Things We Still Need To Know/ See By the End of the GF Finale

- Dipper’s real name

- What does the Cipher Wheel have to do with anything?

- What significance do the characters on the Cipher Wheel have?

- Dipper and Mabel’s parents

- More info on Carla McCorkle

- Ford and McGucket Reunion

- Bill Cipher’s backstory and family

- Will Dipper and Pacifica get togerther?

- Soos and Melanie

- What happened to Wendy’s mom?

- Grunkle Stan’s marriage

- Ford’s life and other dimensions

- Ford and Stan’s relationship with each other

- Is Dipper going to use all the weapons he’s collected to take down Bill?

- Blubs and Durland

- Will everything go back to normal like it never happened? Or will everything still be destroyed?

- Will Dipper and Mabel end up getting to stay in Gravity Falls?

- What happened to Dipper’s clones?

- The password to the laptop

- Soos’s dad

- Will Mabel get to keep Waddles?

- Does Dipper still have a little Bill in him?

- Literally everyone’s backstories

- Is the boy in pool jail okay???

Feel free to add to this list. :) These are the ones I could think of at the top of my head.. I’m sure there are a whole lot more..


Area 51 might be the most well-known secret in the world. Even though this classified facility is supposed to be top secret, it has been featured prominently in movies, TV, books, video games, and pop culture in general.

In the past few years, some of what the government does at Area 51 has been declassified but we still don’t know for sure what goes on inside there.

There are all kinds of theories though and some say the government uses Area 51 to test UFO technology, dissect aliens, or for the development of exotic weapons.

Whatever it is, the government doesn’t want anybody seeing it.

So we’re gonna try and get as close to Area 51 as we can! With the help of Glenn Campbell–the man who wrote the book on Area 51. Literally. He wrote the Area 51 viewer’s guide: the first sightseeing and hiking compendium for Area 51and helped bring the knowledge of Area 51 to the wider public.

With his guidance, we’re going to venture into the desert of Nevada and check out the worst kept secret in America.

Maybe we’ll run into Mike Rugnetta at an alien-themed bar in the middle of nowhere too! Who knows!

My Reactions to RWBY Vol. 3: “Heroes and Monsters” *Spoilers!!!*
  • Lemme start by acknowledging that I spoiled myself on the fact that Ironwood survived (Yay!), and looked dead sexy while doing so. Looking forward to that ;) Lets go guys, hold onto your hearts.
  • Oh thats right. There’s a bloody dragon on the loose. #Desolation of Vale
  • Ruby vs the psychotic ice cream midget. Place your bets.
  • Haha the first words Neo has ever said and their via text msg.
  • Ooooh I know he’s bad and creepy but Adam’s voice man…..it does things to me.
  • C’mon Blake! Beat the shit out of the former bae!
  • Noooo Nora! D= Nooooo Ren! D=
  • Velvet weapon hype! Go bunny girl, show us what you got
  • WEISS SUMMONED THE KNIGHT!! well, part of him anyway. I’m so proud of you girl!
  • You have got to be kidding me”. And in that moment, Sun emoted what all of us have been thinking these past few eps.
  • So ignoring the amazing tag teaming of Neo and Roman, what is his game here. Can’t afford to lose?? Dude you’re gonna lose everything, there’s a freaking dragon up in this bitch.
  • This is bullshit, stop playing villain ping pong with Rubaby!
  • HAH! BYE NEO! You got Mary Poppins-ed XD (and aww Roman’s freaking out about losing his icecream gal)
  • “We will stop them, and I will stop you. BET ON THAT!”. Fuck. Yes. Ruby. Rose. You. Queen. Of. Queens.
  • My heart is broken……I am dead inside now. Farewell, sweet trash king.
  • Oh look who finally decided to show his punk ass this volume? Cardin where the fuck have you been?
  • Eyyyyyy sexy terminator Ironwood ;) How you doin’?
  • Ok false alarm, he was just saving Ironwood’s robo booty. Proceed.
  • Oh thank god Ren and Nora are up and at ‘em. I was getting worried
  • And just where the shit have you been Yang???? You took your sweet time.
  • Oh god and these three too I forgot about them. Pyrrha honey please be ok after this.
  • Jaune bby )’= he doesn’t have a damn clue whats happening but he’ll defend them like a boss
  • *crying real tears i’m not even joking*
  • It’s Yang to the rescue (cue joyous Bumblebee shippers). Also FUCK OFF Adam you possessive freak! Break his legs Yang!
  • Pyrrha! oh Pyrrha no no no bby its gonna be fine its gonna be fine omg plz
  • …………omg……….omfg……..CINDER FALL YOU [redacted] PIECE OF [redacted] GO [redacted] [redacted] A FUCKING CACTUS!
  • BLAKE!!! OMFG WTF!! (thats fucking it, KillAdamTaurus2k16. Whos with me?)
  • *watches Adam attack Yang*………………………..


