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Mr. Selfridge: 4x05

Guys, we’re halfway done with the final series! When did that happen? How is this happening? Why can’t this show go on forever?  Anyway, my weekly ramble about the show is ready to go.  As usual, more than happy to discuss and debate with anyone.

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You know a series is going to be great when they kill off your favourite character in episode four :)

My sister and I went to David’s Bridal to look at a couple dresses in person and check out some of their colors earlier and I’m pretty sure we won’t be going back.

When we first walked in no one said anything to us so we headed off in the direction of bridesmaid dresses and browsed for a bit. We then headed over to the wedding dresses, where a woman asked how we were doing and then continued shelving the children’s bridal party dresses. We looked around for a few minutes and talked about a few different dresses. While we were looking at the clearance rack, another woman came by and asked if we were being helped. We told her we were just browsing, and then out of nowhere the first woman shouts “Ladies? Do you ladies have a stylist? Ladies???” Like she didn’t see us there the whole time looking around…

She then proceeded to tell us that we needed to make an appointment to look at the dresses and dragged us over to the entrance where she told us we needed to sign in and could look through a look book if we wanted to. That’s basically what I had been doing online, and I really just wanted to see what a few of the colors I had picked out online looked like in person instead of on screen or on paper. We were limited on time, which I told her, but she insisted we sign in and kept saying how we couldn’t be in the dress section alone. I told her again that we were leaving in a few minutes and then we ended up walking out because she was just unpleasant. We weren’t going to buy anything today, but there’s a pretty good chance we won’t be buying there at all now.

OK you know what though

I’m sick of this emotional roller coaster that has been fire emblem fates coming to ‘murica. Okay I thought the worst thing that was going to happen was the gay censorship (its the west what did you guys expect progressiveness?) then I thought it would be the skinship issue (I’m okay now but mildly disappointed at how uninvolved you are at least give me something else)

A bad dub. Before ya’ll accuse me of weeb elitism, feel free to do so, just let me inform you all that I played awakening only as an English dub.

I liked it better than the Japanese dub and found a lot of voices to be really good. It’s pretty much the only dub I’ll defend but let’s be honest, fates sounds like 4 kids did the casting.
This no dual audio thing is really going to kill the experience. Going to have to mute really fast every time I see Felicia on screen.

So ya point is Fire Emblem Anxieties are justified stop telling people not to be pissed just because you don’t feel the same way. I’ve seen plenty of people who were like “this doesn’t affect me but this must suck for those who wanted this” either say that or just say quiet. It’s like if a book was being turned into a movie. If the casting sucked people would be mad and no one really tells the fans of the book to suck it up for having decent expectations.

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You know what, SCREW YOU! I just recently came across QAF (I knowww) and I'm almost done and I was happy because I experienced it then I found YOU! And you made me rewatch and notice moments I didn't see before and I ended up reading all of your Britin stories in 2 days (pretty sure all, gonna double check) and now I'm in so deep and in love with qaf, Britin and your blog even more and I'm so screwed. In other news, you're an amazing writer and I might love you and your insight in QAF.

Okay, darling nonny, I have to say that you sound like the absolute sweetest person in the universe and I am SO SORRY to have played a role in your QAF spiral but also not really all that sorry because let’s be honest, it’s the best spiral in the world and we always need more people to FEEL ALLL THESE THINGS. I’d like to say it gets easier, but I’ve got to be honest: you’re really done for now. There’s no escaping. QAF is always going to have your heart and soul. BUT IT’LL BE OKAY!!! I AM HERE FOR YOU, SWEET, KIND NONNY. Do not fear – you’re not in this alone. ♥♥  

PS you are really, really sweet this message was far too kind. Thank you so much, lovely. You made my day.

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"Ethan. Grab your bag; pack up. We're leaving. Tonight."

“Leaving? Where?” Where could they possibly go? Helena was closed to newcomers, and apparently it was safer to stay as far from New Delphi as possible. Vega may not be perfect, but it was the only place he had ever known. While he had always dreamed of one day leaving it behind, he was filled with anxiety at the thought now that he was being confronted with the reality of it. “Why are we leaving?”

