• 6 Months Before Con:I want to hand embroider the sigil on the cape and make the armor with fiberglass, you know?
  • 2 Days Before Con:HOT GLUE -- JUST HOT GLUE THAT SHIT ON. What do you mean he has sigils on his cape!? He doesn't now!

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What was the whole point of Jasper wearing a cape in "The Return?"

To look intimidatingly fabulous. Need there be another reason?


“Every photo with his sword - I mean, it just looked like he was making love to the sword”

Remember when this wonderful blogger shared this quote by Daniel Falconer, Weta armour/weapon designer…


so I went to Salt Lake Comic-Con and attended Weta’s “Designing Elves” panel and I have a quote for all of you Lee Pace fans:

“Lee Pace, wow.  You know, when he went into the shoot for the promo shots for Thranduil, you might not know this, but he was a model before he was an actor.  So he actually knew what he was doing.  He would just whip his cape off and pull these amazing shots and figures.  Every photo with his sword - I mean, it just looked like he was making love to the sword.  When I went back and looked at all of his promo photos, we could have used them all.  It’s a shame only four or five were released.” —Daniel Falconer, Weta’s elf armor and elf costume designer.


Dear Mr Falconer, is there any chance you can upload online ALL the rest of those photos you mentioned of Thranduil?  Don’t worry whether they’re good enough…we’ll take anything :)

My last thing for the self insert weekend, a gem-me-ish. Fusion of Black Star Diopside and White Moonstone, Dalmatian Jasper. The eye gem thing is probably super done already, but I really like it > u < She is normally simply pale, but when she blushes her skin gets those black spots too. Not completely sure of her weapon, but it’s probably a sling. I might add some hands or eyes because she IS a fusion but right now this is it. (so it’s unfinished)

Hey, I don’t know you, but:

  • I need you to pretend to date me for like two seconds in order to piss off my ex who’s about to walk by.
  • I’m knocking on your door at 2am because I was at that protest down the road and things got hairy, can I hide here?
  • The baby you’re holding won’t shut up- ugh, hold my purse, let me handle this.
  • Wanna kiss me and piss off these homophobes?
  • I woke up next to you in a tree wearing nothing but what appears to be a batman cape and I have no idea what happened last night.
  • I’m kinda staring at you over your fence because you have a pool and I don’t and it’s 90 degrees please let me join you I promise I’m not a serial killer.
  • I just got into a fight with you because I thought you were my friend’s shitty ex, but it turns down you aren’t. Uh. Sorry about that black eye?

Playing old Humongous Entertainment games is secretly my favorite thing ever.

Pajama Sam is so great. I loved these games so much as a kid, and I still do.

Drew this last night while listening to/watching a playthrough of Pajama Sam 2: Thunder & Lightning Aren’t So Frightening.

I’m really enjoying this digital style, even though it’s pretty simple and bold. Just practicing, trying things out. Figuring out what I like. :3


Abdu'l-Rahman Ibn Ziyad Ibn An'um said: ‘While [Prophet]
Musa (alayhi salaam)was in a gathering Iblis came wearing a
hooded cape that changed in colors.

When the devil came nearer he took off the cape and set it down and came to Musa saying: 'Peace be upon you. Musa replied: 'Who are you?’ He said: 'I am Iblis. ’ Musa responded: 'No greetings from Allah to you, what brought you here?’ The devil said: 'I came to greet you because of your high godly status.’ Musa said: 'What have I seen you wearing?’ Iblis replied: 'I use it (the cape) to capture the hearts of the sons of Adam.’

Musa asked: 'What is it that if a human does will enable you to take him over?’ He replied: 'If he becomes fond of himself, and considered his (good) deeds plentiful.’ I warn you from three things:

First,never be alone with a woman that is not lawful to you. Because whenever someone does so, I personally accompany
him and use her to seduce him.

Second, never promise Allah something except that you fulfill your promise. Whenever someone promises Allah something I personally accompany him to prevent him from fulfilling his promise.

