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I have some friends who've been trying to excuse fat phobia by saying "yeah but you're at more risk for diseases when you're fat" and things like that, do you have some articles/stats I could use to counter them?

As it happens anon, I’ve been working on a post (for another blog of mine) where I point out common flaws and logical fallacies with anti-fat acceptance rhetoric. For example, there’s a whole section on why “But what about your health” is bullshit. I think it may be exactly what you need

So I’m just going to copy and paste the rough draft from my response to the “health concern” trolling. I warn you, it is a rough draft. So it’s not necessarily well written or understandable. But I think it will help you out.

Keep in mind, I’m copying from mobile, so this may look really strange and the formatting may not be correct until I can edit it on a computer to make it readable.

“Being overweight, obese, and fat comes with a wealth of health risks that are very well documented and studied…to suggest otherwise means you are spitting in the face of scientific research.”

Actually, Healthy at any Size is not only factually correct, but also necessary.

There’s a few things you need to understand about obesity.

Obesity is largely genetic, rather than caused by willpower

Health is actually a complex concept that is dependent on many factors. Similarly, obesity can be related to and depends on many factors completely out of an individual’s control, including genetics, poverty and food insecurity, and a history of trauma. 

But weight isn’t the best measure of health, regardless of what causes it.

Weight is a really inaccurate, non-evidence based proxy for the concept of health. BMI is bullshit, and overweight and obese people actually have lower mortality rates than people in the “normal” category.  Evidence shows that being fat can be good for your health.

In fact, it is well documented that many healthy fat people do in fact exist.  Being fat is not per se unhealthy.

A common misconception is that being a fat person will make you have heart disease. But this is actually untrue.  Heart disease has links to several risk factors other than obesity, which means that people who are not fat can still have a risk for getting heart disease. Additionally, being fat in and of itself does not reliably predict heart disease. Correlation does not equal causation, so just because someone is at risk does not mean they will, in fact, get the disease or that being fat caused getting the disease.

 In fact, some evidence suggests fat people are better able to survive cardiac events than thin people.  

Even with conditions such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, it is incorrect to say that being fat directly causes illness of any type.

It’s also worth mentioning that invisible disabilities and illnesses exist, which prevents you from knowing whether ANY given person, whether they are thin or fat, is “healthy.”  You have no idea what someone’s health-status is simply by looking at them.

Yes, there are correlations between being fat and having certain health problems. But there are other health risks that don’t lead to discrimination in the way being fat does. Being single poses a legitimate health concern. Getting a tattoo exposes you to legitimate health concerns. Having red hair, living in Nevada, being a farmer, owning a cat… All of these things have the potential to seriously and negatively impact your health. Yet no one shames and bullies people for these things in the way they do fat people. So my question is, then: why bully fat people for their health?

I am not the first to say this, but it does not matter if someone is fat and healthy or fat and unhealthy. Health status is really irrelevant to the conversation. As one blogger said, “Linking someone’s health to their moral goodness or worth is inherently ableist. If someone is fat and unhealthy they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. If someone is fat and disabled they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. If someone is fat and eats nothing but “junk food” and never exercises THEY ARE STILL A HUMAN BEING WORTHY OF LOVE AND RESPECT. ”

So it literally does not matter whether fat people are healthy or not. They still deserve fat acceptance and basic human rights. 

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This blog post by Kate Harding called, “But don’t you realize fat is unhealthy?” 

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-Mod V
I don’t care
if you messed up today
or if you mess up tomorrow
or if things didn’t go as planned
and you didn’t win all of your battles
this is not a straight road
this is not an easy journey
so I don’t care
what I do care about is you
and your health
and you are trying
and you are strong
so don’t let today stop you
let it help you to learn
because things won’t always be easy
but you will get there
you will recover

*I didn’t know english dogs bark, so I asked a friend how russian dogs sound
*now toby dogfox barks russian
*It’s not wrong, it’s just my headcanon!

*(also everyone send me dogpuns for the next chapter pls)

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*This is a fancomic of @tratserenoyreve webcomic THE THOUGHT. You should probably check it out since this comic continues from page 40 of theirs!. And also Trat is awesome.  

*(Undertale and sprites belong to Toby Fox!
Also thanks to @eagleofmars for advice he!)



what no one tells you about mental health issues is that it makes hygiene almost impossible.

my room is chronically messy to the point where it affects my health. i frequently have up to 15 dishes piled, my bin overflows, i get sick due to my dust allergies but i just cant face hoovering. i can easily go 5 days without showering. i rarely mustered up the energy to brush my teeth, and because of this i found out that i had developed gum disease. sitting in the dentist, so embarrassed that i could have cried right there, i knew i needed to change things. 

this was two weeks ago.

since that date, i’ve brushed my teeth twice a day. this is something i literally haven’t done for this long a time since i was in single figures. and you know what? it hasnt been easy. i still didn’t touch my room, my dishes were still piling up.

but today, i decided, fuck it. im gonna unfuck this shit.

and you know what? it took maybe an hour and a half. and not only me, but my friends and flatmates are so proud of me. 

be productive. have a shower. brush your teeth. wash your dishes.

