and then the two of you moved onto the set.  Jhope’s hands were placed on your hips and your arms were draped around his chest. Your face was placed behind his to give the illusion that you were kissing his other cheek.

The pictures were taken at multiple angles all around the two of you. In between each angle change Jhope would whisper funny comments into your ear. “Oohhh Y/n! Look at us! We look smokin’.”, “You better not fall in love with me after this”, “It feels like someone has been working out!”

You played long with him, “I could say the same thing”, “If I were a vampire you would be dead by now” or you would suddenly gasp, scaring him a bit.

Then you two were positioned a bit differently. This time you two had to stare into each other’s eyes. It took a while for you two to stop giggling, but eventually you guys were able to keep a straight face long enough for the pictures to be taken. Every time they stopped taking pictures to change angles, you and Jhope would make derpy faces to each other and then burst into laughter.

The photographer got after you guys a few times but was still able to get good shots. It was fun posing with Jhope. It surprisingly wasn’t awkward at all.

The next member you posed with was Rap Monster. With him you did feel a bit awkward. You felt you had more of a professional relationship with him in comparison with the rest of the guys.

He was positioned to stand behind you. His arms were put around your waist. The photographer turned your head to the side. Then he draped your hair to cover most of your profile and your hair was parted to expose your neck

Rap monster moved his face down to the crook of your neck, his lips hovering over your skin. You were relieved that your face wasn’t showing because you could feel yourself turning red. He was so close to you. You could feel his breath on your skin every time he exhaled.

As the photographer took a moment to change angles, Rap Monster put his head on your shoulder and began laughing.

“Y/n, calm down. Don’t be so nervous with me. I can feel you holding your breath. It’s just me, don’t be scared.”

After finishing that pose, Rap Monster and you were repositioned a bit more. One of your arms was brought up to the back of his head. Your hair was taken away from your face and you head was leaned back over his shoulder. One of his arms was brought up so that he was now hugging you from under your chest. His other arm was placed over your shoulder to be “pulling off” the strap of your dress. His head was still positioned to be “kissing” your neck, but at this new pose, it felt as if more of his face could be seen on camera.

You definitely felt more awkward than before, especially with the possibility that all the other members were staring. After the photoshoot was over you two were able to take a look at the pictures at Rap Monster’s request

“Damn Y/n, we look hot as fuck” he said walking back to behind the cameras.

You went back to the set and Suga was the next one to pose with you. You threw him a smile as he walked toward you. You didn’t feel too weird about posing with him. You figured that you were closer to him than Jhope, and things went great with Jhope, so things should go great with Suga too.

This pose was a bit more elaborate that the other ones so far, you and Suga were posed so that Suga was dipping you as if you two were dancing. In the first pictures your hands were on Suga’s shoulders while he was holding by your waist, supporting you on his knee. To give the illusion that you were dancing, you held your leg out in the air and your dress was taped to your leg to was it look like it had just been swung up.

Suga’s head was placed similarly to Rap Monster’s was. He was posed to look as if he was kissing your neck. However, his lips were much closer to you. His lips were actually touching your skin ever so lightly. You got goosebumps feeling Suga’s unpursued lips touch your neck.

The pictures were taken at all angles once again. This time before you two were moved into a new pose, you were given a chance to relax a bit before taking pictures again.

“Damn Y/n. You’re so heavy. I feel like my arms are going to fall off.”

“Fuck you! I’m not heavy! You’re just a wimp with noodle arms!”

Suga turned to you. He grabbed one of your shoulders and with his other hand to your chin so that you were looking up at him.

“Y/n…. Y/n, y/n, y/n… my poor, little Y/n. You’re in denial, you and I both know that I am strong. I’m like super strong, almost as strong as superman. Please stop lying to yourself”

“Oh my gosh, Yoongi!” you gasped grabbing his face and mushing his cheeks. “I think all that alcohol finally killed the last of your brain cells. You’re fucking delusional!”

You both laughed and then moved into the new pose. For the second pose you two were in roughly the same position. He was still dipping you, but this time he had to be “kissing” you. The photographer placed his head so that you two were at the moment just before a kiss. He reassured you that even though your face was exposed, he was going to take the pictures up close, mostly focusing on Suga. If your face came out they were most likely going to Photoshop it in post.

You and Suga were really close, too close, way closer than you’ve been with the other members so far. This wouldn’t have been so bad if you two were able to look away from each other, but no. The photographer emphasized that you two had to maintain eye contact.