  • No! No you can’t just cut away from that! he cut off her arm! He cut off her fucking arm!
  • Well shit. Cinder’s the Fall Maiden. Everyone is screwed.
  • JAUNE NO!!!!!
  • “Why must you hurt me Blake”. What is wrong with you Adam. How dare you! I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! How dare you be this person!
  • Oh my fucking god do not DO THAT TO ME animators! How bloody dare you give me a split second heart attack, I legit thought he decapitated her!
  • Ozpin…………… end her


organized-chaotic-disaster asked:

I hate to sound stupid, but I just had a thought- how DOES the knife hurt Sans in the Genocide run? Because, he's a skeleton, and it's not easy for knives to cut bone. I believe it's a rather strong weapon (because it's the last weapon you can get), but if there's anything particular about it that might contribute to its ability to hurt Sans then I don't remember what it is.

Maybe Sans isn’t actually a skeleton.
But anyway, that’s beside the point, it’s all about the souls, the intent with which you use it, like empty gun, it can’t shoot for real so it’s doing no real damage , and the notebook doesn’t fire magical spells, it’s all about the imagination, it’s a soul based attack, your soul against their monster soul. You didn’t think a little kid was able to physically beat Toriel to death and slash her like a warm knife through butter with a stick, did you? A little kid didn’t pimpslap Undyne, in full armor, the head of the royal guard, till she melted.

The actual effectiveness of the weapon is only a small part of the damage it does.
You could find a new long sword and accidentally swing it and it would clang off Undyne’s scales without a scratch. You could bring a laser pointer toy you’ve had since childhood and turn it on and swing it with hatred and it would cut through Undyne like a light saber. It’s the emotion and force of the soul, after all, if Frisks body actually got hit by a huge spear or they got hit with an axe or sword or bomb, that little bandage wouldn’t do much for them, they would be dead. It’s their soul taking damage, not their body.

Here is more on the theory:


Seventeen reaction when you want a hug

DISCLAIMER: So I would like to stress that in all honesty that my imagines might be the exact opposite, because I truly don’t know what they’re like….hope that didn’t kill your mood…read on carrot!

S.coups: *you’re woozi in this situation* 

Y/N: hun, you have to let-

SC: nope

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The8: He’s actually the one that initiated the hug, using his adorable face as the weapon.

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Mingyu: *nods excitedly*

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Wonwoo: so cute~

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Hoshi: *after the hug rejoices with fellow group member*

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Jun: I know jagi, to hard to resist me right?

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Woozi: *cute smile*

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Jeonghan: kay jagi

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Joshua: sure *does dorky jog to you*

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D.K: I know I’m too cute

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seungkwan: be right there!

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vernon: *on the outside*

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*on the inside*

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dino: Kay <3

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So Sig is officially wielding Ashbringer in his canon? :o Neato! How does Leon feel about that? Not that I think he'd be upset- I just imagine it'd be a little strange for someone so close with you to suddenly be in possession of such a legendary weapon!

Well like.. KINDA?? NNN it’s kinda weird because in Legion, the artifact weapons are the ONLY weapons we can get.   It’s important to me to keep Sig’s weapons/gear accurate to what I actually earn and use in-game while the content is relevant (xmog aside lol).   This forces me to explain the HOWS and WHYS for him IC.  For example, Sig had Xal’atoh even after dealing with Gurthalak because Xal was the only weapon that dropped for me in mythic Siege during progression lol. 

And this applies to Ashbringer!  Ashbringer is the ONLY WEAPON I can obtain and use in Legion, so now I’m left to explain why someone unimportant like Sig would have something so important.

I don’t RP so I pretty much let my characters grow their own stories.  Sig will have Ashbringer in canon, but it’s only MY canon.  I have no claim over it!  Ashbringer is still part of everyone else’s personal canons.  

Fact is though, there’s gonna be a lot of Ashbringers in-game (EVERY ret will have it!) and I know lots of RPers will want to explain it somehow.  I kinda look at the whole thing like… like everyone is in parallel universes, including Sig lol.  How do we ALL share a huge lore weapon?  Idk!  

