I need to get the fuck out of this house.

Not a single sliver of me wants to be here anymore

It was just supposed to be a stop-gap type place to live when I had to move out of my last apartment.

But I’ve been here for nearly nine..fucking..months now

I need

But I’m fucking broke and not even fucking MCDONALDS will call me back for an interview. Let alone hire me.

I miss my old apartment so fucking bad. But I have literally no idea when the time will come again that I can live alone like I did there.

I’m so homesick for that apartment, and that neighbourhood

I’m so fucking trapped

Idk what to do

I’m losing my mind here.

One friend of mine is looking to rent out the other room in her apartment soon. But my income is so god damn Small I can’t afford it.



the best pictures I was able to take during totality, plus the pretty rainbow we saw on the way home.  I didn’t really set up to take pictures of the eclipse since I wanted to be sure I actually watched/saw it.  maybe in 2024 I’ll get a better chance to take pictures of one :D  anyway, we went to Crete, Nebraska to watch, and despite the huge traffic issues going through Iowa on the way home, it was a very worthwhile trip.  I’m glad we went, even though the forecasts were making it seem like we might not see anything. clouds did roll in, but they held back long enough that we saw totality almost unobscured, and the cloud cover was pretty light anyway.  

 Rowan: *follows the trail of twigs to find Aedion and Aelin whispering conspiratorially*

Rowan: What are you two doing?

*Aedion and Aelin whip around, hiding something behind their backs.*

Aelin & Aedion: Nothing!

Rowan: What is that?

*Aelin snickers and nudges Aedion*

Aedion: Aelin *Aelin stomps on his toes* uhm, I mean we, uhm, made you something.

*Aelin hands over a nest*

Aelin: We thought you’d want somewhere to sleep in your hawk form.

*Aedion and Aelin burst out laughing*


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