it needed colors nd some attempt at backgrounds so colors and backgrounds happened (with lots of glow and screen abuse), also modified some panels and fixed some glaring errors

as per the lineart version (this post), scene taken (with some bending interpretation) from part 4 of rhinocio‘s hot damn kickass Homeworld T fanfic series, Tenacity: A Traveler’s Dissertation on Distorted Truths and Separation Anxiety (a rupphire origin story). Also with a lot of reference to jen-iii ‘s extensive pile of art  for the same and go look through that tag if you haven’t because she is an amazing artist just like rhinocio is an amazing writer??? both of them are huge inspirations to me

(context for those who haven’t read the fic: ruby and sapphire just went through a messy fight against a diseased plantzombie gem, they were about to re-fuse but rose quartz (”pink diamond”) caught them and they think they’re pretty much screwed on so many levels but Sapphire’s the first to throw in this straight up moment of defiance against rose’s and homeworld’s judgement and it’s just A Lot Of Feelings Happen. The quotes in the black frames are all from previous parts of the story that felt relevant to Sapphire’s gaining strength to stand up in that moment.)

Turkey - Galaxy_Ghost, Renegade_Asian - JackSepticEye (YouTube RPF), PewDiePie (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
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AU. “I thought you disappeared.”

Did a collab with renegade-asian. Do you guys want some Brotp!SepticPie? Of course you do. Take it.

【FNAF MAP】Wake Up ~ Part 9
My part for xNEK0's FNAF Gijinka MAP. "This place is right where you need to be" = The animatronic suits? :v -----------♥ ♥ ♥---------- MAP hosted by xNEK0 o...

Finally done! Woo!

The editing didn’t turn out as well as expected, iMovie couldn’t handle the clips very well *Cries*

So uh, this is my part for xnek0‘s MAP. Self explanatory. Next time I’ll stick to PMVs since I can’t animate properly with my stuff.

Time taken: 6 hours 43 minutes (wee I draw slowww)

Designs in this video: snowflakettie (me)

Please don’t steal!