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Dear Jo - I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Harry Potter got me through so much, through depressing moments, through friendship troubles, through family issues. I’ve met some of the greatest people through Harry Potter, and it made me think about so many different things differently. I can’t really fathom what Harry Potter has meant to me, the positive impact it’s had on my life, and will continue to have in others’ lives. Harry Potter always made my day just a little bit better. The magic was real, and will always be real for me. Thank you for everything, and Happy Birthday, Jo!

children’s shows have overwrought scripts because it allows children to easily interpret character morality and disposition

comedies have overwrought scripts because it’s funny

if you don’t think your audience are babies and you’re not trying to be funny, taking the utmost care to develop character voices that are natural and appropriate really should be a primary concern

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okay, you wish "hermione had a 'better' love interest"? is ron not good enough for her, then? maybe what you really mean is 'different'. Because better would mean that ron wasn't enough for her and let me tell you: that's not true. He was perfectly compatible for her and i'm not going to go into the details since it's all over tumblr but my point is that since you don't ship romione, you can say all you want that you wish she got a different love interest, but don't say 'better', please.

thank u for sending me this bitter and condescending message over the phrasing of an ask meme

Happy Birthday, J.K Rowling

As the day is almost at an end, I’d like to take a minute and thank the woman who has inspired me to pursue writing. She taught me the extreme power of words and of imagination. She provided me-and many others-with a safe haven; a place they could escape to and feel as though they were arriving home. She provided me with friends in the moments in which I was alone. She taught me what it meant to be brave, and that being different is okay. She taught me what loyalty and love really are. Her words inspired me to pick up a pen and to create worlds of my own that I could use to escape in moments of need. Her words inspired me to explore the meaning of bravery and loyalty in my own life. Her words inspired me to be who I am without shame or fear. She has inspired me to want to be able to provide these sorts of lessons and reading experiences for others. She is the reason I want to be an author; to be able to help someone through my words in the same way that she helped me through hers. I want to thank J.K Rowling, for showing me the positive power words can provide our world. I want to thank her for everything she has done for me and for many others, and I want to wish her the happiest of birthdays.


YO SO LIKE, man. I’ve been feeling like I’ve plateaued and just super unattractive the past few months. I always forget how helpful progress photos are. For someone like me, who finds it really hard to look in the mirror on some days, they can really kick my mind’s ass and show me what’s really there vs what’s in my head. Two years can really make a difference. I AM HAPPY. I AM PROUD. I can kick your ass in competitive tetris AND most physical activities. YAY.


Well, here’s a thing that I cobbled together in the last 5 days. ^u^ This…really went a different direction with what I originally planned, which was a 5-10 second animation of Peridot comically flying across the screen like a sack of potatoes (maybe in the future ehehehe). I really learned a lot from doing this, and I hope you enjoy *u*

and please watch til the end!

This is my entry for mid0nz’s contest :) I hadn’t drawn anything Sherlock for a while so I decided to pick one of my favourite lit and framed scenes.

This is a bit different from what I usually do as I don’t really draw full scenes because I get frustrated with all the details, but this was oddly relaxing. I missed drawing this show and I gave it my very best try :)

If you look closely you’ll find Mr. Blue Skull in there somewhere ;)

Taehyung and Hoseok weren’t related by blood, but by name. Even though they knew they were half-brothers and had been by each other for less than half their lives, they trusted each other over the world. So, naturally, when their house was busted by the flesh eating monsters, they stuck together, using their father’s guns in an effort to protect themselves.

They were both smart and they were both talented, so they fixed up their dad’s old SUV, took all the weapons in the house and all the food and water they could find and headed East, the only direction they knew could possibly save them.


It’s been the longest [friendship] I think either of us had really. When your life changes and you become thrust into this really strange whirlwind where what your life is is different from what people think your life is. And your life is commented on and your life is written about and fictionalized and all that. Both of us have kind of stuck it out and hung in there through all the changes we’ve gone through.



People often portray Remus as a very introverted shy guy-and don’t get me wrong, I love me some sweater wearing reserved remus- but I don’t think he was actually much like that. He is the one with the witty sarcastic humor, the one who stands up for what he believes in, and yes he has his insecurities but I don’t think they completely dictated his life.


Ah yes, a tutorial that I’m actually confident about. I actually love, love, LOVE drawing eyes and expressions and I doodle eyes everywhere!

For me, the most important part of drawing the eyes is the upper arc because that’s what really defines different eye shapes, but as for the bottom arc, you can sort of mix and match and play to get different expressions. Same goes for the pupil, ofc. I hope this was helpful!

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.