Anyway I have the Alpha so I’ve already played through the Ashbringer questline lol.  I’ve taken my impressions from there and started weaving something that would be fun for me to explore as the expansion progresses.  


So, Sig winds up with Ashbringer not because he earned it, but because in those crucial moments when Tirion was dying, he was better than the alternative.  Who’s the alternative?? OHOHOHO it’s fun

Sig doesn’t want it, didn’t mean for any of this to happen, would really like to be done with sentient weapons I mean HE DOESNT HAVE A GOOD TRACK RECORD but at least he has a lot of support with this one.  Lady Liadrin is there for him, a lot of noobs loyal to Tirion have his back for now, which is good because not everyone is happy with this outcome.  He can’t pass it off to someone else (he’s tried - no one will take it/Ashbringer reeeeally doesn’t like X person).  Now he’s involved in sort of an unspoken power struggle between the different Orders.  Just because they’re under the same banner now doesn’t mean everyone is best friends.  Just because he has the Ashbringer doesn’t mean he’s in really charge.  Liadrin is the only person he can trust in that Hall.  

WHAT’S ALL THIS MEAN FOR LEON?  Well for starters it means their wedding is delayed indefinitely. :(  

Sig is 1000x more distressed about this than Leon is though – Leon is just so proud of Sig.  He’s SO PROUD like wow, the Light has called you to greatness!  You, Sig!!  This is so wonderful!  Leon has a MUCH better interpretation of this situation than Sig does lol. 

Unfortunately, now that Sig is dealing with all this new business they won’t have as much time to spend together.  This hurts A LOT for both of them, but Leon’s not sitting around doing nothing either.  

On that fateful day when Sig was off at the Broken Shore, Leon had a very strange dream.  Now seeing what the Light has handed Sig, Leon believes what he saw in his dream was the Light calling him as well.  This is the start of Leon’s artifact journey - a journey Sig can’t accompany him on.  

So in the first bit of Legion, Sig and Leon are on separate paths.  

Another loud thud reverberates through the graveyard as the bolt strikes the tree. 

The crossbow he scavenged is strong and well built, but age is a beast no one can fend off. Rhys has scraped the rust off where he could, and replaced the split wood with fresh ashwood, however the bolts themselves he can do nothing about. His ammunition is limited to what he took off the hollow who originally owned this weapon.

He lets fly another decrepit bolt. The iron heads are old and dull, they are of no danger to anybody. The wooden shaft themselves are even threatening to split. He might as well put them to use as target practice. His hawk rests on the very tree he is firing upon, however she is on a high up branch safe from harm. She vocalizes a little trill, telling him to get his damned aim straight and to keep that thing away from her until he does. 

A fourth bolt hits the knot of the trunk dead on. 

1 out of 4… 

Surely it is merely the weapon rusting away, and not his aim. Rhys pulls back the old string and loads another bolt from the quiver.

How he longs for his lost bow. Then he could give quite the show. 


So… why is there no Sunshine themed DLC again? I mean when they announced bandana themed clothing and when they have a brush themed weapon… you’d think this would have been a thing right?

Anyway, after this particular post, future posts will probably slow down a bit due to college starting back up… at least depending on the workload for this semester… granted that didn’t really stop me from not doing homework or not studying for my finals

A friend of mine actually made the original Magic Paintbrush handle and bandanas. I just used them for references for these. Click this enormous link to see his stuff cause he’s really really really good at what he does. You all should also commission him cause he’s a cool dude and is still really really really good and stuff.

×;;On Hans’ Mausers

That’s right, that thing, right there. They’re ungainly, impractical, and they look kinda dumb when he’s using them–so why does he have them? One could ask why a werewolf needs guns in the first place, but that’s a question I don’t have an answer for. I do, however, have a theory as to why he has these guns in particular.

This is gonna get long, so I’ll put it under a cut.

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Warning: Incoming Nex Rant! (With My First GIF!)

Here’s what it says under “Personality” on Nex’s Italian Winx Wiki page (my translation):

Nex is a proud and bossy guy, and he always wants to prove he’s brave and ready to jump into action. He has a rebellious and dark nature, and because of the kind of aversion others have of him, he often tends to isolate himself. He feels he’s in competition with anyone who’s in front of him and is passionate about sports, which he trains himself in constantly, because of a strong desire to improve himself more and more and prove he’s the best at what he does. He’s in love with Aisha, and by the end of the sixth season he succeeds in winning her over. Their relationship has greatly improved his behavior in the seventh season. He’s an excellent swordsman and athlete, [and] the weapon he prefers is the Halberd of the Wind.