“you’re better than your mess.”

How to explain to your parents that you want to go vegan (or vegetarian).

This is a very common problem that most people have when it comes to going vegan. Many parents are worried or do not support the lifestyle. So what can you do in this situation?

It is important to make sure to do your research before going vegan! Make sure you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. This will be important when you go to explain it to your parents and when it comes to defending your beliefs. Some helpful places to find info:

Those are all wonderful sources full of good info! So what can you do if your parents are concerned about your health?

  • Find research on different people they may know of who are healthy & vegan (celebrities, friends, family, etc).
  • Watch a documentary (like Forks Over Knives with them)
  • Offer to meet with a plant-based nutritionist. This will allow your parents to hear from a professional that this lifestyle is completely healthy and wonderful for you! Sometimes being able to hear it from a professional helps parents to understand and realize that you can handle it. Also, being able to meet with someone will allow you all to talk about what you can do to remain healthy during your transition!
  • If you have the opportunity you could go to a vegan event! There are some in my area every now and then and taking them and allowing them to meet others or maybe even hear speeches may help them to understand!
  • Make sure to do your research so they know that you know what you are doing!

How to deal with criticism:

  • Take your family to a farm sanctuary and show them the animals you are fighting for! Allow them the chance to make the connection as you did, and hopefully they will understand and support your reasoning.
  • Try writing out a letter to give to your parents and let them read it. It can be easier to come across in a calm and reasonable manner when you write/type things out, and they will see that you put effort into this.
  • Be able to stand up for yourself, but do so in a polite manner. When people are just trying to get you fired up - ignore them.
  • Share some of your resources and knowledge! You never know who may be interested in this lifestyle as well!
  • Offer to email them some articles or watch a video with them, but make sure to stress that you are not pushing anything on them, as sometimes people get defensive if they think you are trying to change their habits. (Although you probably do want to convert them to being a vegan, patience and leading by example will probably be most effective with certain people).

How to deal with meals:

  • Your family may not be able to cook you a separate meal if what they are not having is not vegan - mine didn’t. Throughout high school and up to today I have cooked my own meals! You can prepare a few meals over the weekend and eat the leftovers throughout the week to make it much easier!
  • You can also offer to cook a meal one night a week in exchange for help cooking one of your meals maybe! Some great meals to share with your family are here (this is also a perfect opportunity to show them they will not miss out on anything by going vegan).
  • Although there are lots of exciting vegan foods to try, including vegan versions of “normal’ foods and more odd-sounding ingredients like nutritional yeast, try to introduce these slowly. They may be more expensive, hard to find, or sound weird to your parents, and turn them away from wanting to buy or eat them. Find meal ideas based on foods you are already familiar with, such as grains, beans, and vegetables.
  • With that said, be sure there is enough food for you to eat too. If your parents are reluctant about spending more money, offer to budget for your own food with your share of the grocery bill. Planning ahead and going grocery shopping with your family is the best way to ensure that you have enough food to eat and be healthy.
  • If you are on a budget don’t be discouraged! it is still doable- many vegan foods are cheaper if you are not buying specialty foods! You can stock up on brown rice, canned/frozen veggies, shop at farmer’s markets, and more! Check out this post on being vegan/healthy on a budget!
  • When you are at a friends house and they do not have many options for you - some simple choices would be a sandwich with hummus, pasta, PB & J, and other meals along those lines!

By makesmoothiesnotwar and toethefinishline!

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A short, informative video on what nails can say about your health. Also, Hank Green. 

What happens when you chat with Planned Parenthood?

Talking about your health can be scary, let alone your sexual health. That’s why we have a team of friendly health educators who’ve heard everything, and are ready to listen and help you find the answers you need.

The first thing that pops up when you text or chat us is a 5-question survey. You might wonder why we’re asking you a bunch of questions when you’re the one who’s looking for answers. Mostly it’s to get a sense of who you are and what you want to talk about. This way we can dive right in. We also ask for your zipcode so we can find the Planned Parenthood health center nearest you if that’s what you need.

After you’ve finished our quick survey, you’ll be matched with one of our health educators. Usually there isn’t a wait, but it happens once in awhile if lots of other people happen to be chatting at the same time. But the wait is never very long.

