okayyyyy what i dont like is people make posts saying “see this is su stans going too far”

like 1) i feel like making a divide between su stans and “su criticals” is ridiculous. or i at least dont believe that being a fan makes you a su stan. Vox has criticized the show before and isnt afraid to make a video entirely on that problem

2) this has 0 to do with someone stanning for the show so the comment is just… unnecessary



iamindeedapotato  we watched…

what happened omg??

i dont KNOW?

My Confused Recollection Of The DNH Finale:

- ruben was Never Seen Or Heard From Again and jasons surprisingly likeable assistant josh figured that jason was on the plane and was Horrorstruck. josh also deserved better. jason appears to be amassing a collection of tiny and inexplicably loyal men. he does not deserve either of them.

- jason’s Dead Eyed Child was in some kind of peril but who could possibly care what, while jason aggressively denied responsibility for anything ever, and then Dead Eyed Child’s Mama was like ‘nope fuck this olivia out pls do not speak to us any more’ which is reasonable

- jason was going to have brain surgery and either he tricked people or Suspicious Doctor Santa with his jolly red scrubs tricked people into thinking jason had a tumour to justify it, by showing them a scan of bob marleys brain

- we discover that Dead Eyed Children with bad acting skills run in the family because jason himself was a Dead Eyed Child with bad acting skills, and so was…HIS TWIN BROTHER IAN


- flashback: endless shots of an unnervingly fever dream esque birthday party. jason’s mom was a dick and ian was an worrying violent child. jason was a whiny little shit as a kid, as you might expect. jason’s mom calls in Suspicious Doctor Santa (the younger version) to do an operation to…make ian less of a dick? i guess? they do a surgery for that now??

- a bunch of tedious shit that i immediately forgot

- jason is anesthetised for his surgery and has an imaginary dust-up with ian in the middle of a wintery forest inside his own head. was ian wearing a turtleneck? i hate this fucking show. 

- child!jason and child!ian wander past having run away from home and get into a fight, big jason and ian are just kinda hanging out in the middle of his own flashback. Dead Eyed Child Jason becomes just plain Dead Child Jason courtesy of child!ian, big jason Imagines Death So Much It Feels More Like A Memory, because it IS a memory, which doesnt stop him trying to do CPR on it because he’s a fucking idiot

- turns out the real jason was the ians we met along the way the whole time and jason’s just some imaginary fake dead kid.

- also we see a shot of jason’s grave and he died on 8.25 because everything is pointless and we may as well all be fucking dead

- i miss ruben

god, i am living for fifth harmony without camila

  • theres coherency; they look like a group, they act like a group, and one of them isn’t trying to muscle in on the others
  • lauren actually has some vocals??,
  • they actually distributed the vocals to the whole group
  • also their choreography looks better when it’s not focused on the weakest member (camila)
  • there’s no screeching or whine interrupting
  • they all seem so much happier
  • also i loved that work from home intro

ok heres what i dont understand. why is pizza considered “unheathy”???? it’s literally just bread, tomatoes, and cheese. if u had that stuff as a non-pizza ppl would consider that a pretty healthy meal. why does it suddenly get a bad rep once it becomes pizza

what you say: cats are assholes

what i heard: i dont know cats’ body language because ive ever only had dogs so i dont know that a wagging tail means a cat is angry & that cats dont like having their stomach touched & because of this i always get scratched & blame the cat for my failure to try to understand how to interact with a cat

what they say: you’re using your mental illness as an excuse 

what they mean: i care more about the thing you couldn’t do than your mental health 

what they say: try yoga/a healthy diet/just being happy/etc. 

what they mean: i dont know what mental illnesses are or how they affect people 

what they say: youre overreacting 

what they mean: my microscopic brain cannot comprehend that people feel, think and act differently, especially when they have mental illnesses making them act/feel/think a certain way 

what they say: you just want attention 

what they mean: i dont understand that humans need attention and affection to survive, that wanting attention is nothing bad, and that just bc i noticed doesnt mean you actually wanted me to notice

 I was thinking and the thought “what if Voltron was a musical” crossed my mind. So….

  • The musical starts with Shiro, Matt, and Mr. Holt getting taken by the Galra and it’s all like really threatoning harmonies but then it switches to Lance, Pidge, and Hunk at the Garrison failing their simulation and it becomes like way more upbeat. 
  • The whole rescuing Shiro bit is a song where Lance is way too eager, Pidge is being all science nerd-y, Hunk is afraid™, and Keith is introduced as a bad boy rebel who sings a couple lines as he fights and it sounds like?? fuckin gorgeous?? and Lance is in the background with his mouth wide open.
  • They literally cut the song so Lance and Keith have their first introduction as the argument like in the show (but it has these notes every line like when people are talking in a musical but there’s still background music). 
  • Allura has a song where she’s training the paladins and they’re all shit until they start improving. At the end, they form Voltron. (kind of like make a man out of you) 
  • Lance’s solo starts all upbeat and fun like most would expect but then he starts singing about his homesickness and insecurities and it ends with him kneeling on the ground and reaching out with his arm 
  • Hunk’s solo is just?? great?? He narrates the teams’ actions in song and is skeptic about all the situations like in the show. He also sings about his anxiety a bit. 
  • Pidge sings about her family and how she’s on a mission to find them. It also has flashbacks to her home life, revealing that she’s a girl. It ends with her realizes she has a family within Voltron and stays with the team. 
  • Keith’s solo is about his past and how he lived alone for so long. The song is basically about Keith discovering himself. 
  • Shiro’s solo seems very formal as he leads the team but it turns into a “WHAT AM I DOING WHAT AM I DOING I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING IM JUST WINGING THIS HELP” 
  • There’s also a song about his Galra imprisonment
  • Coran’s solo is just?? fuckin weird man
  • Lance and Keith have a rival song kind of like “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked but it ends with them actually confessing they admire eachother but they’ll never tell (Happens like right after the bonding moment after Lance get’s out of the pod)
  • Everybody is their correct ethnicity, it’s done really well, and they give an even amount of time to each character with equal development 

just…imagine a voltron musical


DREAM AU!!i cant decide if lance would wear akane normal school outfit or pants so?both

pls dont tag as genderbend!