And here’s my response using a GIF I made of him (yay, I made my first GIF!):

Even with the parts about Aisha, season seven, and the Halberd of the Wind, this is a better description of Riven than Nex.

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ok but if rid season 2 does not acknowledge the whole thing where fixit is actually stronger than the rest of the team combined and probably has the ability to single-handedly turn the tide of these battles against the cons?? i will be be piiissssed. as. hell. u do NOT spring that shit on us and then just forget it ever happened. and what about hey maybe the rest of the team actually telling fixit? doesnt he deserve to know???

wtf why would they not tell him anyway??? don’t you think maybe he needs to know that his body is a freakin weapon designed for murder????? for his own safety and the safety of those around him????? and what about the other fixit-type minicons that strongarm encountered?? why does everyone on the team except the humans treat fixit so badly??? can we go more in-depth on why the larger bots treat the minicons as basically servants and not real people??

when is someone going to tell fixit

Okay so this scene is driving me crazy because-

I kept playing that scene over and over and still can’t crack it.

From what I can see it’s not any of the turtles.
If it was the Shredder (since he’s on the monitor in the back) Raph would have straight up went after him. And from the images we have seen of Shredder and Karai the body size doesn’t match.

So….why does it look like he’s talking him/her down?

Could it be Casey trying to armor up and use a weapon? I have NO idea.

Does anyone have ANY idea who that could be or see something I don’t see???

Tenno OC Development Quiz

From @mechabre​‘s template <: I’ll be using Pre-u18 Tenno and through randomizer, Valentine was chosen (an Ash).

  1. What is their name?
     Valentine -Surname was lost in the Old War-

  2. What model/s of Warframe do they use, mainly?

  3. What weapon/weapon type is their favorite?
    Dread is a enjoyed weapon, but melee such as a Tonbo or Orthos Prime is his expertise. 

  4. What is your Tenno’s style of fighting? Do they rush in headlong, or prefer to sneak around?
    Valentine plays with enemies, deceiving them until they reveal a weak point and he attacks with a quick and lethal blow.
    He isn’t capable of withstanding damage, but he makes up his poor defenses with agile attacks.

  5. Which Syndicate, if any, does your Tenno belong to?
    Valentine does not associate himself with Syndicates, he refuses to work for them.

  6. Which of the five Schools, if any, do they belong to?

  7. Does your Tenno agree with the Lotus? Do they view her as a mother, a tyrant, or somewhere in between?
    Valentine has high respect to the Lotus; however, he does not see her as a parent figure to himself. Valentine is a independent person who doesn’t like to rely on others but will bend his pride if needed to.

  8. How does your Tenno feel about the noncombatant civilians of the system? Are they invested in their protection, or are they vague and unimportant?
    Valentine understands sacrifice for a greater cause. It’s a perspective that he doesn’t discuss for he knows that not many would agree with him.

  9. Where do they stand in the Corpus vs. Grineer war, if anywhere?
    Equally are as corrupted in their own ways. One for war and the other for profits. He is anti-corpus and anti-grineer, never likes to take any sides.

  10. What are the top five things your Tenno believes are most important and worth fighting for? These can be abstract concepts or material possessions.
    Honor, balance, respect, Freedom, and Triumph.
    Valentine lacks emotions and love for others, he thinks very minimal for many but he does respect others as living beings, but he just won’t fight for the name of anyone unless it is meant to return honor.

  11. How much of their life before being put in stasis can your Tenno remember?
    Valentine has clear memory, he is aware of his actions and he does not forgive himself for it. He is troubled with these memories and carries them as a burden, no matter what others say that the Orokin deserved it: was it worth the entire civilization?

  12. Do they miss anything about it?
    Valentine lacks the emotion of missing things, very few things ever effect him. He misses nothing besides not having Orokin Blood on his hands.

  13. Who was your Tenno during their lifetime as a human, regardless of whether or not they remember?
    Valentine was boy training to become a soldier, as his family line.

  14. How does your Tenno see their Warframe? As just a tool? As part of their identity?
    Valentine’s warframe he see’s as his honor and shame. With the innocent and vile blood spilled through it, Valentine takes the burden of all.