Don't you know baby, Wings are made so we can touch the sky

(Preview of SamSteve ‘Sam gets kidnapped by hydra and is given real wings’ fic.. Also that title, YIKES! I’m working on it)

* * * * *

The last thing Sam remembers is packing up brochures and thinking about finally going home to sleep. It’s not because he’d been at work for insane hours, nope nothing like that, but because he’d had a late night trying to keep a super soldier sexually satisfied. That was nobody’s fault but his own though, Sam could have very well kicked Steve out his bed, but hadn’t, he’d indulged him, because reasons, because very good, very pleasurable, very toe-curling, hair grabbing, goose bump arising reasons.

Sam thinks he remembers hearing unfamiliar voices, or at least voices that spoke louder than he was used to, and also the lights flickering on and off for a single second—distracting him from looking towards the voices—then the sound of heavy boots on the floor before something pricked into the back of his neck and everything went black.

Does anybody else’s family reward u with respect only when ur behavior is acceptable or suits them and they’re much nicer when u lend them money

So yesterday was super great! Although a little uhhh nerve wracking? 

@omniisky and their friend helped me and @arlerapalegone grind for Law (il170 now!) and helped us do our first ever PVP match!! Lmao we lost so hopefully next time I’ll do better!

kind of hard to keep up with but I think I’ll be able to get it down soon

ah! But also they both helped me finish Alexander as well! Though…Tbh lots a people rushed and left me behind as well as there was gross people that said not cool things…

It wasn’t towards me but it was pretty not cool stuff they said ah but I did have the most fun at the last boss lol

but it was really nice in general! So thank you again! I know I said that a lot yesterday but lmao it means a lot that you took your time to help me and my friend

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i hope your right about c + n. Everyone keeps saying that whatever they is over now but at the end of the day they are going to be hanging out/tour together etc so they will be with each other a lot. It wouldn't be hard for them to start up again, plus we haven't had any other calum/girl drama for months so its easy to believe they have something.

Why does everyone care so much…… 

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4 18 34 and 97 🙃🙃🙃

Hey, babe ;))

4- Last song you listened to?

Impossible Year- Panic! At The Disco

18- Have you ever met someone who changed you?

Yes! Many, in fact. There are quite a few who I don’t talk to anymore who helped me to realize that I deserve the best in life. UuU

34- Who’s getting on your nerves right now?

This kid I go to school with. He always feels the need to be heard and its always annoying. FOR EXAMPLE: One time I was at a club meeting and we started talking about texting and driving and how we avoid it. I was the only female in the room at the time and this kid decides to go “Statistically speaking, women/females are more likely to be distracted while driving” and I swear, if he hadn’t been sitting a good distance away from me, he would have had a thumb pressed into his carotid artery.

97-  If you could go back in time, how far would you go?

I would go back far enough that I could get in on the ground floor of Marvel comics. Not to WWII era, but when it was renamed Marvel and really took off. It would be so rad.

Although, of course, it is yet to be defined. It may not have happened at all. Megan might be fine. Every now and again it does strike me that she’s alive and well and sitting on a hotel balcony with a view of the sea, her feet up on the railings, a cold drink at her elbow.

The thought of her there both thrills and disappoints me, and then I feel sick for feeling disappointed. I don’t wish her ill, no matter how angry I was with her for cheating on Scott, for shattering my illusions about my perfect couple. No, it’s because I feel like I’m part of this mystery, I’m connected. I am no longer just a girl on the train, going back and forth without point or purpose. I want Megan to turn up safe and sound. I do. Just not quite yet.

Day 25

Positively thinking, today is one of those simple days where you realize that everything will change in a matter of months. Maybe it with change for the better, or it might take a slight downfall. No matter what, these moments here and now are the building blocks of tomorrow and all the greatness we will do. It’s kinda beautiful. And for some reason I feel like I’ll remember this day in ten years.