Have you ever felt like standing up and finally doing something with your life cause it’s starting to be depressing and sad but somehow this sadness is really calming and comfortable and suddenly you can’t even move anymore

Guys, that Little Prince Trailer is doing things to me. I’ve watched it probably over 30 times today and it still makes me want to cry.

It seriously has me thinking. And the more I thought, the worse I got.

The Little Prince. I’ve studied that book. I’ve wondered and wished and read and turned and flipped and thought of a million different things it could be about.

I think I finally figured it out.

gigiree, you love the book too. Tell me if I’ve got this right.

The Little Prince is about a boy remembering how to die.

More than that, it is a book that gives reason for dying. For if we are alone in our life, then there is no reason to die. And the boy did not leave until he had exactly one friend. Because death is not a punishment nor is it truly someone being taken away. Death is essential for memories. Because if no one died, no one could be remembered. And in order to die, you must first find someone with whom those memories are allowed to stay.

The Little Prince is a book telling people that its okay to be sad and its okay to know that death happens. But it also tells children that when a person dies, we must remember them. Even if that means a story must be written or only the stars can watch on. Because if one person remembers, then you’ve never really died. You’re simply waiting on a planet that you’ve tamed to sing your name and a world that is all your own. We are all Princesses and Princes. But to obtain our own little world, we must first have the friends to remind us that we are just as mortal as the stars that we surround us.

The Little Prince is a book about death. The Little Prince is a book about life. And the Little Prince is a book about how memories can only exist if we allow ourselves to be brave and remember just how little time we have to tame the world and how oftentimes having one friend is more than being a ruler of a place that is bigger than yourself.

Did I get it right?

Something terrible happened:

I got a job. I’m starting tomorrow. At the old age of 21 I’m finally turning into some kind of adult who doesn’t have to rely on her parents to pay for her tuition fees, and life in general.
This means that I’ll study during the day and I’ll work during the evening/night: hence, close to no tumblr for me.
I already embraced my sad fate, since I know that I won’t be online when THE DAY will come.
Mutuals and phone trees, you’re my only hope.

I officially have my first choice offer to do English Literature at uni! After a year of stress, panic, worry, general anxiety, downright depression, feelings of oblivion and so on (oh the grammar school mindset, how I love you so), I have finally figured it out. It’s so cool that I finally see a future where I’m going to enjoy my degree and enjoy what I’m studying, and to also have a plan of a postgraduate afterwards. It’s weird going from Chemistry to English, but I feel so much more excited and happy about it now, whereas before I saw three years of poor and utter misery (but hey, that was okay because I looked good doing a science degree!!) I have to say, thank you to my dear friend Eleanor ESPECIALLY, along with my boyf, who has had to hear CONSTANT STRESSING AHHHHHH. The ocean trips helped a lot and thanks for being such an A* bean, love u

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hey i just wanted to wish you good luck on your tests!!! especially chemistry!!! you're gonna rock them so hard!!! if you're getting really stressed about not studying 'enough' (which i do all the time), what i do is remind myself all the things I *have* studied. it's like a glass-half-full kind of argument that helps calm my nerves because it reinforces how much i actually do know about a subject and helps me focus on that. idk if that helps but i hope it does!!! you're gonna do great!!!

thank you so much anon !!!! i’m gonna give that kind of thinking a shot and. get some rest. and hopefully it’ll all work out :’^