  15. Is there any symbolism behind their chosen color scheme and energy color? Do they wear the colors of their Syndicate?
    He chooses colors of berry reds to represent a blood an gray to be the compromise. Through blood can there be equilibrium.

  16. What does your Tenno do during downtime between missions?
    He trains himself in hand-to-hand and melee combat. With that, he practices new stunts with his abilities. Keeping his combat skills sharp, he also meditates to keep a calm state of mind.
    With a clear mind and sharp mastery on the battle field, Valentine becomes a remarkable warrior. Though with great skill, comes a sacrifice. Valentine lost most human emotion, social skills, and his own behavior. He attempts to regrow his human side with being among close allies.

  17. Does your Tenno try to modify their Warframe cosmetically, and make it unique?
    He possesses the Locust Helmet and coloring, nothing more. He lacks interest in most cosmetics.

  18. How does your Tenno interact with the rest of the inhabitants of the system? Do they treat their allies warmly, or with disdain?
    Valentine is not a social/out going Tenno, he keeps to himself. He is very blunt and straightforward, but it isn’t his intention. He lost capabilities to act “human”.

  19. How do they view themself and their fellow Tenno? Are they monsters barely kept in check by the Lotus’s guidance? Are they the saviors of the system?
    Valentine see’s himself and other tenno has betrayers attempting to make just despite the hypocrisy. They killed their former leaders and now work for who was once an enemy, The Lotus and Tenno are renegades of their kinds trying to keep balance in modern day. As much as he cannot forgive his own kin, Valentine will never forget what other Tenno’s have given him: A chance to be human again. The lack of social skills/emotions/reactions has been chipped at, and for that, Valentine respects other Tenno.

  20. Does the bloodshed they cause bother your Tenno? Would they put down their weapons, if they could?
    Bloodshed of the Orokin is the only thing that has ever bothered him and still does, but with the warlike Grineer and Greedy Corpus, he has no remorse. Valentine would never put down his weapon until the Grineer are tamed of their aggression and the Corpus are limited and their opportunities to make profit (such as the Zunuka Project).

  21. Assuming there was no war, what would they want to be doing with their life?
    Valentine would struggle without having a war, he feels he has no other purpose. All his life he’s trained to be the best he could at battles/fights/wars, etc. He wouldn’t have a place in the social pyramid.

askfortunetales asked:

"Wanderer, soldier, you're more scarred than your blades. They say a true swordsman's valor is shown as such, where they bare the scars and their weapons remain unblemished and pristine. What do you think of one who does not keep their weaponry as sharpened and readied as you do?"

Whilst Arcantos did not like being addressed as a soldier, the rest of the ninetales words made him happy. Glad to see another acknowledging his strength and valor. Seeing the worth of the scars he wore, and how his swords were sharp and untouched. When the ninetales questioned what the lucario thought of those who do not keep their weaponry sharped and readied, Arcantos grinned.

“Those who have weaponry, yet do not have them ready for us are not worthy of having their blades.” The lucario said firmly, stating his thoughts on the matter. Then he paused, saying. “Not to say everyone needs to be prepared and ready as me, as not everyone is a fighter. Just that if you have weapons, you should be ready to use them.”

anonymous asked:

Sir, would a professional archer be allowed as a trooper in your army? As in, if I swear my loyalty to you as my general and to the First Order would you let me in?

To do what exactly? I could give Ren a bowcaster and he’d be more useful than an archer, and keep in mind Ren does not know how to use a bowcaster aside from being a human target for one. 

Unless you’re one of those Ewok things. From history reports, they were apparently very effective against Stormtroopers using their primitive weapons.

Kung fu panda 3 review:

Disclaimer: I really liked this movie alot. If you were sitting next to me, you would see me grinning like a fool. These are just things I’d like to address in my thoughts. I am very open to any thoughts that differ from my own. Some Spoilers underneath.

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Ornitholgy 102

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1miiYAO

by Kieron_ODuibhir

“What weighs three ounces,” asked Jokester brightly, “sits in a tree, and is very dangerous?”

“A rural surveillance camera,” said Ed. He was not in the mood to play, even his own game.

“No, silly. A robin with a machine gun. Though…now that I think about it, how does the bird use the machine gun? I mean, it’s a simple matter of weight ratios. A three-ounce bird cannot operate a fifteen-pound assault weapon!”

Words: 1348, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 15 of Cirque de Triomphe

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1miiYAO