And never take an amount of money to give charity except that you make sure you give it to that charity. Whenever someone takes an amount of money to give to charity, I personally accompany him to persuade him not to give it.

Then Iblis walked away saying: 'Woe to me, thrice, I have taught [Prophet] Musa from what to warn the sons of Adam.

[Ibn AbI al-Dunya in Maka’d al-Shaytaan, 11/47, Talbis Iblis (The Devil’s Deception),Abu’l-Faraj ibn al-JawzI (d. 597 AH), pg 75]

Tome and Hot Chocolate (LeonxF!Kamui)

“Excuse me!”

Marx stumbles over and looks around to see who pushed him out of the way. As he looks down the hall, he sees a dark blue cape and shoeless feet. 

“Kamui what are you-” Before he can finish his sentence, a shout cuts him off.


Marx turns around and sees his younger brother, Leon, rush past him and chase the dragon shifter down the hall. He chuckles softly to himself and continues to walk towards his bedroom.

You burst open the castle doors and race into the garden. You jump into a nearby bush and crouch down. While trying to slow down your breathing, you heard the door open and see Leon storm out. He’s clearly annoyed and angry that you took him precious tome. He walks closer to the bush your hiding in and surveys the garden. After he moves a good distance from your bush, you hop out and make a mad dash back into the castle. 

“KAMUI! COME BACK HERE!” Leon exclaims when he sees you running away again.

You giggle madly as you pass by Joker, who gives you an odd look, but laughs to himself after he sees Leon running after you. Your eyes light up as you see the doors to the front of the castle. You smirk and push open the doors, running out and onto the grassy land. You run for a few more minutes until you are a good distance from the front of the castle. You turn around and see Leon just coming outside. He spots you and runs full speed towards you. Smirking, you call out, “Come and get your book Blonde!” This only fuels his rage and he starts running faster. Right before he reaches you, you giggle and jump into the air.

A bright light flashes before Leon and once the light fades, he’s face to face with Dragon Kamui. You’re hovering ten feet above his head with his tome in your claw. 

“Kamui! This isn’t funny! Give me back my tome right now!” He yells. You giggle and shake your head. He sighs. “I didn’t want to go this fair, but if you don’t give me back my tome, I’ll never make you my famous hot chocolate!”

“W-What?! Leon, you can’t do that to me! You know how much I love your hot chocolate!” You tell him. He smirks and extends out his hand. 

“Give me back my tome and I’ll make you some when we get back inside the castle.” 

You sigh and land on the grassy ground. After transforming back into a human, you carefully place the tome in his hand. 

“Thank you. Now, let’s go and make some hot chocolate.” He grabs your hand and intertwines his fingers with yours. Dragging you back inside, he leads you into the kitchen and prepares the drink. After waiting for a few minutes, Leon comes over to the table and places down two cups of his signature hot chocolate, one for you and one for him. You sigh in content as you take our first sip. Leon chuckles softly from across you.

“What?” you ask him. He reaches across the table and kisses your nose. Blushing, you look to the side.

“W-why did you do that?” you question him. 

“You had some whipped cream on your nose.” He says while smirking. You blush even more and huff cutely. Leon smiles softly.

“You know, you’re really cute when you blush.”

Cue for you to blush ten more shades of red.

  • 9 year old me in 2010:so boys who like boys exist and girls who like girls exist and theyre called gays and why do people hate them? why do you hate someone for loving someone else that's really bad i've read the bible jesus doesn't want us to hate people
  • me in 2012:i don't give a fuck i'm a gay and transgender supporter. people who hate other people are fucked up. homophobes should die.
  • me in 2013:omg yaoiz and yuriz XD kawaii :3
  • me in 2014:shit this girl is cute what do i do
  • me in 2015:*swings tie dyed rainbow cape* TRANS AND GAY
Submission. What if...

…On days when Mark is feeling all emotional, like the day he recorded his reaction to the 8 million video, he just searched all the fan made videos people have made for him on YouTube and watched through them all while crying his eyes out all day.


What like this one! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTkQNLzSAqY ?!?]