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Imagine Aoba lost his humanoid Allmate Ren from a Rhyme game years ago. One day he found an old humanoid Allmate at a dumpster. Not knowing why, he brought it home with him. He fixed the Allmate and bought new Kimono for him. After a month, he start it up but he never open his eyes. Sad for not being able to rescue him, Aoba just hold his hand and fell asleep next to it. The next morning, Aoba woke up and saw a smiling man with ruby eyes looking down at him! "Hello, young Master." he greets!

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I just wanted to let you know that your stupid mystery trio comic Footprints turned me into shipping trash and now I can't stop thinking about Fiddlestan or how they met or how Fids was probably annoyed with Stanford at first but then grew fond of him, and Stan grew fond of him too with his little nerdy ways, and now I just have an entire headcanon fic in my head about them. Look at what you've done to me. I hope you're happy.


Hahaha, more seriously though ! I’m really super sorry I dragged you into this shipping madness, please forgive me ;v;/ ! Even if this comic (and the other MT comics you will find on this blog) is supposedly more part of my « BROTP Fiddlestan » conception of the Mystery Trio rather than part of my shipping conception, I couldn’t help but drop in some little hinty-hints! Ahaha I’m so weak, I’m so sorry XD ! 

I FEEL YOU SO MUCH THOUGH- I’m also very obssessed with it orz !! (Omg btw, feel free to talk to me about them headcannons via private messages if you’d like to, it sounds super cute !! ♥ ♥  *eyebrow wiggle*) 

Imagine that N keeps a cute lil jar for saving money. One day he finds Ravi digging through it and scooping out at least half the jar. His explanation is that Hyuk is making him broke and he can’t live without his sugar baby.

For all his talk of perfection and order, Kinshirou cannot bring himself to stamp his boyfriend’s Atsushi’s club form correctly. I know he stamped it that way out of frustration and not necessarily on purpose (although the edge of the stamp seems to be parallel to the edge of the paper, but that might just be because it’s a cartoon so of course things would line up properly, but on the other hand they think about everything so idk), but it is quite telling as to what he actually cares about. 

(And of course it is Akoya who points out that the stamp is upside-down)

[totally fucked plays in steadily increasing volume]

do drive through liquor stores really exist?

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Does having the jungle app automatically make you a green clansmen?

I think kinda but not really? In Missing Kings Fushimi notes that jungle has access to an unknown number of clansmen via the use of its app but it seems like from LSW that most people who use jungle probably don’t have any idea at all about the whole Kings and clans thing. Also it seems like Hisui often uses jungle as a way to get information about things or manipulate people without having to do anything himself or use any of his actual clansmen (like in LSW, it seems pretty clear that the whole airship mission in the early part of the novel was Hisui trying to determine how one could be picked up by the Silver King, and then later on Fushimi finds stuff about a previous mission that was used to get info about Homra). So the impression I get is that the app is probably used at least a little for recruiting purposes but most jungle users are either just regular people or at best very low level clansmen who have no access to the King’s power at all, but whose information Hisui can use at will (since jungle implants spyware, after all).

*Seeing those theories that separate all Garnet’s minute actions into either being directly Ruby or directly Sapphire, as though she’s essentially just a mech piloted by two people with alternating levels of control rather than a unique autonomous entity unto herself*


there’s a fantasy land hiding behind those wires

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