the last time we saw my boy…. where is he??? when will he return to us??? 

lbr william poindexter probably got a part time job at the local hardware store ‘cause he wants to be able to contribute to the pie fund/pay fines (except he never gets fined bc he is a Rule Follower ™  ) and maybe buy Chowder and Nursey presents for their birthdays and holidays and he’s probably taking like 21 credits this semester (he got special permission from the dean) so that he can have a lighter load spring semester when they’ll be in the finals for hockey and…

anyways… Dex is too busy to be involved in the Haus Drama i think

(and he also def realized he’s got a major crush on Nursey’s ridiculous ass and has been avoiding him like mad because he cannot deal with Emotions at a time like this)

Paladins as outdated car features

Keith: cigarette lighter bc hes Edgy™
Lance: headlight wipers for his tears
Pidge: fold down seats on rear doors in truck cabs for the smols
Shiro: hand crank windows bc hes swole and wants the pump
Hunk: bench seats for optimal cuddle space

MM - Serious Question

Why is fanart of Jaehee doing anything, sexy or vanilla, like almost non-existent? I think I have seen two fanarts of her that were not comedy based fanarts.

Even without me spelling out that she is a love interest, I feel like I see image sets of people drawing all the guys and next to no fanart of Jaehee with them.

Even fanart of the two who aren’t even canon love interests get sexy fanart and Jaehee is just not there at all.

Just… putting that out there.