When your chat starts, the health educator will greet you and tell you their name. They’ll ask you for your name, too, but it’s totally optional. Everything you say to us is completely private. We won’t tell anyone what you ask or say.  

Our educators are trained to answer your questions, and we have a library of information to dig through if you give us a tricky one. Ask us anything about pregnancy, abortion, emergency contraception, birth control and STDs. We’re all about it.

Then they’ll confirm your next steps and troubleshoot anything that you think might get in the way.

On your way out, you can fill out a survey to let us know how we’re doing.

And that’s it! You can hit us up anytime — about a third of our chatters come back for more. Because no matter what, our experts are here for you.

-Nicole at Planned Parenthood


What Your Poop Shape Says About Your Health

Greatist writes:

We’re all friends here, so let’s not be shy when it comes to one of the most basic of human functions: pooping. Go ahead, get your laughs out now. But trust us, when your bowels aren’t behaving, it’s reeaaally not funny. And sometimes it’s not so obvious what’s causing the intestinal commotion. It turns out that poop is more than just the punchline; it’s actually an indicator of how well the body’s systems are working to absorb nutrients, eliminate waste, and keep everything moving. That might make you wonder, what’s abnormal? What looks/smells/feels off base? Get ready, because we’re going to take a closer look at the contents of the toilet bowl (and poop health in general).

If you’re being a poop detective, the best place to start is with the physical evidence: Exhibit A—your dookie. Number two can express itself in a range of ways. A helpful tool some gastroenterologists use to categorize poops is the Bristol Stool Chart. It illustrates what you might find before you flush.

Find more information here.


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Imagine: The other clones teasing Fives about his crush on you and then finding out that you have already been in a secret relationship for a few months

– For Anonymous

“Hey! Eyes up Fives!” Called a teasing voice to draw the trooper out of his trance. 

“What?!” Fives called back to Jesse, obviously a tad annoyed that he had drawn his attention away from you.

“I’m just saying, I don’t think a certain someone would appreciate you staring at them.” Jesse jabbed with an amused grin.

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Joji, please read this.

Listen I know some of your fanbase is really shit but some of us really do care. I can’t even watch the ff show anymore because it really is too sad to watch. I’ve tweeted, facebooked and blogged about this but it seems like you havent gotten my message so I’ll keep doing it anyways. 

Joji please come back. Please do vlogs again. There are some of us that are truly worried about your health and just want to see what youre up to. I wish you wouldnt have stopped making music- not ff’s music but yours. It was beautiful. Please please please come back. 

Theres always going to be stupid pricks on the internet and some people arent going to take it seriously but some of us we’re truly heartbroken by this. 

I want to hug every single person that’s ever been emotionally abused by a partner. Love is such a beautiful thing, I think, and then giving your unconditional, vulnerable love to somebody that is emotionally abusive is so damaging it’s ridiculous.
I want to remind people that you are not hard to love, no matter how someone makes you feel.
I want to remind people that it’s not normal to be afraid to tell someone what’s on your mind, or your concerns, or about your mental health.
Nothing is wrong with you, even if your mental health and a physical, abusive, person is saying something is.
I know it’s hard to see when you’re in it sometimes, what’s really happening. I know you just want to love and be loved. Someone will give you the love you need and deserve someday. A lot of people will love you like you need and deserve.
I’m dealing with years of emotional abuse from multiple partners and I am finally helping myself get better but it seriously breaks my heart knowing others are dealing with the leftover parts of emotional abuse, in emotionally abusive relationships currently, or will be someday.
If anyone reads this and needs this, you’re beautiful, and you’re amazing, and you’re funny and your ideas are great. Don’t ever feel crazy. You’re justified in your thoughts. Don’t be scared. You will get through this, because you’re strong, and afterwards will be okay, too. Love yourself as best as you can. It’ll be okay.

Face Mapping || What Your Skin Says About Your Health

Mind Body Green writes:

While sophisticated MRI and X-Ray machines leave little to the imagination, they haven’t been around that long. Human disease and disorders, however, precede them by millennia. Instead, ancient medical practitioners have used nuanced observational diagnoses to quickly narrow down symptoms to specific imbalances within the body and help prevent or correct future disease.

The same techniques can still be used today to read the skin on your face to help determine what’s causing flare-ups or blemishes. “Face mapping,” an ancient practice rooted in Ayurvedic teaching, connects a point on your face to an organ or body part so you know what to treat internally for clear external results.

Here are 10 areas your face may be breaking out or experiencing an issue, and what they say about your health.

Hey if you’re young and on tumblr you might think you have to make specific kinds of posts to make people like you and your blog but I’m here to tell u that it’s not true. Just post what makes you happy and you’ll enjoy tumblr so much more.