You could feel yourself go a bit cross-eyed trying to maintain eye contact with Suga. He on the other hand didn’t seem bothered being this close to you. He looked at you with soft eyes, not blinking even when the lights flashed. Although his gaze was soft; It was also very intense. You could feel your face growing red. Half of you hated being this close to him. You knew that he was going to make a stupid comment when you two were finished. The other half of you didn’t mind this closeness at all. You didn’t mind seeing Suga this way. You had to admit, he looked really handsome and you didn’t feel too weird about him touching you like this.

Finally, the photographer was done and he told Suga to call V over and unexpectedly, Suga walked off without telling you anything.

Chuck Loves You



Summary; You are feeling insecure and angry and confused. Chuck comes to you to help.

Title: Chuck Loves You

Parings: Reader (any gender) x Chuck

A/N: I I hope this is something that gets spread far and wide. I struggle a lot with being okay with myself and how my brain works. I know a lot of other people do too. But, there are people like you out there. There are people who can sorta understand your struggle (everyone’s is different and unique). There are people who want to help you and want you to Always Keep Fighting and remember that You Are Not Alone. I love you all and my inbox and ask box is ALWAYS open, even if you just need to go on anon and vent. Stay awesome and kind everyone and know you are loved <3

Hate. Confusion. Anger. Sadness. Insecurity. Loneliness. To name just a few. No matter what you did or what you said, they wouldn’t leave.

No amount of self-help books, positive self-talk, people saying “oh I know how you feel”, none of it made it any better.

You weren’t even sure really how it happened, but you can’t remember a time before this. A time where you felt completely comfortable with yourself and your life.

People have let you down. People have hurt you. People have left, and others have stayed too long.

You have hurt yourself. You have wanted to run away from it all, maybe even end it all.

You sat there alone, wondering why the world had to be so cruel.

Why can’t people accept each other? Why can’t they support each other? Why do people need to always fit in? Why do I always have to feel left out? Or judged? Or less than?

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anonymous asked:

May I ask to see the 2p's thoughts on 'Love'? :3

((*teacher voice* you may~))

2p!america: “love? bo-ring! at least for right now, pshhh. let’s go have some fun, babe~”

  • he thinks it’s something serious that he’d rather wait to act upon, such as when he’s older. he clearly wants to enjoy his young and wild days as a rebel.

2p!china: *chuckles* “well if i fall in love with you, then i can’t really help it, can i?”

  • he may be a flirt, but he’s always looking for someone to love who’ll hopefully love him back, so he won’t be alone anymore.

2p!england: *squeals* “love is a wonderful thing! i really cannot wait for the day i see my future bride in her wedding dress, ready to pledge her soul to me forever…” *quiet, creepy laughter*

  • he has an overall positive view on love, but he looks most forward to being able to claim someone– his lover– as his and his only, for all eternity.

2p!france: *scoffs* “love is stupid.”

  • he has a very negative look on love. he thinks relationships are a waste of time and that love changes people in a bad way, or makes a fool of them, just to name a few reasons why he despises love.

2p!russia: “it seems… pleasant. if only i knew how it felt to fall for someone.”

  • aromantic headcanon. he doesn’t feel romantic attraction and it’s very rare for him to develop a crush. however, he knows love is real and he sometimes falls into bouts of melancholy due to fears of never being loved himself.

2p!italy: *grins modestly* “i fall in love every day~”

  • he is a natural flirt, albeit in a more charming/ gentleman way than his counterpart, and he has a habit of giving every girl he meets all of his attention and affection. he believes he knows a lot about love, when in reality, he’s never actually been in love, and he doesn’t know it.

2p!germany: *laughs* “aren’t we all just waiting to fall in love?”

  • he may love flirting, but he’d be ready to settle down without protesting if he found the right girl.

2p!japan: (tumblr’s gonna love him for this one) “love and attraction have no limits on gender or being. i could love anything or anyone.” *smirks*

  • pansexual headcanon. he has a lot of kinks and eccentric romantic attractions, so he knows he could truly love whoever, no matter what.

2p!canada: *blinks* “huh? oh, who cares…” *shrugs*

  • he’s very oblivious and uncaring to the world around him, so he doesn’t pay much attention to love or attraction. graysexual headcanon, too.

2p!romano: *claps hands together giddily* “my weakness!~ i adore to talk about love. isn’t it such a great thing?” *swoons*

  • a positive look on love, but he has high standards and focuses a bit too much on appearance.

2p!austria: *slowly grins* “…love hurts, does it not?”

  • he is capable of love, but his sadistic nature keeps him from getting too serious with anyone. he would need someone he really fell for to actually tame him– along with his strange ways– which would take a lot of time, tolerance, and determination.

2p!prussia: *looks down* “oh… love, you ask? well… i think it’s a gift if you actually find it…”

  • one of the things that keeps him going in life is the hope that he’ll find someone who truly loves him. he knows people who found it are very lucky, and his main want in this world is to simply be loved.